PA Lt. Gov. John Fetterman On Why GOP Efforts To Overturn Election Are Bogus 1

PA Lt. Gov. John Fetterman On Why GOP Efforts To Overturn Election Are Bogus


A senior state lawmaker and loyal supporter of Donald Trump is launching an audit all his own in the hopes of overturning Pennsylvania's 2020 election results. It follows the blueprint of the sham audit in Arizona, that is still somehow ongoing. Democratic Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman joins Ali Velshi to explain why “no one’s taking this seriously.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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PA Lt. Gov. John Fetterman On Why GOP Efforts To Overturn Election Are Bogus


    1. I know it’s very early in the process, but I would love to see her win the Senate seat too.
      Do we know against whom she would be running ? Incumbent toomey doesn’t seek reelection

    2. @Huey Long Admirer I’m English and i dislike people thinking of any of my fellow British islanders as clueless, how about you learn some history before you go shooting your mouth off about a nation of innovative people?

    3. Two of my fav’s: Veshni & Fetterman!

      John, Are you planning on
      CONNECTING With Other
      Promising Progressive Candidates?

      With Fetterman National Popularrity,
      Maybe build a COALITION???
      -Has MORE in COMMON w Progressives
      than with PELOSI’S Neo-LIBS
      (Who ALREADY Sabotaging Progressives!!)

    1. The stupid Joe. He does not understand how economy work. If you increase wages and taxs without increasing jobs opportunity. The result is the price of goods and services will be increased. Because of increasing price of goods and services, the increasing wages is useless for workforce wellfare. So, the first and most important thing to do is increasing jobs opportunity not increasing wages. By increasing job opportunity, there will be shortage of workforce in the job market. The companies have to increase employee wages in order to get employee if the job market shortage of workforce. Oh man, how can American elect stupid person to become their president? I think since Bill Clinton become president, slowly but sure Americans gradually loss their logical mind.

  1. Thank you, John Fetterman for introducing the image of GQP “snake handlers” as the symbol of Trump’s minions. Perfect.

    1. @Casual Observer ” fetterman’s against the coming forensic audits because he was complicit” 👈 Provide proof for your claim?

    2. @Man Animal There are already double-checks, audits, and recounts built into the system. That’s why the results released on Election Day are “unofficial.” The election authorities take the time to make sure that the results accurately reflect the vote. In the AZ situation, the side that lost decided they didn’t like that so demanded (and received) the actual physical ballots, which are now potentially subject to tampering to “prove” that Trump won. Plus they also have gotten their hands on the voting machines, which because nobody knows what was done to them are now unusable for the next elections and must be replaced at a cost to the AZ taxpayers of millions of dollars.

    3. @Man Animal
      Then you and your husband aren’t too bright. It is already doing what it was intended to do – further undermine thrust in elections among their base, and gain them support for passing voter suppression laws.Are you too slow to see that this was never about auditing the vote, or finding evidence of anything – it is about holding onto Trump’s base with fear mongering and rumor mongering to keep the big lie alive. And if and when those clowns in AZ ever release a report, I predict they will not say they found no evidence of fraud – though they will present none. I further predict that they will spread rumors about “suspicious things” that they supposed found that make them think the election was stolen.

    4. @Man Animal
      So… if a corrupt, lying prosecutor were trying to send you away on trumped up charges, would the fact that you know the prosecution is bogus cause you t not be worried or upset by it?

    1. @Alexander Machado IP is an internet address, like in China and Iran and the precise location. Packets are pieces of information that travel on the internet highway that can be captured and recorded. Meaning, the election was watched and cyber experts captured the packet traffic and know who, what, where when and how votes were changed down to the exact machine, time and credentials used to get into the machines.

    2. @Drought Tolerant WOW!!! Put your aluminum foil hat back on. The reptilian demon aliens are getting through too hard!

    3. @Empressa how many are still members of the Independant order of the Odd Fellows secret society. ? Pretty big in PA

    4. @Alexander Machado do you know how to turn your phone on do you get someone else to help?

    5. He’s getting my vote. PA needs to get rid of the ReTrumplicans cause they are uneducated!!

  2. To put it simply, Republicans accuse the democrats of cheating because they are the ones actually cheating, simple trick to mud the situation 😉.

    1. I welcome these audits to prove Trump lost. Audit every state in question I say. No reason to hide the facts.

    2. @Skip Ads what I would be worried about is that if they are also taking voters information and if they are could they try to do anything with that information.

    3. @Lupe Diaz
      I don’t see that as any more concern than casting your vote. Why anyone would be worried about who they voted for is beyond me. Fact is without audits occasionally there is no way to verify our elections integrity therefore we should welcome routine random audits going forward as well. Secrecy breads suspicion from all sides.

    4. That is quite possibly the most R3-Tarded statement that has ever been made…and you know it, which makes it Heka-Tarded.

  3. May not be popular with Republicans, but they did vote to re-elect a president whose autocratic tendencies blossomed into what can only be called a fascist power grab before the November election took place. He warned us fair and square that if he lost a peaceful transfer of power was not happening.

    1. Don’t forget that he was against antifa from the start talking about individual number one which says everything that somebody needs to know right there because by proxy he was declaring himself to be a fascist.

  4. The Arizona audit is the conduit to a further manipulation of elections. The country will never return to democracy because Republicans is destroying it.

    1. @jb888888888 Yeah maybe but I don’t think Margo Cleveland at The Federalist would care that I P&C her article and posted it here.

    2. @Zennbubba Doesn’t matter if they “mind,” its still passing off someone else’s words as your own. Further, don’t you think people are going to ask “where did these numbers come from?” If you don’t want to be accused of PIDOOYA then you better cite your sources.

    3. @jb888888888 Very last sentence. “Margo Cleveland at The Federalist has covered this GA story extensively.”

    4. The election fraud is as obvious as the origin of Covid being the Wuhan lab.
      Of course in both instances the theories are unproven because those involved are obstructing the necessary investigation. But there will be too many state audits for the perpetrators to stop and all thats needed is for one to of them to determine the method and the pack of cards will tumble.

    5. @Zennbubba Whatever happened to provisional ballots? I’m asking not to be funny, but I live in a different state. I moved from one county to another, all I had to d was fill out a provisional ballot.

  5. Love this Lt Gov. John Fetterman. Wished he was a lawmaker in my state. Would love to see him win in PA.

    1. @Bob H There are a few documentaries of his story as he has continued to change lives for the better in his district. Good human, lovely family.

  6. John Fetterman is a true man of integrity.
    He is the perfect man to fill the senate seat!!

    1. @ruth depewdon’t think a nice suit looks right on him…. he should be wearing spiked armor everywhere he goes….. He should be carrying a 50lb battle axe…. Riding a Carthaginian armored battle elephant……

    2. Strobe Strobe 👆 is a 3 month old completely empty GRU FANCY BEAR ACCOUNT HATE FARMER…
      It’s run by the kind of Russian that joined up with Germany the moment Poland was invaded

    3. @Lena Strope Strope
      Must be all those criminal cases piling up on Trump that’s got you all worked, huh?

  7. This guy is solid… I hope he wins a Senate seat. I was planning to PA in the future, and I definitely feel much better if there are more politicians like him in PA.

    1. @Alan Hirschenhofer II Send proof of republican voter fraud… don’t just say there is, dummy.

    2. @Drought Tolerant I deny the absurdity of it all. We’ve had free and fair elections since our country’s founding, now all of a sudden there’s fraud everywhere because the last sore loser can’t handle the fact that he lost.

      The science you’re talking about is not science because the so called auditors have “NEVER” performed a forensic audit, not to mention how extremely biased they are.

      An objective approach should always be your goal in science, I don’t see that in Arizona at all.

    3. @Stone Men This is why no one takes you serious, the name calling and the denial of the facts. Nice try, read a paper yourself. I don’t research for people who are not in the real world. If you were in our reality, you’d know what I’m talking about, but you choose to let fox, oan, or news max guide your life. Take care now, bye 👋

  8. Do you think there are animals like dogs and cats who look at other dogs and cats and think: “what a disgrace to our species!”

    Pretty sure humanity is there now. The intellectually-challenged being fleeced by the greedy grifters. Society be damned.

  9. John Fetterman is a great guy who seems like he has a great moral compass . he tells it how it is

  10. we MUST GET Fetterman into Congress, this guy needs a bigger platform as he really represent the Democrats in a really unique and needed way.

  11. Fetterman: “…snake handling… HA, that’s brilliant. PA folks – you GOTTA send this guy to the Senate!

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