Pallister: "If you don't think COVID-19 is real, right now, you are an idiot." 1

Pallister: “If you don’t think COVID-19 is real, right now, you are an idiot.”


Manitoba's Conservative Premier Brian Pallister made an emotional plea to residents to stay apart over the holidays, but also issued a warning: "If you don't think COVID is real, right now, you are an idiot."

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    1. @Mark you need to wake up soon ,you have a lot to learn, Canada is at the edge of the end,the people’s ignorance to what really is going on,is helping these monsters to destroy her,look around,look at what they have done,they are evil

  1. You can say this in Manitoba but not in Ontario because some adults(made of smoothies) will cry and get hurt.

    1. Yeah. Politicians are hypocrites. He tells everyone to stay apart and almost every one of them that tells you to do that, goes and spends a nice Christmas with their families because they don’t have to follow the guidelines they put out. Rules for thee not for me.

    2. @Myles Rimmer why are you so blatantly ignorant? Why can’t you understand the very basics of this disease ? What is missing in your brain
      Is it just knowledge ? Or is there
      Some sort of actual thinking process that has gotten muddled along the way?

    3. @shizuokaBLUES you realize they can make up all the rules they want, but if they themselves keep getting caught breaking them then no one is going to listen. Seems the rich are immune to covid or they at least act like it. They get richer while everyone gets poorer, they fucked up they had their chance when everyone was warning them back Feb. But they rather make fun of everyone.

    4. Hear hear! Been calling for this since it started. Wanna help out? Take one for the team politicians.

    1. Hes still getting his salary and the rest of manitoba gets to suffer. No one signed up for that in manitoba.

  2. Look at his body language, look at his eyes: he is NOT an honest person! Why did not you try to cry better???

  3. We aren’t in this together.
    The banks announced profits while society suffers and does without.

    1. Banks were like this before Covid too. So you should take all of your money out of the bank account you have then and stop using any banks. Stop supporting them. How about you do something about it yourself instead of whining??

    2. If they wanted to be serious about the Covid then the banks should have been the first to suspend operations.

    3. So what are you doing that benefits society, besides being a keyboard warrior living in your Mother’s basement?

  4. This clown throws a temper tantrum every time he’s in front of a camera. I like my leaders to be a little less emotional.

    1. NfariuS5_4.2 Right? So salty, for no sensible reason.

    1. @The Real Regan Grimey diversitiy can cause division if you overextend its meaning it is causes fractures within communities look at the LGBTQ “community” they have so many ways to define themselves as an outcast that some of the ones who make it up dont believe others within it

  5. some days ago the message was that if you break the laws you will be paraded on tv, shamefully so. so thank you for being on tv.

  6. I don’t think anyone denies it’s real. It’s just not as deadly as the government claims. Being crazy authoritarian is not right either. I don’t care what you THINK is right. Doesn’t make it right.

    1. It’s not as deadly AS THE WHOLE REST OF THE WORLD says it is? You’re one of the idiots he’s talking about.

    2. @Papwithanhatchet I guess your fine with the government locking everyone down and extracting money to the billionaires while Canadian businesses stay shuddered. You back politicians that make hundreds of thousands a year and didn’t loose a cent during this entire thing while we literally move all the stimulus money to the big box stores or online stores.

      Did you know that 23% of current wealth has been transferred to the rich?

      This is what you are supporting while they strip your rights in front of you and you applaud it.

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