1. @V V Why TF are you even here on the comments if you’re going to pay anything but DISrespect.

    1. @Weatherly DCS I heard that too from trusted CNN, MSNBC lets see Cuomo is a good guy, Bill Clinton didnt get a B J, Epstein committed suicide, Weinstein never did a thing. Maybe Fox is waiting to see if there is a real story before putting it out there.

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  2. Ronald Reagan would not be able to win a Republican primary today. He would lose to Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green, or tim mcveigh

    1. Don’t forget Josh fascist fist-bump Hawley. The present makes the 1980’s look like the good old days, and they were because Jerry was still alive.

  3. You would have to be an American to suspect that Harry would not attend his own grandfather’s funeral. Who in their right mind would think that is “inappropriate”?

  4. Harry chose to leave (and move away from) the monarchy system, and not necessarily his family.! It’s just people often wrongly combine the two. So I am sure he wants and will attend his grandfather’s funeral.

  5. Why are a majority of you lot making this a Harry and Megan issue? 😡🤬. FOR GOD SAKE LEAVE THE COUPLE ALONE.😡🤬

  6. The Prince’s death confirms my worse suspicions- that DMX and Philip were actually the same person…

  7. Glad harry is coming! but can we talk about the women in the pink jacket that is struggling to hold flowers? lol

  8. This b-llocks , why wouldn’t a grandchild attend their grandparents funeral? I’m sorry but if any of my kids ( all over 27) didn’t attend their Grans funeral ( unless restrictions due to medical advice) I would be devastated and I’m sure that they would be too. I desperately wanted to attend my Grandmothers funeral but I was not allowed due to being 38 weeks pregnant with twins and it was going to be a 12 hour journey and I have always regretted that , medical advice is what it is!

  9. Will someone please tell Joe Biden that Prince Philip did *NOT SING* ” *PURPLE RAIN* ” …. Thanks.

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