1. True 💯

      Plus, looking at the video’s title, red hats don’t understand what that means…they think they do but they don’t. Their thought process is superficial and hence the world suffers, as their mindset is sadly (and unGodly) broadly shared.

    2. he never lived in a long house ..he was born a nomad and pushed into tribalism…like a mongol or jew…

  1. My grandparents were immigrants, but actually now with 330 million people, our country ALREADY has a good future. Immigrants are great but let’s not forget that most of the “future of our country” will come from the millions of people already here. It’s not like we’ll have no future without new people.

    1. Agree. I can’t stand these BS liberal talking points that make no sense. Btw, I am a LEGAL immigrant/refugee.

  2. Politicians are not disconnected they are fully bought out by corporation, the mostly work their pocket and the pocket of corporations

    1. True of some politicians, that’s for certain. barak & michelle had assets of a couple hundred thousand when they got elected. 8 years later they’re multi, multi millionaires.

    2. @Ellen Peba the corrupt bush administration was used to commit fraud, start wars, increase security, to demonize the right. then that administration reformed itself into the obama admin. that’s how they have everyone worshipping the democrats, even though they are behind slavery for which they started and lost the civil war. they are also intimately connected with the pedophile rings.
      humanity has one enemy… I’m not saying their name is the democrats, but they are behind that party.

    3. You talk crap about corporations but, the supposedly socialist Scandinavian countries embrace their corporations and they actually pay the least in corporate taxes..

  3. Looking for life outside of 🌏🌍🌎, and we can stand each other. What a future for the HUMANS RACE.

    1. @cptunicorn Calling Mexicans who illegally immigrate rapists and murderers is racist. Saying that you heard Muslims cheering in the USA when 9/11 happened is racist. Trump regularly uses that language.

    2. @Brother Sanguinary Okay, listen up, because this is important.
      Neither of these phrases are racist. Primarily because he did not say that these things apply to all or even most of them. Neither were lies, neither were racist. I do not hate nor fear Muslims, but I can readily believe that a higher percentage of them were cheering for 9/11 than were Christians. And I am not Christian.
      This president speaks hard, relevant truths. All of his points have great value.

    3. @cptunicorn Trump carefully selects his “hard, relevant truths” to push xenophobic and racist buttons. The Republican Party has changed. They are no longer in the business of seeking policies that work to achieve desirable outcomes. Trump has rid his administration of all policy writing types and has replaced them with toadies who will hype the media to achieve the GOP agenda of staying in power to keep the government promoting, *_not_* the general welfare, but the moneyed interests of the plutocracy.

      He has said, “Illegal aliens are rapists, murderers, and thieves,” *_without_* pointing out that not all of them are. It’s the same dishonesty that hypes a dozen cases of the use of excessive force by police that lead to unjustifiable deaths without pointing out that there 700,000 full-time law enforcement officers in the United States.

    4. @Jody Alred no, not take over, but they do have our backs. we’re getting more help than I expected… thank God.

    1. Yes legal ones..We love them..
      Illegal ones wouldn’t be accepted by any country but, is expected by America?

    2. This is what so many fail to understand. We are not anti immigration, we are anti illegal immigration. If you are ready and willing to work and do it legally, then we welcome you♥️

    1. @Aidan Killpartrick Indeed. Those who were kidnapped, transported and enslaved provided – and continue to provide – the labour which is the foundation of America.

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