Pandemic Burnout Is Taking A Toll On Americans, Says Doctor

Practicing internist Dr. Lucy McBride joins Morning Joe to discuss how the coronavirus has caused burnout and what to do about it.

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  1. The moment employers and marketing people embraced “hustle” culture I knew it was toxic and exploitative.

  2. My Physical mental & emotional health as well as my stress levels have been so much better since the pandemic.
    Been working at home ever since and told my employer I will continue to do so. As a Life long workaholic with crazy commute I have finally found work life balance. I have fewer interactions with stupid humans… which turns out was a biggy. So many times I had to psych myself up to go to social events. Pandemic freed my calendar. Did I mention it turns out I don’t really like humans? Lol

  3. I have noticed a lot more short-fused folks since the reopening has been going on the last couple of months…

  4. You and the rest of the world. But if we don’t take care of each other, if we’re not mindful about how our actions affect others, we’ll never see the other end of this.

  5. I had no problem getting through the restrictions of COVID-19. I actually kind of liked them. I discovered I really am an introvert! But I admit I did not have any money issues and I don’t have kids. Makes life a lot more simple overall.

    1. I, myself, and I are a bit of an introvert but maintain a public persona. Made me realized how much I miss myself.πŸ˜œπŸŽ πŸŽ β†—

  6. First it was Trump, then it was the pandemic. Now it’s Trump, the insurrection, the GOP, and new strains of the pandemic.

  7. Be safe everyone. At least you are alive. Please wear masks to avoid spreading germs. Lets not give Delta variant a chance

    1. My spouse had both his, I’ve had my first round and we both still wear the masks. You can’t go into any stores around here without one, anyway.

    1. Australia is locked down again. I’m not sure if it’s their third or fourth at this point.

  8. Well if they did not have Trump, Fox, and Republicans continually pounding the fear drum trying to stampede them into mass panic, pushing Qanon crazy, and at the same time doing everything in their power to sabotage the Biden recovery effort, maybe people would not feel so stressed.

  9. If I don’t have time for reflection everyday, my mental state starts going downhill. Along with burnout, some are being awakened to the fact that working all day for crap wages sucks and is not worth it. It is time to pay everyone a living wage. Also, medical coverage for all. We need to start practicing preventative medicine and catch medical issues before it gets bad and becomes really expensive. For example, full bloodwork for all once every year. I do it, and was able to catch increasing bad cholesterol and begin treating it with a statin before it did any long-term damage.

  10. Thank you for the comment. We are human. I was under some of the most stress when I stayed home with my Sons. I was glad I was able to do that but I was isolated from adults to communicate with.

  11. If they had got their act together , at the start, and did what was needed to get through it, it would be practically over by now.

  12. And with govenors cutting off pandemic assistance so soon this will cause more human stress and trauma! Not to mention the fact that employers won’t pay a living wage…everything is $12,$13.25,$14.50…this will be less than unemployment is paying….as it is now homeless is better than butterbeans rn…..guess I better pack up.

  13. Young people don’t want to go back to the office because our theory was true you can be productive and work without having to go into an office everyday and we know we haven’t been compensated properly by employers that have been getting rich off us

  14. Every virtue needs to be balanced by another virtue. Efficiency is a virtue that is overaccentuated in our culture. It needs to be balanced with the virtue of listening to wisdom of our bodies.

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