PA AG Shapiro Calls The Electoral College ‘A System That No Longer Has A Safety Valve’ | The ReidOut 1

PA AG Shapiro Calls The Electoral College ‘A System That No Longer Has A Safety Valve’ | The ReidOut


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is calling for making sure ‘will of the people is never questioned again.’ That means fixing the Electoral College, which calls ‘a system that no longer has a safety valve.’ Aired on 12/15/2020.
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PA AG Shapiro Calls The Electoral College ‘A System That No Longer Has A Safety Valve’ | The ReidOut


  1. To anger a patriot, tell them a lie
    To anger a Trumpist, tell them the truth
    Trump lost the popular and electoral that’s the truth.

    1. so the patriots were the ones burning down america ??? like the way dems flipped from republicans and tell everyone that the republicans are the pro slavery party ?? the lie is that joe won fair and square

    2. @Mainely I’m happy you brought the confederacy up. At what point in history did the Democrat party go from being slave owners and founding the Ku Kux Klan to being the voice of blacks and other minorities?

      I don’t remember your party paying them back, or even apologizing for enslaving them and starting the civil war.

      You should know something about history before running your dumb f’n mouth you fake social justice loser.

    3. @Mainely We threaten civil war?
      What do you call destroying the country with looting, rioting, arson, tearing down statues and assaulting innocent people over the last 9 months?
      I love the fake outrage over the death of a drug addict, that was almost convincible.
      You wannabe communist degenerates have been telegraphing that move for years.

      Loved when Kyle put 3 of you well deserved morons 6 feet under though

    1. Yes but he won the Electoral College and the Dems just accepted it. I know Trump is falsely claiming election fraud but we Democrats should call his bluff and fight for election reform.

    2. @Serqet Natural Remedies Actually the RED deep southern Trump states are by far the poorest and least educated states! And the BLUE progressive states are the wealthiest and most highly educated! And those blue states and the big cities pay the taxes that support those poor states and fund the welfare and food stamp programs that go to those states! Look it up! You won’t like what you find!

  2. 126 reps are spineless and 18 attorney generals they should have never picked party over the the voters this will never be forgotten it’s up to the voters to let them never forget about their choice we should constantly remind them, they took an oath to protect the Constitution and serve it’s constituents

    1. Sid K. Agreed! Our current system relies far too heavily on elected officials acting in good faith and “doing the right thing.”

  3. Without the electoral college the Republicans will never ever win an election again. The majority can’t stand right-wing conservatism.

    1. They will eventually, but they will have to reevaluate their stance on many things instead of reevaluating the gerrymandered lines they’ve drawn to protect themselves from change.

    2. @Jen Vicinity It is NOT up to Speaker Pelosi. Exclusion requires a MAJORITY VOTE of the Members of the United States HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

    3. @Jen Vicinity Only trouble with that is that not all 126 who backed that lawsuit were in the contested states, so they weren’t claiming THEIR elections were invalid. I think those 18 who backed the lawsuit that were on those tickets should IMMEDIATELY be removed. Firstly, because if the election was invalid for the president on the same ticket, then it was for their own races as well — but also, secondly, they violated a clause in the 14 amendment that states, “men and women who would act to tear the United States government apart cannot serve as members of the congress”. They invalidated themselves.
      The other 108 should then be removed because of that same clause, I don’t know how long that would take, but it should still be done.

      ADDITIONALLY, the Republicans who tried to slate in their own “alternative electorate” should be removed from office for the same clause.

    4. @Curtis Blyden No, the American people will decide through a national popular vote. States won’t be red or blue or swing.

  4. Trump stole the election in 2016 and he’s still trying to steal this one and I doubt he’ll give up and concede at all

    1. Your perception is not reality. How did he steel the 2016 election? You must have some subsantial proof, not just some emotional accusation.

    2. @Randy Couch I guess you missed the legislation that Biden sponsored, that honored and supported law enforcement!!

    1. @Kreegrr the problem is the cities i.e NYC and LA Chicago Seattle etc. These are hardcore liberal people who don’t represent therest of the population but the make up almost half the population

    2. It made sense back in a day when communication was limited to short distances, and that is what it stems from. NOW it is out-of-date and defunct. NOW it is a way for the Republican party to not have to change their stance to better reflect the American People, instead they just gerrymander their wins.

    3. @Dave Blair But that’s exactly what you guys dont get.. Half is half of the population.. Doesnt matter if they’re liberal or conservative.. Now the goal for the people running for office is to strike a balance and try to attract all the votes.. Right now you guys are stuck in this loop of “Us vs Them”. And that’s not your fault, it’s the elected people in office that are not presenting better platforms and options to make sure the platform is attractive to most.. Until you break away from this leftright mentality, you’ll stay divided as country. Having said that..I dont think things will change much, elected officials have been in office for too long and are too set in their ways..

    4. @Dave Blair The total population of the ten largest US cities is only equal to 8% of the total population. Not even close to half.

    5. @Kreegrr Yes limited term for senate, congress & SCOTUS, the people should vote the SCOTUS, get rid of the electoral college.

    1. @Stupid Durr Wait a second. Biden doesn’t have bank accounts in China. He’s the guy who actually released his taxes. Trump is the one paying more taxes in communist countries like Russia and China than he has paid in the US in 12 years. He’s the one with the secret Chinese bank account he didn’t disclose. He also has a bank account in Russia. Trump said ‘Putin likes me, I like Putin’ That’s because he probably views him as a mentor. After all Trump did try to illegally throw out millions of votes , and strong arm two different governors and secretaries of state so they would throw out millions of votes and crown him the next Fuhrer.

  5. I totally agree, this guy needs to be the new attorney general for Biden, he’s fantastic and knows the electoral college needs to be abolished and the popular vote needs to count for more. Reform the elections to reflect the people’s choice!

    1. @John Cronin That is a well thought out arguments and I agree absolutely with every idea you put forward. The problem is always the politicians especially those that will lose power by the implementation of those changes.
      “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton

    1. @Philip R I hope Trumps in jail before that and Melania gets all the money as Trump nolonger needs it as hes on a life sentance.

  6. From New Zealand, the Electoral College is a joke, an antiquated system useless in today’s world. The orange sociopath & GOP have twisted & criminalized it

    1. I agree. Only in government do you hold on to the obsolete and outdated ideas as if age makes them more sacred. The world is a different place now.

  7. Well we can thank Trump for one thing. He proved once and for all exactly why the electoral college needs to be eliminated.

    1. Yes it should be the peoples vote and nothing more! President Biden won the peoples vote by a landslide!

  8. We need to do away with the electoral college. It’s about time everyone’s vote had equal impact regardless of what state they live in.

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