PA Attorney General Shapiro: Violence Is ‘Direct Result Of Spoon-Fed Lies’ of GOP 1

PA Attorney General Shapiro: Violence Is ‘Direct Result Of Spoon-Fed Lies’ of GOP


Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro reacts to his state’s Republican-backed audit of the 2020 election and the report from DHS that false claims of fraud from the election are fueling calls for violence on social media
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    1. @psycobleach46 tullis yeah, cuz the far right dresses like antifa and BLM and harass/attack individuals in numbers. Save it…..We all know your commie tactics.

    2. @Shademan Elect yup they actually did do that,
      Carrillo used the BLM protests as a cover to attack the officers, according to the FBI.

      There were indications that the infiltration of BLM protests were part of a loosely coordinated campaign by far-right groups. Media reports have documented that a white supremacist channel on the messaging app Telegram encouraged followers to commit violence during George Floyd protests, according to an internal Department of Homeland Security intelligence note.

      A Twitter account claiming to be from Antifa that advocated violence was actually run by the white nationalist group Identity Evropa

    1. @Noreb then allow me to rephrase my opening comment that brought us here in the first place. imagine some random faceless person on the internet triggering you on a social media website that as we all know everybody takes seriously.

    2. @Noreb I think it started when I relieved myself in your Cheerios so you logged onto the internet and got triggered at the first comment you saw which it just so happened to be mines

    1. Nadler failed to block us all from witnessing the destruction of our cities, burning of our businesses,crimes committed without prosecution of antifa and blk matters., intimidation and coercion from terrorist governors a mayors s. Prosecute nadler for lying to Congress and to the American People!

    1. @Jim J hey Jim.. you ever taken a crap.. wiped your butt.. yet.. nothing is there? Wipe again.. nothing. New toilet paper.. Still Nothing. That’s the news nowadays. Keep wiping Jim.. Or flush it.

    2. yep, hey it’s our fault we call ourselves “Patriots” but are gutless cowards for not physically going after these people

    3. @Jerry Miller it’s becoming more and more that way everyday. We really let public education slip. It’s the one of the main reasons things got this bad

    1. lol that’s a MSM mantra that just didn’t age well. Remember from the White House to prison? What happened to that? Oh that’s right MSM been flat out lying to you for 4 years and you still drink their koolaid

  1. We’re all onto you. Don’t you get mixed up and question yourself “is it true or one of my lies” you have lost track of knowing what the difference is by now.

  2. Well looky there!!! A “Sane” Republican. A rare thing indeed. We shall capture the species for the Smithsonian presently.

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