Pain in Paradise: Alligator Pond Story – Public Rights & Access to Beaches | TVJ News – June 6 2022

Pain in Paradise: Alligator Pond Story - Public Rights & Access to Beaches | TVJ News - June 6 2022 1


    1. No Don’t sold it . May Bee it’s a focking..forner. keep it in Jamaican Hand Jamaica for Jamaican

  1. People in the USA and other countries, think Jamaican is fool. Them will give them souls for money. . Give your Jamaican first choice.

  2. It should become a law in Jamaica that when land is sold, it doesn’t include the beaches and rivers. Secure your property and leave the beaches and rivers for the locals to enjoy. Make sure that pathways are created for access. The locals should share in the responsibility of keeping the place clean. What’s happening all over the island is just wrong. Developers take the nicest beaches and the people get squeezed into some small spaces. No one is against development but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of denying Jamaicans access or charging them for everything. Jamaica is for Jamaicans to enjoy. I heard the Prime Minister said not too long ago that the beaches belong to the people. Mr Prime Minister, here’s a Prime opportunity for you to defend those words. Jamaicans, if we don’t speak up, the only place that will be left for us is underneath the toilet hole.

  3. Really? How is this acceptable? We just encourage ppl to want freeness? The land is an investment!!! How on earth are we to grow as a country when ppl think everything is free!!!

    1. Gizmo check it since ancient times there is a law call the public trust doctrine. It states that you cannot own the air and water. We have to leave these thing for all. Here is what the doctrine mean. “The principle that certain natural and cultural resources are preserved for public use, and that the government owns and must protect and maintain these resources for the public’s use” It is not about freeness it is about equity. blessed

  4. No one man should own the beach, come on man … it’s getting out of hand! What’s going to happen to the people of Jamaica if majority of beaches are private … rest assured we are going to have many problems and it’s not going be nice. The beaches are for the people… yon can’t own the sea and rivers! You gotta to be kidding me!

  5. A few investors cannot win vs the power of the people, unity is strength, be strategic, you can sabotage anything 😁

  6. Jamaica beach is for Jamaican to fuljoy it a visitar from Forign fi pay come fi used our beach not we as a jamaican to pay

  7. all of our rivers and breaches are taken away from us the people of country and ntt done about it, what about our enjoyment

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