PA A.G. Draws 'Bright Line' On GOP Election Misinformation 1

PA A.G. Draws ‘Bright Line’ On GOP Election Misinformation


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro talks with Rachel Maddow about the desire by some some pro-Trump Republican state legislators to replicate the election-undermining performance in Arizona, and how he intends to stop them from making a similar mockery in his state.
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    1. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid Now we know you’re lying. Daily Show hasn’t been funny for a decade.

    2. @john shepard Exactly. And this Galaxy brain has the audacity to call you insane for just believing in truth.

    1. I agree. MSNBC does pretty much constantly lie about literally everything. Commies tend to behave that way in general.

    1. @L. Augustine Khalafala I want an audit. Not because Trump said so. But, because the 2020 election deserves the same scrutiny as the 2016 election. I find it odd that Democrats scream voter fraud for the past 4 years. Then, when their guy wins, they claim that everything is legit. I call BS.

    2. @L. Augustine Khalafala what do you have to hide? If youre so sure then just let the investigation happen like russia russia russia.

    3. @john b hmm, The Dems never said there was voter fraud. The media made it sound like Russia influenced the election for TRUMP. Now we all can agree, that was just an excuse because the woman with the biggest warchest lost to a New York Con Artist.

      So, my conservative brethren. Should not we be smarter and act older than the Dems do?

  1. Wow, glad you are pointing out that they are only going after GOP election misinformation. Glad to know you point out he is okay with all the other misinformation from the Democrats and the left, GOOD FOR YOU! Maybe you can be a real reporter one day and not just an opinion talking head.

  2. How does it feel to lie to the public everyday working at the “mainstream” media?

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