Oversight Board Director: Facebook Was Right To Deplatform Trump, But The Rules Did Not Apply 1

Oversight Board Director: Facebook Was Right To Deplatform Trump, But The Rules Did Not Apply


In his first interview since the Trump Facebook ruling came down, Facebook Oversight Board director Thomas Hughes breaks speaks with Hallie Jackson about the decision to uphold the former president's ban, but to ask for rules updates before deciding on a permanent ban.

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Oversight Board Director: Facebook Was Right To Deplatform Trump, But The Rules Did Not Apply


    1. @Steve Morgan The total denial of reality fascinates me. It doesn’t matter how many objective lies the media tells them they can’t break the habit. I enjoy poking the bear.

    1. @David Wilson You really think you are surrounded by Russians and fascists, don’t you? Anyone who disagrees with your opinion must be artificial. How did you get that narcissistic and impressionable? I think the MSNBC and CNN comments are the real bots. They have no original thought to express. Just repetitive, computer generated insults.

    2. @Random Internet User Biden’s looking into hiring private firms to carry out surveillance the government is restricted from doing. They used social media to silence negative coverage of Biden during his “campaign”. They use fake polls to pretend he’s the most popular president ever. What exactly would you call a police state? Serious question if you can come up with a serious answer. A smartass Russian bot response is all you’re probably good for but maybe you’ll surprise me.

    3. @Mimzy Jinx The former president cozied up to multiple dictators around the world, spoke of love letters written on “both sides”, participated in a ludicrous photo op with Kim Jung Un, and disrespected our allies but ya, Dems are the Fascists. lol

    4. @Mimzy Jinx In the US the police state and surveillance’s ships have long since sailed (decades ago). Google Edward Snowdon and Five Eyes.

  1. With trump fading away from a lack of social media…. you want to give him back social media?

    Facebook, you better NOT.

    1. Everything you just talked about was what I seen from the deep State cartel running this country they are Nazis and you are going to be sorry you join them.

    2. @Steve Morgan 20+ whiny comments in just this one thread. Yeah not hard to see who’s doing all the crying, son.

  2. Twice impeached, twice lost the popular vote, banned from Twitter, suspended by FB, led an insurrection and border wall is crumbling. His idea of winning must be different than mine.

    1. @Kristy Wow! Are you kidding? Perhaps you should start with reading the constitution.

    2. @LollieVox (Laurie Webb ) lolololololol I have, have you? I find it hilarious when sheep regurgitate the bs MSM tells you.

    3. @mike briganti You should know by now most regular you tube users are on to you and your Russian troll comments. Do you think anybody takes you seriously?

    4. Yes, twice impeached, lost popular vote twice. You forgot to say that he was a 1 TERM ex-president.

      He will go to his grave with these achievements.
      Well done Donny!!!!

    5. @Kristy I find it hilarious when Sean Hannity whines on Twitter about The Big Dummy continuing to be blocked from using FB!

  3. This whole word salad of Hughes sounds like an attempt to justify lifting the ban of Trump.
    Could it be that they are under a lot of pressure from Trump supporters?

  4. So Facebook will make a final decision in 6 months, which begs the question….can you even get FB from inside federal prison? Asking for a Stable Genius.

    1. @Mimzy Jinx If history is any indication it may take 10 years for the US to see justice but, yes.

    2. @Mimzy Jinx since it’s no longer a yes man who he appointed and hid evidence of crimes committed, there actually is the possibility. Remember the statute of limitations is usually about 7yrs, that’s plenty of time

    3. The least Trump should be banned for is 2 years and 2 months, to prevent his influence on the mid-term election; as a repayment for the 2022 debacle he was allowed to perpetrate. But for Trump, the penalty should be 15 years, he’ll be drooling and senile then.
      Facebook is spineless, as are all CEOs.

  5. Unbanning trump falls in the category of “Repeating a mistake and expecting a different result – best described as stupidity”.

    1. @Steve Morgan Good to see you guys aren’t hiding your fascist tactics anymore. It’s easier to defeat fascism when it’s out in the open. Keep whining and crying, LQSER

    2. @Steve Morgan How is Trump “coming back?” Are Tucker and Hannity going to have a séance attempting to resurrect Trump’s FB and Twitter accounts?

  6. FB knows if Donnie starts another insurrection they will get destroyed as a company for allowing it to happen twice

    1. You all fail to realize Trump comes out on top no matter the decision and for Facebook it’s a loss no matter what they decided to do. The more anyone goes after Trump the bigger he gets and those are all facts.

    2. so facebook caused the insurrection you cant define
      how many democrats died in this supposed insurrection you speak of?

  7. So got it FB is losing a lot of $$ so it’s time to let him back on despite him going to do the EXACT same thing again.

    1. When you cut out a Man’s Tongue you only prove your fear of what he might say.

  8. Dumpster became popular only because of Social Media, and with it he promoted his fraud, lies, and deceptions. He’s never going to change, the best thing for someone you know will break the rules again is just keep him off.

    1. @Steve Morgan right… we’ll be fine because your orange messiah is STILL SUSPENDED, LMAO.

    2. @Steve Morgan nah, I don’t want to share them with you. Go ahead since its about your educational level.

    3. Don’t be jealous cuz I can stay in the lines and you can’t keep practicing as you get older you will get better.

    4. @Steve Morgan not jealous, I leave the coloring books to the kids and the intellectually challenged like yourself

    5. @Steve Morgan you might need a period or a comma in there somewhere fella…. you may be good at coloring, but your writing sucks.

  9. A platform as broad as Facebook doesn’t need to be inundated with lies and hatred, there are right-wing outlets that cater to rubbish.

  10. I’ve been wanting to delete my Facebook account for years, they essentially told me my information was going to be theirs even after my death. It would be nice to NOT inspire an insurrection to have it deleted.

    1. I deleted my account about 14 years ago…and still get friend requests and photo notifications!

    2. @Grumpy Hobbit It’s crazy, it’s really no different than logging out. I thought about hiring a lawyer, but I could not think of real harm, it’s more of an annoyance.

  11. What about not reporting on any fart concerning the Dumpster? You’re giving him the oxygen he craves.

  12. Dropped Facebook and other social media.
    YouTube is the only social media platform I have an account with anymore.
    Even dropped my cellphone and only have a land line and PC.
    I’m 60 and until about 20 years ago had gotten along fine without social media and cellphones.
    I’m much more content and life is less hectic now that I don’t have the shackles of social media and cellphones.

  13. I would like to know more about those people that are doing the recount should be able to come forward and let the FBI know that their families have been compromised if they wouldn’t continue recounting the votes again. No one should be threatened by thugs that are forcing the recount.

  14. Getting banned from Facebook is one of the greatest internet honors that one can receive.

  15. Good questions, good answers. Interesting to hear it from the actual director. You can tell from his responses that the board was overwhelmingly in favor of the ban. Fb better not screw this up in six months and let him back on.

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