PA Attorney General: ‘Trump Has Infected The Country With Hate And Division’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

PA Attorney General: ‘Trump Has Infected The Country With Hate And Division’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. It was the Nuremberg Trials that caused the name, “Nazi,” to become a stigma, to be feared, shunned and avoided at all costs. Winning the physical war was not enough. The exposure of the Death Camps (Covid Wards) and forcing the perps to LOOK at what they’ve done, destroyed the word, “Nazi.” And the exposure of their crimes against their own people and each other. We need our own Nuremberg Trials. In Florida or Texas?

  1. Exactly… you are absolutely right!!! They should totally be held accountable for TREASON and all the chaos they have created.

  2. Republicans sure must be admiring dictators around the world because there’s no way they would have pulled out this stunt if they didn’t. Make sure no one ever tries this again

    1. America very nearly allied with Hitler and Nazi Germany, America’s 1% supported Hitler. Germany was bankrupt after WW1 and they bankrolled Hitler
      The 1% fund both parties now, but the group that were pro Hitler and the Nazi’s and their death camps and Gestapo and SS back the GOP

    2. @Janet Chaplin Obama stopped Bush and his cronies not paying the price of waterboarding and other torture. Bush committed war crimes and got away with it. All obama had to do was secret services, FBI and CIA do their investigations and let the attorney general do his job in not allowing anyone to be above the law. Now we have republicans allowing criminals in the white house, everywhere else and democrats powerless and unwilling to commit to following the law and prosecuting.

    3. @Karen Powers …Russia has zero to do with the democrats allowing the Republican President and his administration to get away with committing crimes. Trump and the GOP investigating a non political person for tax evasion is a bs investigation. The states prosecutes common citizens and the Feds investigates politicians! When did Biden’s son become a politician? It is political payback. An investigation into Trump and his administration is not political but a criminal investigation that if not allowed to proceed will make america more corrupt every time a criminal traitor enters the white house like currently.

    1. Johnny English what I’ve noticed is that they bring their conspiracies up and expect the media to investigate them. I don’t know how many times I heard them say “ppl have seen and witnessed this and that and the media should investigate” when shouldn’t they be the ones to investigate if they sue in court over hear say???? It’s such a circus…..they have all these conspiracies but zero evidence to back it up is what it all comes down to. Complete nonsense

    2. @Raven Insight Yeah they want the msm to investigate, yet they don’t believe what the journalists will report. Endless circles of nonsense.

    3. @Dope Man ….and was not true. The elections laws were changed after being APPROVED in the State Legislature more than 6 months prior to the election. Rudy and Trump forgot to mention that little bit of information to the trumpsters.

    4. @Boyd Appraisal Svc well that was the majority of the legal case that texas had the claim that they changed election laws and rules through the supreme court of the states instead of changing it in the house of legislators im just saying what the legal claim was

    1. @Heer Syal How do you prep for losing 50+ court cases in a row, and for presenting ZERO evidence in any one of those 50 suits?

    2. @duhmahsnabores What? The SDNY have a foot on his tail, just a matter of time before all his lies and criminality is out in the open

    3. @Joe Vehon The three of them could live happily together, play all the golf they want ,in a small town in faraway Siberia, what do you think? And the world will be a somewhat safer place without them

  3. Why are there NO CONSEQUENCES for these people?????? Accountability is necessary in a functioning democracy.

    1. Bingo.
      Going back to Nixon !

      Parents raise their children with consequences/ punishment for their bad behavior …so you don’t want to even punish these people at the lowest level ?
      Throw the book at them !
      They should be removed from office immediately and prosecuted.
      The fish rots from the head down…
      45 is included in the lawsuit…
      so he should also be punished to the
      fullest extent of the law…
      If they let all these people get away with this without consequence – our Democracy will be dead in the next 4 years.

    2. @kathy Turner I wish that were true, but I have lost every shred of faith I ever had in karma long ago. I believe karma became so overburdened it packed it’s bags and flew the coop. The more evil and selfish people get the more it seems they’re rewarded. I still hold out the tiniest shred of hope that I’m wrong, but every year older I get, the harder it becomes to hold on to that tiny shred. Don’t get me wrong though, I refuse to allow this realization to keep me from trying my best, day after day, to be a kind and compassionate person. It’s just a depressing realization to come to terms with.

  4. Michiganders All Voted with heart and passion and wouldn’t have done so if we doubted the validity of it all.

    1. @N. Williams his name is Greg Abbott, but yes, the Republicans tried many ways to suppress the voters by trying to invalidate mail in voting, to also trying to have all mail in boxes closed save 1 for Harris County. A county of over 4 million people. Tell me if that wasn’t a voter suppression play.

    2. That’s a good idea, but you have to have lots of money and if you do don’t waste. as the Universe will bite him back, for spreading so much venom throughout the world.

  5. Right wing media has been sowing hate and division for a few decades. Trump just brought the ones influenced by it out of the shadows.

    1. The GOP is the party of the rich. It has no interest in the wellbeing of the general population. The general population only supports the GOP because they are ignorant or misinformed.

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    3. @Scott M Nope, you’ve still got it backwards. Projection flung out a second time is still projection. Denial and projection are quite simple defences, easy to see. You’re only hiding from yourself.

    1. @Linda Star Donald Trump – biggest racist in America – why are you watching MSNBC? Shouldn’t you be watching NewsMax – the TASS of the neo conservative movement?

    2. @Linda Star Rubbish, what is proposed is removing functions from the police that they are not trained or equipped to handle, domestic issues, mental illness etc and give those funds and roles to people and organizations that do have the training and expertise. Let the police do their law enforcement role with appropriate funding, would be less crime and less unnecessary deaths

    1. I wish I had the amount of money these criminals do. Makes it look like being ethical and having principles doesn’t work as well as being and supporting criminals.

    2. @Kamal Pada Because the Trump Whitehouse refused to release the Government money he was entitled to to set up his transition, Trump in 2016 did not face that problem, he was given all assistance

    3. @David Schneider Maybe they want a dictator, but 80 millions of Americans do not want that type of Government.

    4. @J . P Goodwin then why can’t he ask his corporate donors for money. Why is he begging the people without giving them stimulus. Trump can also ask people for lawsuits doesn’t have to use his money.

  6. trump acts like 3 yr old. he needs to be sternly spoke to as one, scolded, put in time out forever !!!

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