Overwhelmed cemetery shows toll of India's Covid-19 crisis 1

Overwhelmed cemetery shows toll of India’s Covid-19 crisis


CNN's Sam Kiley reports from a cemetery in Delhi, India, amid one of the world's worst outbreaks of Covid-19. India's total number of cases has surpassed 18 million, with 379,257 new cases on Thursday, another global record, according to figures released by the country's health ministry. #CNN #News


    1. @ItsStillRealToMe DamnIt That’s not how the world works. Wake up. Corruption is widespread, it is not as simple as simply voting. Do you think people would live like this if they could just vote their way out of it??! Be realistic

    2. @J. Karpinski i really hope you get help soon man sounds like youve been really going through it mentally

    1. @Chris Viarengo And don’t come back with your catch all Covid bs because the creepy h8 infused by media began WAY WAY before

    2. @Chris Viarengo And please show me where I said Trump was Jesus! Don’t be ridiculous because I have enough sense to notice that when a “news” corporation spends 24/7 reporting negatively using garbage like “a source familiar with Trumps thinking” about 1 dude- something isn’t right!

    3. @Chris Viarengo I recognize garbage and MSM is garbage! Independent is where I get information! Notice you didn’t answer the question, I noticed! Yeah media infused CREEPY hate- it’s not normal! Enjoy your socialism and getting permission from government to do anything but hey Trump can’t hurt your feelings anymore! Great future you guys set up for your children- one where climate change will be the least of their worries! I bet Kerry still will be using that private jet! Reading comprehension is key so you gave him a chance but disliked him way before? Still waiting for why you hate him

    1. @JJ West Less than 200k Covid deaths in India, a country with a population over 1.3 billion. This is less than a percentage of the population. More people die from other causes in India than they have from Covid or ever will.

    2. less than 1% death rate, more people die a year in india from other diseases and viruses and have for centuries, but you are concerned now? They literally bathe in rivers that are filled with dead bodies.

    3. You’re sending your heart to india? What a respectable Organ donor(No but seriously good luck India)

  1. Everyone who reads this, we don’t know each other and probably never will but I wish you all the best in life and all the luck in the world Stay safe!

    1. I wanna know what’s really going on over there?? I have zero faith in the main stream media actually reporting and providing accurate information as to what the hell is really going on in India. I was literally standing in a hospital with very few Covid patients and the media was reporting we were being over run.Don’t just accept things you see on your TV as fact. This makes zero sense and I have a hard time believing this is some naturally occurring event. I’m sure I will be caused a Conspiracy theorist or a Putin puppet for wanting factual science.

    2. @Badassnurse20 it’s not good.. But not as worse as these media show you.. its just that our population density and sheer population is so high, even a fraction percentage will astonish you..

  2. This makes me realize everything I’m doing and the person I’m today is temporary and my body will finally get converted in ashes in some cemetery.

    1. @HajiJesus There’s a bunch more religions then Islam and Atheism. And I say do what works for u and your family. No hard feelings.

    2. @Smokey McJoint it’s never too late until you’re dead that’s when it’s truly late anything before you still have time to change your heart

    3. @Duramax Dad
      And I say, start somewhere but always have this at the back of your head. Start with Bible/Gita/or whatever other book you think you should start with. Just make sure you read Quran from cover to cover. Quran is meant to replace all previous scriptures of God. The truth in all previous books will be there. Not in pits and pieces but in whole that makes sense. You will know the truth because your core will agree with it.

      Why religion, right path or way matters?
      Because nothing else matters. It is that important. Everything else has meanings/use that is limited. Right path answers you the questions that dogged humanity from ages. It tells you why you are here. It tells you where you come from. It tells you what you should be doing while you are alive. It tells you what comes next when that thing that we can not trace but fully know is there, Soul, leaves the body and your Generated world experience come to an end.

      What you get, contentment, even when your are under pressure. It will make your life easier, less stress, knowing you are meant to be here for brief moment, after it will be over. It also gives you healthy life, healthy family, healthy society.

  3. The fact that we modern human have cull this pandemic for so long is astounding. Can’t even imagine the scene during the black death. Thoughts and Prayer to India.

    1. @Mityme Istemporary this literally has nothing to do with trump? it doesn’t matter who the leader is if the followers have their own mindset. a prime minister or president could tell the people to social distance, take the vaccine, and mask up but if the citizens don’t want to there is nothing you can do. in india’s case the problem lies in the shortage of supplies (vaccine and hospital equipment)

    2. I find it a bit odd that random surges of Covid mutations are occuring and killing so many more.
      Only a conspiracy would make sense of this.

    3. @Mityme Istemporary Seems like you have forgotten who helped get the vaccine pushed through in record time. Operation warp speed.

  4. Its heartbreaking to look at these ashes and imagine it belongs to people who left their family and a history of life
    Please stay safe

  5. Not only Covid , many of the Normal patients are dying because of lack of Hospital beds and ICUs.

    1. PLEASE!
      All without severe lung ulcers must be placed in a steam room!
      *Use lidocaine To Bathe Throat!*
      *Cover Ulcers Inside The Nose With Chapstick and Neosporin Mixed in equal amount.*
      Place water in the air somehow. Impossible?
      Wear a mask.

    2. @Puma 12
      People are dying for not knowing what COVID is!
      Not A New Infection.
      Floods, Large Rain Storms, Snow, Hail ALL remove water from the air we breathe. Results?
      Prepare occupied rooms as if living in the arctic, mountain climbing! HUMIDIFY THEM!

  6. Strong people can only be recognized in difficult moments, they are very strong
    its firmness is surprising, it is very well seen that there are true warrior men. You have earned the sun, shine; shine as you have never shone to see that in your minds there is more positive force, that the sun illuminates your insistent minds. It is time to enlighten your minds to the insistence of serenity in strength. AMEN. May my prayers be reached out to each of you. Blessing (beautiful culture, and its tradition is respected that their dead touch the divine light of the sun in eternal life. Amen.

    1. Watch what you say I got banned from the pacman show for saying “look out for the zombie apocalypse on January 6th!” Maybe I should get my own show huh that’s the closest thing to a zombie apocalypse I’ve ever seen until this.

  7. This is so sad, i hope they get the proper help from other nations to stop the spread. May we all pray and stay together through all this.

    1. 5For the living know that they will die;
         But the dead know nothing,
         And they have no more reward,
         For the memory of them is forgotten.
         6Also their love, their hatred, and their envy have now perished;
         Nevermore will they have a share
         In anything done under the sun.

      Ecclesiastes Chapter 9 Verses 5 —> 6

    2. Larry Brilliant helped India eradicate small pox. I hope someone can do the same for COVID in India. I’m so saddened by all this death.

    3. They won’t. They’re even allowing 600,000+ to go on religious stuff. Religion is a blight and is gonna kill so many.

  8. Please all of the reporters stay safe! This is so devastating to see and just for the rest of the world to know what is happening and the cameramen and reporters putting their health at risk makes me hope they have had vaccines. This is overwhelming to watch and my heart is broken with sadness for the loss of beautiful lives and the terrible suffering that the very sick are dealing with . My heart goes out to the people who have lost their loved ones and had to watch them suffer . I will be unable to forget what has happened in India.

    1. Pro trick: watch series on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching lots of of movies these days.

    1. Dear Anglo clans,
      Remember, without Indians, there won’t be Sun Never Set Anglo Empire (Britain, Canada, USA, Australia, NZ, etc) that thrives for centuries worldwide and Indians were workhorses doing the work for Empire. Now is time to help!!

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