Oxford Vaccine Trial Shows ‘Double Immunity’ Against COVID-19 | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @lloyd action yes the earth is flat according to numbnuts anyone who claims science over stupidity is a liberal.

    2. @Triakosioi Polemistes You could look at it that way (antiquated), but it’s back to politicians because such an increase in capability would involve mega-megabucks. Can you imagine someone like Trump, a man who undermines and ridicules science, in a country where half the states teach bible but not evolution, giving half the current military budget to such an enterprise. He has even left the WHO talking of infrastructure. No my friend, it is not scientists who have failed, at the worst they have not been given the chance.

    3. @Triakosioi Polemistes
      Sure, Karen.

      Don’t let that pesky reality define what can or can not be done 🙄

  1. The Trump administration is ofcourse gonna be all over this as soon as this get’s good results in testing. I’m glad it’s not in their hands

    1. @iceborn I’m an American and I 2 thumbs up that! Fair is only fair, even if it costs me.

    2. @Edwin Slee and India, because it will be made in india, AstraZeneca announced partnership with serum institute of India to make it

    3. The American vaccine so far has terrible side effects but seems to be working, they can keep that one, we’ll take the EU one.. Had the chat with the wife and we already agreed we’re not interested in the US vaccine, Trump would green light a bleach based vaccine.. yeah skip.

    1. @Anthony Hafciojoni LMAO! So true….the Russians were wasting time hacking American vaccine research, meanwhile Brits are getting it done.

    2. @P H I doubt the pharma industry will be allowed to price gouge in this instance. All Covid tests are free for Americans and I have no doubt there will be members of Congress to push for the same on the vaccines, or, at a very minimum, to put a cap on the price like they do on other vaccines in the US.

    3. @D S I did not know that, one hears so much about money making in this context. Let’s hope the vaccine research works out and the manufacturing/distribution works – it needs to work worldwide. Florey et al did not patent penicillin and the US made it large scale and money out of it, I don’t think it will be quite the same this time.

    1. Thank god it was the British who discovered this. It will be free on the British universal healthcare system. If the Americans had discovered this they would have tried to monetise it and make it extremely expensive. With British discovering it will be cheap to the rest of the of world, but the Americans will be scammed by their terrible healthcare system

    2. @Delboy0 Yep.. And seeing how the USA (Trump) bought all the world’s supply of Remsedivir for the next two months, I highly doubt they would of shared their vaccines if it would of come out first.. So yay for Oxford vaccine.. PS: I’m not anti-American, I love my US cousins, I’m 100% anti Trump though.


    1. @Redd Love So how many Brits have moved to the US for the college courses? You will find that for non-Brits, US education is a second choice.

    2. @Covfefe Because they are relatively similar in most aspects. However college in the US has become more about the “experience” rather than actually learning in advancing yourself and the world in recent years

    3. @Covfefe And more non Brit immigrants more to get there education in the US than move to the UK so your argument there is invalid. Plus both countries have relatively similar study abroad students in each country, respectively

    4. @Yevgeni Kovelman You haven’t helped at all, all I saw were polls and something about stimulus checks? But thank you for trying to inform me

  3. Oxford They released results .

  4. When you say the vaccine “kills T cells”, you don’t need to “translate that”, you need to correct that; thats not what it does. I think what you might be trying to say is that it induces a response in T-killer cells, which directly attack infected cells. Also, love the multiple clips of researchers wearing their masks below the nose. Bravo!

    1. Wondered if anyone was going to pick that perfect example of producing team scientific illiteracy , or maybe the talking head just misread the teleprompter .

    2. MUST watch the following videos on the following channels:
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  5. Optimistic news! Perhaps the anti science crowd will realize that any relief we get from this virus will come from science….not magical thinking or fables.😏

    1. Lol because science has never been wrong before. Especially here in the west. Claims to be number one I’m science but yet we rank very low in health and overall longevity. Hmm. Science isn’t science when it’s regulated and controlled by the powers that be. I’ve seen this game before and have no interest in playing. People who get flu shots and what not are the sickest people I know. Never had a shot a day in my life and don’t intend too. Nature gives us everything we need.

    2. @Justin Oliver You can, but you can’t be a praying person and also believe that decisions should be made through observation and empirical evidence. Faith is a progress killer. Every hour and dollar spent on imaginary friends is a resource taken away from actually solving a problem.

    3. AndrewTGreen never said anything about religion. And going to the moon has nothing to do with a vaccine you dimwit.

    1. They persevered with grit and determination. Alan Turing broke the enigma code. But, without the industrial might of the U.S., the outcome would have been different. We overwhelmed German technical superiority with sheer numbers.

    2. @theWZZA

      We won’t mention the Battle of France. 😛

      At least the Canadians turned up though eh? 🤣 🤣 🤣

    3. @theWZZA with all due respect to the help the US gave, it’s pretty easy to go to war with numbers and finances when you aren’t being bombed to Kingdom come every day. Try fighting a war when that does happen. We kept the Germans at bay and gained ground against them (with the help of Allies) through all that for 2 years before the US deigned to join in.

  6. Sell it to the US on the condition they reinstate their WHO commitment. Otherwise, the rest of the world can continue eating popcorn watching them implode.

    1. Once Biden is in office he will start undoing all the damage that Trump has done. It will take most of his term I am afraid.

  7. Im English there is a reason why Oxford Uni is one of the best in the World..Vaccine will be here in November guys. Fact.

  8. *Trump wears a BLINDFOLD for COVID-19… but he wont wear a MASK. We are scared of COVID-19… but damned if we have to live through TRUMP-21 as well. VOTE HIM OUT.*

    1. Thank god it is the British with the first vaccine and not the Americans. The government funded trials will mean the vaccine will not be expensive and safe. If the Americans had come up with the vaccine first, they would try and monetise the vaccine and make it overpriced and rush it out before it was safe for money.

    2. @Go Gan More anti-vaxxer nonsense. Feel free to get sick and then pass it on to your family and friends.

    3. Joe Edwards….Funk you white boy. Stoping Racism is more important than finding vaccines for corona. In February when China was flooded with corona, we showed our solidarity towards Chinese people by hugging them over an hour. Even though that action resulted in over half million dead but we fought racism by sacrificing our and our loved one’s lives. That’s how we fight racism.

  9. It’s not just the vaccine that is potentially excellent news, but the Brits have also potentially found another drug that can also save lives, it goes under the name SNG001 right now and it’s being researched in Southampton in the UK.
    Researchers have announced the results of the initial trial which found the odds of Covid-19 patients needing ventilation, or dying, while being treated in hospital were reduced by 79% among those given SNG001 compared with those given a placebo.

    Now what every you think you cant deny their scientists are doing an amazing job and pulling out all the stops, they already gave us Dexamethasone and now they potentially have another life saving drug treatment.
    I truly hope they get the recognition they deserve if all of this comes off.

    1. We are the guys and gals that when tragedy happens, we put on the kettle, have a cup of tea (maybe a cheeky alcoholic beverage or 5), roll up our sleeves and just get on with it.

  10. “Kills t-cells” should have been “killer t cells”. They’re a part of the immune system.

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