Panel: ‘You Can Take [McSally] Off List’ Of GOP Who Might Side With Democrats | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Panel: 'You Can Take [McSally] Off List' Of GOP Who Might Side With Democrats | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


  1. If you can handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. The question was straightforward, answer it yes or no. Keep on walking. Not smart.

  2. Easy solution…. stop interviewing GOP. Zero integrity, zero class, zero respect for oaths, country, Constitution… there is no obligation to ask them anything…. let Faux News handle it.

  3. McSilly is confused. A political hack is someone with their own show and platform like Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham, and Alex Jones.

    1. They know we are dangerous from weapons to diseases. Humans are the roaches of the universe. I don’t blame them.

    1. Kathleen Dunlap Why do you hate yourself? We know, your moto is; C you next Tuesday. How much do you get paid?

    1. Pelosi and Waters are the face of the democratic party! Yikes. They are for open borders,sanctuary cities and partial birth abortion! Classy

  4. McSally is an embarressment and diagrace to Arizona and a loser. Mark Gifford will bring the seat home.

    1. Linda, it’s Mark Kelly running for the Senate, he is married to Gabby Gifford that must have been where you got mixed up.

  5. McSally hasn’t won a election yet…..and she wont win this one….so sorry she is trying to gain Trump favor to win when Trump backed politicians are losing right and left

  6. What does hunter Biden have to do the impeachment trial? Was he on the call? Can he provide any information on why the aid was held up? Wtf?

    1. Exactly! ! Biden has absolutely nothing to do with the impeachment of Trump, at all! And to even discuss it is pure and total b.s.

    2. It’s just a distraction/deflection like the identity of the whistleblower. The GOP needs an enemy all the time so that they can aim their supporters’ anger at that enemy. If the Trump administration had wanted to confront corruption in Ukraine or any other country before giving financial/military aid, they would have done so long before Congress approved the funds. This entire criminal enterprise was aimed at hurting Biden by extorting a PR stunt from Zalensky on CNN with Fareed Zakaria. And if they had wanted to look at corruption, then they should have gone through the normal channels.

    3. All the Trumpanzees have left against the mounting Impeachment facts and evidence is deflection…..
      The mere mention of Biden in regards to Trumps impeachment trial is basically a …….LOOK SQUIRREL!!

  7. WTF!? The reporter asked her a simple, reasonable question and that was her response? Sounds like she is an aspiring Trump Crime Family member and was earning some respect. At least we know who she really is now. Arizona can do better than this.

  8. Many politicians tried to be Chumpier than Chump, it always backfired… McSleazy is toast and she knows it.

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