PA State Rep.: The American Experiment Is Not Guaranteed 1

PA State Rep.: The American Experiment Is Not Guaranteed


As the fight for voting comes to a head, Pennsylvania State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta (D) says people must ask themselves: “What are we willing to do in this moment?” He tells Ali Velshi there’s no guarantee that the American experiment has to succeed, and that “if we are silent in this moment … we will be sadly mistaken if we lose this fight.”
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  1. We are sitting atop a boiling pot of hatred ready to blow! Why are we, the majority, silently waiting and watching, not speaking and acting? Ticking hands are meeting the midnight hour. Please, let’s wake up and demand truth and justice before it’s too late.

    1. Orange General
      That must be why the Democrats Antifa BLM stormed the capitol on January 6th
      And are using the ninja turtles to Audit the legitimate democratic election results
      I suppose that’s why the democrats got Louis DeJoy to interfere with the federal postal service. And now they are trying to suppress the voting rights of Americans. You keep swallowing the trump kool aid and you can stay in your alternative reality forever

  2. Finally. Someone in government that finally gets it. Thank you young man for using that fine brain.

  3. Jesus loves you and cares about you so much He know all your problems and wants to help you all,So accept him as your lord and savior.

    Please like so more people can see this

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