Oversight Cmte. Member: Republican Deposition Stunt Like A 'Fraternity' | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Oversight Cmte. Member: Republican Deposition Stunt Like A ‘Fraternity’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


Rep. Ro Khanna tells Lawrence O’Donnell that the Republican stunt in the deposition was like a scene from a “fraternity.” He says there were pizza boxes strewn all over the SCIF and that it was like something out of the ‘Animal house’ movie. Mieke Eoyang and Ned Price also join the discussion. Aired on 10/23/19.
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Oversight Cmte. Member: Republican Deposition Stunt Like A 'Fraternity' | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Gosh their appearing for the first time without any hoods . Their Grandchildren must be so proud of them

    1. @Tom Krohn these dopes need to be made to FEEL. They will not respond or understand anything else. But shooting them is a bit much…although I do have some sympathy for your stance.

    1. EXACTLY ! and they got away with it is the real kicker ! Why were they not arrested …? Or at the very least removed immediately from the room ?

    1. I agree with your statement and if the law is an enforced then it will not be respected and people will abuse the law. So based on the statement I made all the Republicans that did this including their agents if they were involved should be fined and arrested if necessary. And if any GOP official is reading this do know that you were just disgracing yourself even further in the eyes of the American people and we will hold you accountable!

    1. The House runs all aspects of Impeachment. Not Intel, not the Speaker. Constitutionally, they have the authority to be there…..I do not support the criminal acts of the Democrats

    2. @Bucky Pinata Only committee members had the right to attend, and electronic devices are strictly forbidden. To imagine this event to be a “criminal act of Democrats” is a symptom of Republican desperation.

    3. Bucky Pinata Nothing could ever be done by any government if politicians declared that they had a right to barge into any meeting or committee they wanted.

      That’s not how a stable political system works anywhere; people are appointed to committees, and then entrusted with them to resolve the task at hand – not have a bunch of schoolboys barge in and order pizza.

      You’re either a troll, or, more likely, just not very bright.

    1. Diane Hooper I’m scared that in this current climate, their behavior may have elevated them in the eyes of the president and the GOP voter base. I’m afraid they may actually be rewarded politically for this stunt. I really hope not, but these days I don’t know

    1. @André Chagas The HOUSE Sargent At Arms was informed and there should be consequences. Let’s stay tuned in for more information.

    2. @signalfire6 it’s time for term limits. and, we should not have to pay their salaries and insurance for the rest of their lives.

  2. Well they are recording because they want to find out who the whistleblowers are. Thats why they used the phones.Trump is scare..hehe so you see how they act when there SCARE..

  3. Imagine if the Democrats hadn’t won the midterms. These cretin Republicans would’ve swept this whole debacle under the rug.

    1. Imagine what’s already been swept under the rug that we haven’t heard about yet. And the Democrats want to rush impeachment…

    1. @kingpest13 WTF! why are the procedures in place? keep employment high? economic growth of the counter security industry?

    2. Joseph Nagle

      Already present at the meeting include.
      Devin Nunes, Ranking Member 22nd District of California
      Mike Conaway 11th District of Texas
      Michael Turner 10th District of Ohio
      Brad Wenstrup 2nd District of Ohio
      Chris Stewart 2nd District of Utah
      Rick Crawford 1st District of Arkansas
      Elise Stefanik 21st District of New York
      Will Hurd 23rd District of Texas
      John Ratcliffe 4th District of Texas
      The republicans on those committees are with access to the inquiry include
      Paul Gosar
      Virginia Foxx
      Thomas Massie
      Mark Meadows
      Jody Hice
      Glenn Grothman
      James Comer
      Michael Cloud
      Bob Gibbs
      Ralph Norman
      Clay Higgins
      Chip Roy
      Carol Miller
      Mark Green
      Kelly Armstrong
      W. Steube
      Christopher Smith
      Steve Chabot
      Joe Wilson
      Scott Perry
      Ted Yoho
      Adam Kinzinger
      Lee Zeldin
      Jim Sensenbrenner
      Ann Wagner
      Brian Mast
      Francis Rooney
      Brian Fitzpatrick
      John Curtis
      Ken Buck
      Ron Wright
      Guy Reschenthaler
      Tim Burchett
      Greg Pence
      Steve Watkins
      Mike Guest
      Devin Nunes
      Mike Conaway
      Michael Turner
      Brad Wenstrup
      Chris Stewart
      Rick Crawford
      Elise Stefanik
      Will Hurd
      John Ratcliffe
      Those who stormed the meeting include.
      Matt Gaetz√ Steve Scalise√ Brian Babin√ Andy Biggs√ Mo Brooks√ Ken Buck√* Bradley Byrne Buddy Carter√ Ben Cline Jeff Duncan√ Drew Ferguson√ Russ Fulcher Louie Gohmert√ Paul Gosar√* Mark Green* Vicky Hartzler√ Kevin Hern Jody Hice√* Duncan Hunter√ Bill Johnson√ Jim Jordan√* Fred Keller* Steve King√ Debbie Lesko Carol Miller* Alex Mooney√ Markwayne Mullin√ Ralph Norman* Mark Walker√ Mark Meadows√* Greg Murphy Peter Olson√ Gary Palmer√ Scott Perry√* David Rouzer√ Ross Spano Michael Waltz Steve Watkins Randy Weber√ Ron Wright* Lee Zeldin√*
      Here are the people with access to the inquiry, who stormed the meeting anyway.
      Ralph Norman
      Carol Miller
      mark meadows
      Scott Perry
      Steve Watkins
      Lee Zeldin
      Paul Gosar

    3. Totally agree. Even if they do not face consequences for their actions, each of the names of these pathetic, disgusting, and desperate republicans who took this action, should be made public for all of Americans to see their representives act like a childish mob.

    4. “Here are the people with access to the inquiry, who stormed the meeting anyway.”
      OMG, I didn’t even realize that. Now that is the absolute height of disingenuousness. These folks have sold their souls to -the devil- Donald Trump.

  4. The Republican acted just like their voters and their president. No class
    My mother always told me
    ” tell me who you hang out with and I will tell you who you are”

    1. “Barbaric” – Republicans, vote them out in the next election. Supporting an unstable man is not worth a penny and effort.

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