Pallister blasts COVID-19 rule-breakers: ‘Right to shop is not as important as the right to life’

Pallister blasts COVID-19 rule-breakers: 'Right to shop is not as important as the right to life' 1


Premier Brian Pallister issued a stark warning to Manitoba residents ignoring health recommendations: 'The right to shop is not as important as the right to life.'

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35 Comments on "Pallister blasts COVID-19 rule-breakers: ‘Right to shop is not as important as the right to life’"



  2. STILL THE DOUBLE STANDARD this doesn’t applies to the rich and buiness CEO ‘S

    • they can afford the treatment

    • It’s like this clown doesn’t think we know about the Gavin Newsom’s of this world. How much you put a bet he doesn’t follow any of his crap and probably is the #1 rule breaker in private?

  3. Call Me Ishmael | November 19, 2020 at 6:00 PM | Reply

    _”Right to shop is not as important as the right to life.”_

    Says the guy who gets paid by the taxpayer and thus doesn’t have to rely on the income of a business to provide a living wage.

  4. “Rules for thee , but not for me.. “.

  5. Very authoritarian…

  6. Let’s make handing out tickets Manitoba’s biggest health risk

  7. Health Canada has only two drugs suggested for use in hospital settings for treating Covid. Remdesivir. and maybe, some steroids. Everyone who looked at the clinical data saw that Remdesivir did not save anyone. And today, the W.H.O. had this to say:
    “The antiviral drug remdesivir is not suggested for patients admitted to hospital with Covid-19, regardless of how severely ill they are, because there is currently no evidence that it improves survival.”
    Canadians are doomed, we are lead my maroons.

  8. Who wrote his script? And how much to read it?

  9. Stop your Balony Pallister

  10. There’s only one thing worse than someone who believes the propaganda they are regurgitating and that’s someone who doesn’t believe it and spews it anyways

  11. Awesome we can live forever now. Pallister is going to make it happen.

  12. Mountain Canoeing | November 19, 2020 at 10:01 PM | Reply

    None of these shut downs can be enforced they rely on you to go along with it, no enforcement.

  13. If this guy believed a word of what he’s saying he’d have a mask on and be in his house. Politicians being hypocrites or abiding by their own rules is nothing new, but this has gone too far. We are clearly being lied to.

  14. Hey pallister, how are the masks mandates working in the care homes? Where they are over 80% of the deaths.

  15. The right to the truth of it all is most important, why don’t we get that?

  16. You can tell this guy legitimately ran out of toilet paper during the initial rush for goods and he’s still bitter about it.

  17. I am so disappointed with the leadership we have

  18. U.S.Democrats believe: It does not matter “who is voting but who is counting”

  19. David McGennity | November 19, 2020 at 10:24 PM | Reply

    Take away his pay and see how soon everything opens up

  20. Notice pallister and roussin not wearing masks during the conferences. Fine them!!! Lmao

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