Palestinian Ambassador Weighs In On Crisis 1

Palestinian Ambassador Weighs In On Crisis


Palestinian Ambassador to the UK Ambassador Husam Zomlot joins Morning Joe to discuss the latest developments in the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.
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  1. Well again if these residential buildings were housing HAMAS equipment etc, why is there no forensic evidence? And why is it even the residents are unaware of this? Even the AP and Al Jazeera were unaware that their building was
    1 an HAMAS intelligence center
    2 housing HAMAS equipment used to target Israeli civilians specifically.
    3 there was an underground complex beneath their building.
    Does any of that make sense to you? The residents dont know, the Press are unaware, and there is no physical evidence of these claims.

    1. No more evidence cuz it was blown to smithereens. Kaboom question for you. Why choose Hamas in the first place?

    2. @ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ I typed a response to your question. cant you read ? anyhow the 3000 rockets sent into Israel were sent from civilian buildings. These civilian buildings that sent the rockets were demolished by Israel. cant get any clearer than this.

    1. @Chicky could be like a duel when both duelers agree to count to three and fire on three but one guy fires on two.

  2. Corrupt Bibi Netanyahu he can get on TV and blame other people but you see how did it start who started it if he said that he would expose himself as the war criminal he is

  3. Who amongst you would label
    those who participated in
    the Warsaw ghetto uprising

    1. ummm the same hypocrites who are ethnically cleansing Israel from Palestinians? Makes u wonder if they rewrote history in the past as well with their narcissistic denial of the atrocities they are committing today.

  4. “If a another country would attack u.s. we would declare war” said Joe.. WRONG COMPARISON. The question is if USA was under Nazi Germany occupation would you fight for your freedom or would you just sit quietly and follow orders. Like letting them take your house, restrict you from moving around , putting you in refugee camps, becoming a second class citizen etc..

    1. Exactly. It’s not Palestine that occupies Israel, it’s Israel that occupies Palestine for over 70 years

    2. @Feras Al-Lababidi Sounds like a great argument for the Palestinians to ACTUALLY be taken over by Israel.

  5. why do Israel keep getting a free pass? Its a case of guns vs rocks here.

    1. It’s the right wing fascist monster Netan-yahoo who’s getting the pass, not the Jewish civilians

  6. Imagine it’s Russia bombing instead of Israel. The congress would condemn it inmediately

  7. You asked him 3 times about the Hamas rockets, no question about 60 dead children..

    1. Notice how the rockets became “missiles”. No questions on the evictions or the raid on the mosque.

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