Pallister calls on Trudeau for more health-care funding: 'We're losing people' | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Pallister calls on Trudeau for more health-care funding: ‘We’re losing people’ | COVID-19 in Canada


As the premiers call on the federal government to increase health-care funding, Man. Premier Brian Pallister recounted the last time he raised the issue with the prime minister.

According to Pallister, Trudeau's response was 'I'm not your banker.'


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  1. Just remember mr Pallister it was you and your other premiers that chose to destroy the economy that will create the dark economic future for many Canadians.

    1. @Nibba John rising gas prices? that’s been happening for more than 100 years. where have you been?

    2. @GodEnderX ahhhhh yes they have but not at the rates that they are currently. And the costs of goods and services is going up dramatically.

    3. @Nibba John this has also been going on for 100’s of years. this is literally built in to capitalism. that is why the minimum wage constantly needs to be increased because there really is no way to stop inflation. i’m not the best at explaining it, but if you research on inflation it can explain this alot better.

    4. @Corey Aldrich I did, thats why i havent lost a single paycheck. Thanks for your concern though.

  2. Currently 62 hospitalizations in all of Manitoba with COVID. Only 24 are in ICU. Wtf is this guy talking about?

    1. Wait so are you suggesting covid is less of an issue than the govt is making it out to be? Maybe ask yourself, am I missing something? What ignorance it to assume you know everything. You’ve done a grand total of zero research into this issue. Pipe down Becky.

    2. @Nathan Levesque “Inflation takes a while”. You don’t understand economics and don’t know history.

    1. @Corey Aldrich These cons are crooks and thieves. They just want to steal this money for themselves, none of it will go to healthcare. Doug Ford proved this. Hes sitting on 9 billion from the feds and wont spend a cent of it to help nursing homes

  3. He’s too busy shipping billions overseas where some of it gets kicked back to his offshore accounts…

  4. Pallister CUT funding to health care in Manitoba a few years ago, and now he’s complaining to Trudeau about not enough health care funding hahahahhaha. What a joke, geee I wonder why???

  5. This is rich, considering how he demolished our healthcare system right before the pandemic and failed to respond effectively.

    1. @Nathan Levesque It won’t let me post the link, no matter what I do. Trying to post a news article from a competing network, maybe that’s the trouble. I doubt you’ll believe me. YOu could look for it, but I assume you’d prefer your echo chamber.

    2. @UC4z6kctjgakp3GJP2A0000w You’re not overly bright, are you? Help the NDP – hey if you’re going to help the NDP, maybe help them not mess up Manitoba like they did during their last stint. Lowest math and science scores in Canada, under the NDP. Longest wait times in Canada, under the NDP. Highest taxes in Canada, other than Quebec (doesn’t say much) under the NDP. They totally took Hydro from a cash surplus to dead broke in less than a decade. Threw out the balanced budget legislation. Raised the PST to pay for their buffoonery.

      Where did that money go? Not health care. Not schools…oh I remember. Their union buddies! Ya, we need more NDP. What a joke.

    3. @Larry Royovitz Big statements… all Conservative talking points… any credible sources to back up your claims.

  6. *Pallister guts provincial healthcare; completely screws up COVID response*

    “Why would Trudeau do this??”

  7. Listen buddy; I not your friend, and not your bank. Also, you can shove your Fing mandates. Resign before you are taken and delt with in some less than pleasant manner …if you catch my drift.

  8. I am embarrassed to say this is our premier and even more so that he calls himself a Conservative.

    1. What almost all of you are missing is the lack of Federal spending in health care. When health care was started in the early ’60’s it was cost shared 50/50 provincial/Federal. During Chretien’s reign the Federal contribution dropped to 11%; Chretien unloaded the Federal debt onto the provincial governments. That in turn meant cuts across the country in health care. Harper brought Federal funding up to 24%; a long way from 50% but more than 11%. The funding formula hasn’t changed & now the Federal part is down to 22% due to rising costs. Want an effective medical system? More funding has to come from somewhere, either more from Federal sources or more from private.

  9. In my city of 150 thousand. 1 person has died from this “pandemic”. He was in his 80’s.

    1. What do you want hundreds dead? It has not totally exploded due to containment. Move to the USA tRumpster where you belong with all the other fools.

    2. Khaled Buckets best part is the deaths aren’t even the big issue. It can have lingering health effects we don’t fully understand yet. Organ issues, life long problems that require medications and checkups not to even mention how it can effect children’s development. A lot of my family works in healthcare, I get the unedited versions of the stories and they aren’t happily ever afters. COVID been a real eye opener on who takes Facebook info as fact and who actually looks for credible research before forming opinions

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