Pamela Brown calls out Republican for his Trump transformation

CNN's Pamela Brown takes a look back at author and Republican J.D. Vance's change in tone from criticizing Donald Trump to becoming a Trump-endorsed candidate in the Ohio Senate primary. #CNN #News


  1. Honour, integrity, self-respect.
    3 things you cannot have if you want to be a Republican politician, apparently.

    1. @Shane Best you make a good point. Personally Iโ€™d live the rest of my life in Iceland as an expat

  2. If you are bending the knee to known con man and liar, that says all one needs to know about a politicians integrity. Amazing how many Never Trumpers are now solidly on the Dump Train.

    1. @timandsue legere I mean that is the same thing democrats did when they choose a vegetable who the White House has to babysit maybe they got confused between a resident and president

    2. @Zeyad Saeed not sure what that has to do with my comment but just for clarification are you talking about when they referred to Trump needing a babysitter, as he was often seen as behaving like a child by those around him, which is noted behavior or senility, or are you talking about biden and his age and gaffs in speech.

  3. Please talk about this: The fires that have burned down our food plants. In one year all these food plants burned down by themselves?
    1. Taylor Food in CA,
    2. Sheares in OR,
    3. Georgia Poultry Plant in GA,
    4. Tyson in AL, Azure Standard HQ in OR,
    5. Gem State Processing in Idaho,
    6. Maricopa Food Pantry in AZ,
    7. Rio Fresh in TX,
    8. Walmart Processing Plant in IND,
    9. NH East Conway Beef & Pork in NH,
    10. Bonanza Meat Co in TX,
    11. Cobb County Meat in GA,
    12. Maid-Right Steak in PA
    13. Salinas Food Processing in CA
    14. Wiscon River Meats in Wisconsin
    15. Deli Star Meats in MO
    16. Smithfield Foods in IL
    17. Oregon Potato Chip Plant in OR
    18. Kelloggs in TN
    19. Cargill-Natrena Feed Mill -LA
    20. San Antonio Food Processing Plant in TX
    21. Food Processing Operation in WA
    22. Maine Potato Plant
    23. Louis Dryfus Soy Processing plant (soy is bad for people so meh)
    24. JBS Beef plant in CO
    25. Smithfield Foods (closed down because of threats of fire and covid) in SD
    ONE plant may burn down about say 20 years or so, not over 2 in twenty years! The news is NOT covering this!

    1. @Jim McLoughlin Tell you one thing before the election, tell you something else after the election??? Thatโ€™s what spineless people do.

    2. @Jim McLoughlin and Iโ€™m not even sure if they know that they caused most of the problems they are claiming to fight against and doing a horrible job at it, really only making things much worse.

  4. Anybody who doesnโ€™t care about what happens in Ukraine ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ has no business being in office โ€ฆ

    1. Well both parties have been bickering about legislation regarding immigrants and refugees for literally decades. People who treat politics with bumper stickers and memes will blame the POTUS, which gets no one anywhere. I’ve also been hearing about the “disaster on the southern border” literally since Reagan.
      Legislators in both houses need sort themselves out before anything gets “fixed.” That means putting their hyperbole and campaign sound bites aside and actually come up with a plan.

  5. “I’ll die the day America’s end begins.”

    – Fidel Castro

    (Died on the day Trump was elected president)

  6. He’s a politician nothing more needs to be said other than at some point this country, her people, and those tasked with running the country must either first be introduced to, or return to a belief in truth over lies, right over wrong, and good over evil. Anyone that supports Herr Donald Drumph has rejected these essential elements of a productive society, they have made their Faustian bargain and the end result may just be the loss of this Democracy.

  7. I have to laugh when I hear Trump verify that every one of them has been against him at one time or another. I remember my mother telling me that, if I saw that everyone seemed to be against me, then it was time for me to go look in the mirror and that it’s likely me and not them that’s creating the problem. In Trump’s case he’s always right and everybody else must be wrong. I wonder if he even has a mirror.

    1. But not you right? Youโ€™re so much better and virtuousโ€ฆ must be a Democrat ๐Ÿ™„

  8. Pamela Brown sums the GOP perfectly with her observation, “debasing themselves for Trump’s endorsement.”

    1. @james butler Trueโ€ฆ and under multiple pseudonyms.
      I report him? every time I see his cut & paste harassment!

  9. All those spinless Sycophants kissing the ring of a narcissistic grifter.. Mary Trump knows her uncle best. Such a sad state of affairs for our Country.โ˜น๏ธ

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