Palm oil at centre of controversy of 'hard' Canadian butter 1

Palm oil at centre of controversy of ‘hard’ Canadian butter


Genevieve Beauchemin gets to the bottom of a growing controversy that started over the consistency of Canadian butter.
#Butter #Dairy

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  1. I have noticed this as well. Butter is definately different. Even when my home is very warm, the butter is weird and hard. It used to melt in the cupboard at 22C. The bread scenereo is real.

  2. And yet our dairy farmers tout their “canadian is best” – – no growth hormone” strategy to continue with government subsidies.

    1. You look old enough to understand the difference between subsidies and supply management. Then again your acct looks like a typical troll acct.

  3. Funny doesn’t Saputo the dairy plants order the milk from the farmers. Funny why Saputo isn’t even mentioned. Even funnier. Maxime mad. Max CPC has a real big gate for dairy. Now why would Saputo pay mad Max. Because Saputo wants open dairy market so crappy imported milk with growth hormones Cann be shipped into Canada. There conspiracy done

  4. We don’t even know what it does to humans, let alone animals. Its being used as a waste product, kinda like how we feed corn to salmon

  5. Those farmers know very well what’s in this feed. They do tests to make sure it’s adequate for the animals. That it has all the minerals they need & so on.

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