'Overjoyed': Hear from poet who stole the show at inauguration 1

‘Overjoyed’: Hear from poet who stole the show at inauguration


CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with Amanda Gorman, the nation's first-ever youth poet laureate, after she delivered a poem at the inauguration of President Joe Biden

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  1. I could hear this young artist speaking ALL day & never get tired, she is smart, very well spoken, eloquent, simply BRILLIANT. It’s people like her that gives all of us that ray of sun shine in the darkest tempest. See U on 2036!

    1. @karan kadam Maybe the 1% can chip in? Yeah think? Get the corporations to go back to a 38% tax instead of the 21% Trump gave them? Maybe they will go for it?

    2. @John Breymann
      Corporation never pay such tax and will never such tax.
      Where r u ? This is global economy ? There are many options ? Corporation evade tax ? They r all offshore? In fact more tax make them more to avoid tax. If forced they will leave. See HP , TESLA LEAVING CALIFORNIA.
      Free money is most expensive money
      This is going to haunt u , and only poor & middle class will pay it.
      These celebrity will first leave ( Ask these 1% who asking for economic equality will they donate there 98%of there & there family wealth & property to Americans)
      They can run , u can Leave America ( California is even preparing for EXIT TAX) u r trapped.
      Remember my words , and act when the times comes .
      Just wait the time is coming


  2. She speaks poetry and wisdom when she is just talking. I have not heard anything like that since Maya Angelou.

    1. @Kevin Maguire I wish google allowed me to block people. She’s racist? … Really?! And to degrade her poem and say anyone could write it. Please do show me all of your best selling books. Why deny her talent and insult her? He’s probably in one of those FBI most wanted pics from 1/6.

    2. @Ummyusuf Sahar Abdus Sabur Yes she is racist. Her words are meant to promote an us against them mentality.

    3. @Dean Black Maya Angelou has written many wonderful books, along with awesome poetry. She is in Heaven now, loving Jesus just like she did not earth!

    1. She can’t be better than Greta Thunberge bc she’s white….. you know what I’m talking about…. White privilege….. LMAO

    2. This are those people & celebrities who will run away when there is economic crisis & collapse .
      They will make middle class & poor to pay .

      Dreams & Poem don’t pay stomach & bills
      Will Celebrities who supported Biden Donate there 98% of there & there family wealth, property & income to Americans . They will run away .

      The time will come when DISNEYLAND will disappear & reality & practical will bite & it will be the time to regret

      9th Feb some big event is going to happen through 13 th February , economic crisis or Stock market collapse . So buy gun’s & food now.
      When this worst time comes blame Biden so much that he hangs himself.
      It’s now Ur responsibility to make Biden hangs himself for his mistakes.

      U will be missing Trump very much.

    1. It can’t be proven that there is a “God”. And if there is, 400,000 innocents are dead because “He” is a no-show.

    2. @J Nagarya God Did bless her, look at her talent! why is your question, we, some would like to believe there is a higher being?

    3. @Suspect Walter Everything you said is true, but someone that believes in God asking God to bless another person is in no way malicious. I’m pagan, I️ don’t believe in the Christian God, but this person does. And just like I’m allowed to say I’ll send healing energy someone’s way, people are allowed to express their hope that God blesses someone.

      It’s a kind sentiment, and doesn’t discredit any of the points you made. Just let people pass on love and well wishes in whatever way they believe.
      The LAST thing we need is to be divided on how to love each other.

  3. Shes Beautiful, Not only her spirit, but Her skin glistens and shines, and her eyes light up, and what a Gorgeous SMILE <3 <3 <3

    1. @Intelligent Ant
      Also I am African American, 2 black parents and grandparents and great grandparents…My facial features show that, Full nose and lips, My skin light brown, but I’m African American

      And yes I would call a beautiful White skin women with lighter fair pale skin Beautiful, I see them all the time, Especially younger white girls…

      What people with prejudices need to understand is Facial beauty is not SOLEY SKIN complexion…it’s good white straight teeth ( which she also has to add) and also in the smoothness/texture of skin, no wrinkles, no blemishes, full cheeks, high cheekbones, chin length/width length of distance between eye brow and hair line etc…I studied this, physical beauty is literally not ONLY about skin color but FACIAL FEATURE ALIGNMENT called the GOLDEN RATIO OF BEAUTY
      Smooth, wrinkle-less skin

      I’d be the first to say Imho there’s 2 races of people whom (from my travels) That the number average people in these groups that have most Beautiful Women on Earth and that are The Ethiopian Eritrean East African women for the black race and The Nordic/scandanavian women for the European race…even though they are 2 diff races, these 2 groups of women have the most beautiful facial features that align perfect!!

      IF you paint an Ethiopian woman white she’d look Nordic, if you tan or paint a Nordic woman brown she’d look Ethiopian.

      They both have that Excellent golden ratio of beauty within their facial bone structures

      GOOGLE THOSE 2 groups, then Google golden ratio of Beauty

    2. @Crystal Masters don’t over do it …. she’s basic ….. nothing about her face makes her glow and she’s not different from others back girls ….. a basic blonde girl ill always be ore beautiful tho …

  4. I would like to commend this young lady, her poem was wonderful, and the way she speaks is done with eloquence. We need more young people like her to take this country forward.

    1. True but if we let them decide where they want to go and then help them get there…
      that is a purpose I’d love to be useful towards.

  5. she is the most beautiful awe inspiring person ive had the pleasure to listen to in a long time wow she’s a credit to black people everywhere
    not just black people all colours and creeds, lets all take inspiration from this wonderful young woman

    1. Down here in Australia we’re mind blown, we all need to stop electing old white men and start using these amazing young people who understand more than most people twice their age
      You must be so damn proud of this beautiful strong woman

    2. @Lana Conin yes we are, and it is so relieving to be proud again, instead of ashamed, and telling everyone “I’m a Canadian….”, or, “I’m so sorry my crap got all over your world.”

  6. Not only did she find the words that the us needed. I think the whole world can grow from her wise and empowering, positive words. In tears. (In Europe)

    1. @J Nagarya i have no clue where you got that from but most poets start as nobodys and through practice, skill progression they earn recognition like this young lady did. and she definitely deserved it.

    2. @J Nagarya Why are you getting spiteful? She’s a talented young woman who deserves her moment. You should be feeling proud of her instead.

  7. She speaks with insurance, determination, confidence, she’s simply a wonderful young and smart girl

  8. I Can Bet, there are A Lots
    of Amanda Gorman out there, they just Need the Exposure, Job well done Amanda!!

  9. This young lady has much to give to all. I don’t think she even realizes what impact she will have on people in days, weeks, months and years. Her path has only begun. She is a bright spot in the cruel world.

  10. From someone who isn’t American, her poem really moved me. After 4 years of listening to people who often could not speak in coherent sentences; it was simply wonderful to be reminded, of the power, the beauty, and the majesty that can be conveyed by the spoken word.

    1. @Myrah J come together don’t let your mind switch to overload only to release bad words to ppl that didn’t say they wanted to be this beautiful queen. #stay positive not negative #the race card talk #we are all one and it’s okay to agree to disagree

    2. @Myrah J because beautiful. I overstood what he had said. He was really talking about the Joe Biden & I’m a goat I’m not a sheep #dont let anything get to you. As for (mike!!) he’s one of us because he came to watch a beautiful queen speak meaning she had to be soo important to him that he had to come and listen to her speak or see what she had to say but but he came to watch her. So if he was talking about her it shouldn’t even make you mad because he came to watch and listen to her plus he commented. so that’s only if he was talking about her. And one more thing if I ever saw mike I’ll give mike a really big HUG

    1. Perhaps it is time to “hand over the keys” as being one of the previous generations where none of us have done well enough.

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