PA Attorney General: Rudy Giuliani Should Face Consequences For Lies 1

PA Attorney General: Rudy Giuliani Should Face Consequences For Lies


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro speaks with Nicolle Wallace about how some attorneys, like Rudy Giuliani, used America’s courts and institutions to perpetuate the Big Lie in an attempt to delegitimize Joe Biden’s victory in November
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  1. RUDY: “I will fight this decision all the way to the Supreme Court ….. Yard by Marriott”

    1. @Lilly Anderson way to take it personally! Try to “get out” more!
      Have you seen the one about Gaetz and Venmo being for ‘minor purchases’? That one has been posted a few hundred times as well.
      Or the one about CDC reccomending keeping Gaetz at least 6 feet away from kids?

    2. @Scott Alexander – I hadn’t heard or read it either. Guess you think I should get out more too

  2. Members of congress needs to pay. Charge them $50,000 per lie. You cant lie in court, why are you allowed to lie to us, and considering some of those lies have LEAD to death, its time we do something.

    1. Rudy must go to jail, he committed so much crimes. Shame on US if they don’t jail all these people.

    2. @ann evan they never pay the consequences and look at Gaetz a multi millionaire but he didn’t use his own money for his prostitutes

  3. Wonder what Rudy thought when Sidney Powell said “no one in their right mind would believe what she said about the election”?

    1. I imagine something along the lines of, “I’ll have to try that defense if it works for the crazy kraken lady.”

    2. Don’t much care what he thought- do care a lot that she’s another one whose constant lies and BS must be investigated and she must face serious legal consequences for her part, her pushing “the big lie”, every bit as much as guiliani must also!

  4. Sometimes understanding common sense explanations is more difficult than believing in a Big Lie.

    1. @Che Gentle Yeah Typical Republicans lying all the time…good thing tRump lost in a landslide.

  5. Every time I hear something from Josh Shapiro, I like him more. He really comes across as someone you can rely on and trust.

  6. We must to be a nation of laws, laws that when not obeyed have severe consequences. That’s why Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Lyn Wood, and others must be disbarred and imprisoned for being instrumental in an insurrection to our Democracy.

    1. Law and order…..hahaha…. for rich white guys …haha. you believe that? … you sound …poor…and colourful!.. I believe “ white privilege “ is real a problem

    2. George Bush Jr approved of the twin towers being demolished and got re-elected. How’s that for accountably?

    3. @Che Gentle uhh it has nothing to do with what we’re talking about but ya that should also be taken seriously.

  7. All those chats of “Lock her up” so ironic dont you think? It’s like raaaaaaiiiiinnnn. lmmfao

  8. The.judge that allowed the sham recount in Arizona has to be investigated. Powell, Giuliani et al must see legal and financial penalties for their actions.

  9. The lawyers that contributed to ‘The Big Lie” should have their comments reviewed for the purpose of disbarment.

    1. right, but they aren’t here to tell the truth, they’re here to say what they’ve been paid for: misinformation.

    2. That weirdo woman lawyer that was hanging with Giuliani for a while, long since dropped out of sight, came out and publicly stated no-one in their right mind would or should believe the crap they were peddling. There’s the admission. Charge the ditzy cow.

  10. When you have attorney generals like Kenneth Paxton that use their office to squelch charges against them, but Texas puts them back in office. What does that tell you about TEXAS?

  11. what a powerful voice of reason Josh Shapiro is……… i am so impressed. We need more people like him.

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