PA Attorney General: Lawyers Like Rudy Giuliani Need To Be Held Accountable 1

PA Attorney General: Lawyers Like Rudy Giuliani Need To Be Held Accountable


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro tells Ali Velshi that the Republican efforts to “gerrymander our courts” and advance voter suppression bills and the Republican candidates for governor who all subscribe to the Trump’s big lie cannot be dismissed as fringe: “These are dangerous people doing real damage to our democracy.”
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    1. @Alexander Brown Comrades Trump and Giuliani have already been decorated Hero of the Soviet Union.

  1. Rudy Colludi needs to reduce his sentence by flipping on Donnie. Then, he needs to be assessed to see if he should go into the gen pop or the “special ward” where stories are good…a sign of healing…

  2. The Republican Party has painted itself into a dark corner following Trump. One lie has lead to another and now these politicians need to be held accountable.

    1. @nucker figure Your trolling doesn’t hurt me, but the fact that you have to hide who you are too express yourself shows you haven’t accepted yourself and therefore try to share that anger with others. I pity you. I will be praying for you.

    2. @Roland Turner i do this to protect myself racism is so out this season..itll come back in style eventally im very comfortable beeing a sociopath i dunno what youre talking about this comes natrually tome

    3. The GOP have destroyed themselves by electing Dump and by still backing him.The will have to learn the hard way come the next Election.

  3. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO… Between Josh and John Fetterman and now my old school buddy, Marty Flynn who just won PA as a Democratic Senator, I think PA is on the right track, finally with all this…

  4. Holding accountable would be great. But who has got the balls to actually do it in this “government?” (sound of crickets)

    1. Attorney Generals across the Nation have been asked to step down from there positions. Do you ask why?

  5. West Philadelphia?
    Born and raised?
    On the playground?
    This guy is the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    1. @James Smith Military Special Forces executing arrests of prominent active and retired politicians. Ten Dark Days, Internet Reset. Have enough Food and Water. Cash on hand. Biden is not in control. More computer hacking to come. Many false flags. The Great Reset is not of the Dem’s doing. Military will use Prison at GITMO and North Pole. Hundreds to be arrested if not thousands. Children saved from Ten Stories Underneath. I’m Sorry, They know everything. There is no escape.

    1. @Tex Hunter that’s a good one. A psychotic man’s pillow is filled with pieces of his mind.

  6. What trump
    Other republicans
    Are doing
    (denying the election validity)
    Is the very definition of Sedition
    Look it up.folks
    All of them should be charged and jailed long as possible
    Its sedition plain and simple

  7. YES! Hold all those officials accountable! Free speech should not be a free pass for spreading lies and limiting voting rights

    1. Sounds like We dodged a bullet..Seriously I m so glad that diaper don lost..Look that up to..true story

  8. Finally people wanting accountability of those in power who are spreading lies just for personal gain.

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