OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma Agrees To Plead Guilty To Three Criminal Charges | Hallie Jackson

OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma Agrees To Plead Guilty To Three Criminal Charges | Hallie Jackson 1


Drug maker Purdue Pharma reaches settlement over its marketing of OxyContin and will plead guilty to three criminal charges, NBC’s Pete Williams reports. Aired on 10/21/2020.
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OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma Agrees To Plead Guilty To Three Criminal Charges | Hallie Jackson

84 Comments on "OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma Agrees To Plead Guilty To Three Criminal Charges | Hallie Jackson"

  1. Hmmm no jail time for being the largest drug dealer ever. I see, so only the poor goes to jail. Must be nice to be rich.

    • @Darius Manson Perdue aint poor and black

    • @Bat Man : The GOP will not tolerate Criminal Justice for Corporations and Federal Corruption.

    • That is rubbish republican information. Get the facts right son.

    • @Steve Sh
      :: We veterans are regarded as losers and suckers by the GOP President. No Republican Senator condemned his statement. REPUBLICAN $ENATE -$ILENCE is so supportive of Trump the “Heel-$pur-Hero” it brings 100% Total Dishonor to the GOP and it’s $upporters.

    • @FinanceFreak :: IF is NEVER a TRUE-WORD. All the Republican Rhetoric is loaded with “IF’s” – “IF’s” and more “IF’s” that never changes.

  2. Where is the forfeiture of houses and cars ….

    • I’d like to know that as well Bat Man!?

    • Hey everyone, Iknow I may get a lot of sh*t talkin for this but I jus recently lost my apartment bc I lost my job due to covid…I was a cook. I been living in motels for the most part but my money is starting to run out soon. If anyone could take it out the kindness of their hearts an help me with a couple dollars so I can make it easier to atleast get a studio. I have cashapp & Venmo; Allyboy23 is my username for both….I’m so embarrassed but I also have no one to turn to for help..God bless 🙏🏻

    • @Go Loko everyone’s hurtin financially right now. Quit beggin on everyone’s comments. Set up a go fund me.

    • Well they are rich people, they need to be protected, coddled, nurtured otherwise they’ll stop providing the amazing benefits to society such as opioid epidemics.

    • @Go Loko or go work fast food until something better is available. They are ALWAYS hiring.

  3. They’ll just pay a fine of a few dollars on the billions they made. And its business as usual.

    • lessly carthan | October 21, 2020 at 1:12 PM | Reply

      Absilutly remember 2017 chipotle was under investigation by the fbi and had a 47 health inspection they paid a fine and added to their menu. Bayer asprin contained cocaine in the 70s paid a fine got bigger.IBM and big 3 auto coca cola kept selling to nazi germany thru ww2.the CIA brung shipments if opium and cocaine into america from Columbia used street gangs and bikers to distribute and took the up front street value money to fund black oporations when oliver miller was caught the paper work was misterioso shredded by his secretary he was pardon by George Herbert bush in 1989.but the distributor ricky ross got 50yrs and all the others served life sentences. And reagan bush the CIA business as usual even thou they started the crack epidemic

    • The 1 % don’t do time.

    • The Trump/Republican “TAX-GIVEAWAY” ($1,4 Trillion) to corporations in December 2019 was GOP “Theft of the Treasury” a gift to well off Corporations that pay little or no taxes after loopholing get to buy up share to artificially pump up the StockMarket index.

    • @Go Loko you can ask Jesus to help you in these hard times.

    • Eddard Tyrsson | October 21, 2020 at 4:57 PM | Reply

      Actually, they were fined out of existence. This bankrupted the company and they have to close.

  4. And no one will go to jail, no one will be killed, no fine will be enough to actually repair the damage they have done.

    Lmao lmao 225 Million???
    This is a joke.

    • Terry Petersen | October 21, 2020 at 12:47 PM | Reply

      Yeah they really punished them.
      Fine 225 million.
      Sales from oxy 2.8 billion.
      They need to fine them the sales plus 25%, not a b.s. fine of less than 10%.

    • @aunt jenifer Freudian slip on his part.
      We all know its us who is paying that’s why the fine is so low.
      We have to pay because we caught them cheating us.

    • Hoc Est Pseudonym | October 21, 2020 at 12:50 PM | Reply

      TLS – You might as well go on bupe. Unfortunately it’s nowhere near as effective in managing pain in the opiate tolerant, but does help more than the rest of the garbage most doctors push today. Plus it’s the new OxyContin in that many doctors are willing to hand it out like candy as long as you pay… and pay and pay and pay. Of course the pharmaceutical companies are making massive money by convincing doctors suboxone is safer than straight bupe (it absolutely is not), but at least is easy to get in this insane world.

    • TLS Music Production | October 21, 2020 at 1:04 PM | Reply

      @sinnieleeonUtube currently, the CDC have a ‘recommended’ dosing schedule for opiate pain medications. 90mg monthly dosage maximum. It’s not a law, just a recommended dosage guideline. This has become medical practice standard, regardless of case by case analysis. This fear of DEA taking prescribing licenses from pain doctors has them terrified. In addition, insurance rates for doctors prescribing opiate pain medications have skyrocketed. A person with legitimate, chronic pain cannot get the medical treatment which may give them a better standard of living, due to the fear created by corporate greed. There are no case by case prescribing scenarios. Simply what you get is what you get. Many pain management facilities refuse to prescribe anything more than tramadol. Which, again, is NOT and opiate, and was only reclassified a few years ago. It’s an opiate agonist.
      So, due to their reps giving this stuff to dentists and every doctor to prescribe in whatever dosages they saw fit, these companies made billions. Trillions. The fallout from this, is the fear of losing their licenses, CASPAR reports generated every month, regulating dosages not federally mandated, but ‘suggested’, and legitimate pain patients treated like addicts. People in actual pain don’t get ‘high’ like those addicted to pain meds. They just get to take a shower more than once a week. Go outside. Clean their homes. Live their lives… stuff most take for granted…

    • Samantha Beasley | October 21, 2020 at 1:56 PM | Reply

      It’s not a joke to me

  5. Let’s stop pretending this entire country isn’t run by criminals in suits.

    • This is how the truth dies | October 21, 2020 at 1:51 PM | Reply

      “The lie that was capitalism, in truth, produced just the opposite of what it promised people. The prole never became a capitalist. The capitalist never became a civilized and democratic person. Everyone did not have a better life. Worst of all, the winners were not the noble and just. They were, and are, the indecent and obscene, the disgraceful and the predatory — the Trumps of the world”.

      Understand this is not a call for Socialism, rather how the system is perverted to the benefit of the least ethical among us.

    • um…. Black people have been saying this for 400 yrs..

    • How about we all hold people accountable for their own actions? If in the past there were fraudulent Drs or drug seekers they should be handled on an individual bases, the majority of Drs are doing their job by making life more livable for chronic pain patients that have no other options. The truth is the drug problem in this country is due to heroin & street drugs. The only thing this is doing is making life more miserable for patients that need the medication, if someone fraudulently uses medication they dont need that is their own fault & others should not suffer for it. The Government has no business getting between Drs & patients if they really wanted to address the drug problem & save lives they would be out on the streets not making already sick & suffering more miserable, but then again there is no money to be made in that so there you go.

    • @lessly carthan I wish I could see where your hand was when you said this.

    • shout out to Trumps DOJ This would have never happened with Hillary or Biden!!!!

  6. I know a guy who went to jail for selling a couple joints….. This is hypocrisy

    • @Epic Prince I have medical marijuana card…i know it’s good medicine …I shouldnt have gotten 2 felonies from it…but I did…but now I’m legal to have my meds..

    • @Epic Prince My best friend in Oklahoma got a 10-year sentence, commuted to 6, for possession of an ounce of marijuana.
      I got a ticket at CU for smoking a joint outside. 180 dollars.
      Edit: That ticket was pre-legalization. I haven’t been on that campus for a decade.

    • The thing is your guy who sold joints didn’t exacerbate the opioid crisis to the degree that Perdue did that being said he should be forgiven

    • @H. A. L. I was pointing out that the war on drugs started by nixon and heavily emphasized by ragen were both republican presidents.

    • Clearly he had priors. But I hear ya

  7. So no punishment 😂 whatsoever. Another calculated “risk” that only costs peanuts.

  8. Gelatin Skeleton | October 21, 2020 at 12:14 PM | Reply

    If you wear a suit… you are a pharmaceutical company. If you’re on the street… you’re a drug dealer.

    • @Gelatin Skeleton She’s an addict, she’s in denial, it’s her coping mechanism, by pointing out everyone else nobody is pointing at her. A victim of her doctors, I imagine!

    • That’s awesome, I literally just wrote the same thing basically without reading any comments. Hundred percent true, if you have a suit on you can be the worlds biggest drug dealer. No different than give him Pablo Escobar of fine! LOL. Yes, he killed people/murdered them, a little different I know.

    • Brittany Martin | October 21, 2020 at 7:45 PM | Reply

      @troplaya55 Your a moron if you can’t read a prescription label . Your a pos & a junkie if your lying to get that prescription. All junkies like you make excuses. Your a weak, selfish waste of space. Stop scamming doctors . Imbecile

    • Brittany Martin | October 21, 2020 at 9:35 PM | Reply

      @UC3B6AO09PND22YpWm9r5XhA You wasted a lot of time on something you obviously know nothing about. Stop worrying about everyone else & get yourself together . weirdo

    • The intentions of the pharmaceutical companies are bad, but people who actually need the medicine it is a miracle drug. It’s too bad that these companies gave physicians the incentive to prescribe this type of medication to people with acute injuries.

  9. Awesome. Whos going to do time?…..Ill wait. Just a fine? TWO TIERED JUSTICE SYSTEM!

    • @William H right because the conservatives NEVER EVER pander to corporate masters 😂 when are y’all gonna realize you’re just as bad as liberals? Lol

    • They should be publicly executed. These people made an ungodly amount of money, will have to pay a measly little fine, and live a life of luxury. Now, if there were true justice and they were getting shot in the head by a firing squad, it’d knock their egos down a peg or two. These people threw a wrench into the machine of our society in the name of the mighty dollar. They have caused so much pain and suffering, and they do not care one bit. Guess who planned on cashing out with making suboxone cause they knew how addicting oxycontin was? These soulless drones deserve to have their atomic worth be repurposed into growing plants.

    • @Bad Wolf lol weak willed? everyone has limits whether you want to believe it or not, otherwise why sleep? do you stay up mulitple days at a time or are you weak willed? we’re all different but go on you look so brave and tough my dude. If a Dr continues prescribing pills on you of course you’re gonna take them, you want to get better?? wdym?

    • @Steve Davies youll OD first, imagine not knowing what incel means LOL

    • @Steve Davies Oh youre a limpwrist soyboy who is in the crowd of boohoo everything wrong in my life isnt my fault and cry about toxic masculinity lol ok peter puffer.

  10. A reminder that justice in this is nation is based on wealth.

  11. No jail time? Oh that’s right only the mega wealthy get away free, while the everyday person gets thrown in jail for weed in the wrong states.

  12. Yeah can we please change how large corporations are prosecuted. It’s complete cover for criminals

  13. If no one goes to jail then its just corrupt and the wealthy get off scot free again.

    • i lost count how many times pharma ruins hundreds of thousands of families. They get taken to court, get a small fine, and then pharma goes back to business as usual for another round of record breaking profits.

  14. And yet this country put marijuana deal in jail for life on 3 strike laws..it a 2 part law system..messed up

  15. There is justice for the rich and then there is justice for the poor. “Liberty and justice for all” I think not.

  16. So when some broke kids from the bronx sells some oxy he gets prison but when a criminalized organization sells drugs if they have business license they get a fine…..

  17. Thomas Renfrow | October 21, 2020 at 12:22 PM | Reply

    Drug dealers in lab coats!

    • No pharmacists that provide medications for people that have come to the end of the road & have no other options for any quality of life. No chronic pain patients are dying from their prescriptions. Due to all the hoops to jump & unnecessary regulations including forced tappers, they are dying from being forced to buy street drugs or commit suicide. The government has no business coming between Drs & patients if they want to address the heroine & street fentanyl problem then they need to focus on that, if some one fraudulently abuses a prescription & dies that is their own fault 100% & the true patients that rely on their medication should not be punished nor should the people that provide the necessary medication.

  18. So they killed countless people n get a fine equivalent of what they make in a day. Justice there is no justice for the elite

    • @Sunk Cost Fallacy sorry but your numbers are wrong & as of 2016 everything was computerized & monitored so heavily that Dr shopping is not even possible, so your wrong on that as well. It’s funny that you claim to “ know” all about it & yet both your points are 100% inaccurate. Just because you read a couple articles with inaccurate information dosnt make you an expert, but guess who really would know the facts? those of us that are trapped in the middle of this hyped up fraudulent crisis. I’m a legitimate chronic pain patient I have AS & my spine, hips & ribcage are slowly fusing together, in addition I have multiple erupted discs causing the vertebrae in my spine to be bone on bone grinding on each other as well as nerves, not only is there no cure for my condition but it is also progressive so it will only get worse with time, I’ve been on every non narcotic medication known to science including biological & painful spinal injections, the only thing that the Drs can do to alleviate some of the pain is to prescribe high level pain medication. I’ve never misused my medication or been in any kind of trouble yet I’m monitored by DEA, I can never get my RX filled at any pharmacy other then the one I’m assigned to & no other Dr can prescribe my prescription, guess I’m SOL if I get in an accident & lose a limb & my Dr can’t be reached. My point is the people that need the medication & the Drs that are doing their jobs should not suffer because people have done the wrong thing in the past. No one will OD on their medication by mistake it’s just not possible unless its done purposely, or you mixing it with other drugs in which case that would be your fault not the Dr. Sadly we have a street drug problem people are dying from heroin & street drugs. Going after pharmaceutical companies & Drs only hurts the people that need the medication, while the people that are not monitored such as cartels& drug dealers & addicts go about life unchecked. What’s happening is not addressing the real issue its creating more death & suffering for people that have done nothing wrong. You really need to look into the facts & the other side of reality that your tv news won’t tell you.

    • Eddard Tyrsson | October 21, 2020 at 4:59 PM | Reply

      @Bad Wolf

      This was a prescription drug that the company was offering kickbacks to doctors to prescribe. It’s not like they had to go to the hood and talk to a street dealer, they were going to a licensed pharmacist in their neighborhood and getting prescriptions for actual ailments.

    • Eddard Tyrsson | October 21, 2020 at 5:00 PM | Reply

      @CaliN8tv Sd

      *sorry but your numbers are wrong & as of 2016 everything was computerized*

      Try going back as far as the early 2ks. Oxycontin goes way back.

    • Sunk Cost Fallacy | October 21, 2020 at 5:27 PM | Reply

      @CaliN8tv Sd I don’t understand why Purdue is paying the fine if they didn’t do shady stuff. I do think opiates should be available to people like you and my dad, who has severe trigeminal neuralgia, because often that’s truly the only thing that can help, but I do not think they should pay doctors to sell more of their product just to increase profits. It’s their fault people like you have trouble getting what you need, not the junkies. By Purdue’s own admission, they lied to the FDA and paid doctors to sell their product to people who didn’t need them. They wouldn’t have had to pay the fine if they hadn’t. That’s all I’m saying. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to based on the evidence I’ve seen. You can discredit the evidence and maybe give counter evidence, but this is where I stand thus far. I haven’t seen any evidence this is a manufacturered scandal. It’s just businesses doing what businesses do best: make short term profits at the expense of others.

    • @Sunk Cost Fallacy fair enough but to be honest it all comes down to money & innocent people are hurt or lose their lives because of it. I Would just urge you & everyone for that matter to look into the details, motives & the other side of the story. Thanks for listening.

  19. And where exactly will Purdue Pharma be serving it’s prison sentence?

    • LLC baby limited liability

    • Yeah, and if corporatiins really were “persons” as Citizens United and the Corporate lawyers on the SCOTUS said, then the CEO, CFO, and Board of Directors would be facing jail time.
      Oh silly me, thats just when it comes to funding politicians.

    • Eddard Tyrsson | October 21, 2020 at 5:02 PM | Reply

      @C Seay

      You also have the rank and file and the salespeople that actually talk to the doctors.

    • @C Seay …you point out the EXACT hypocrisy of Citizens United. And just to be clear, it was NOT ONLY the conservative judges that went this way.

  20. Meanwhile, there are people in jail for life for drug charges.

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