1. I’m glad this has happened, but Democrats should be doing even better. Clearly lots of work left to do.

    1. There’s also hidden secrets about d’sanctimonious that Trump is threatening to expose…..can’t wait to hear those. Talk about throwing a monkey wrench into the works! 🙈🙉🙊🐵

    1. DeSantis by himself couldn’t do it. The GOP would have to have control of the house and senate as well. And even then they’d have to get everyone on board

    2. @Francis Hurley That dude can’t live in America. Just like these people who keep saying that certain politicians must be fired. WTF

    3. Why would people vote for Trumpty Dumpty’s ‘MINI ME’⁉️ 🤣😂 I would love to see Desatan and Trumpty Dumpty play a death match‼️🤣😂

  2. They need to go back to William F. Buckley’s rule: always choose the candidate whose politics are most closely aligned with yours, but who is also the most electable. Trump keeps picking losers.

    1. Trump has no politics. He only has bad character. Greed, extortion, winning at all costs, self worshipping, power, and pussygrabbing of course, seem to be his only interests. His mantra goes like this: “heads I win, tails you lose”.

    2. Trump won 216 elections and has lost 6. If you want the facts tune into another channel. Trump is the King Maker.

  3. The best thing for the Republican Party, for the country and for the world would be for the fast food to finally catch up to Donald Trump. Hopefully it does and hopefully it’s painful.

    1. Senility runs in his family. That’s a good bet.
      I think both parents had it. The trouble is, can anybody recognize it in this guy who acts so senile all the time anyway?

    1. @Will Tell All Please more dumb commenters like “will tell all”! His whining and crying make Trump look more idiotic than Putin.

    2. The million MAGA🤡s that died due to being unvaccinated gave Dems the Senate— thank you. Your sacrifice is appreciated. #CovidGOP2022

    3. @Patriotz Finder You are, as they say in the field of education, correct! The Swastika has no place alongside Old Glory!

    1. @Will Tell All That 73% are loathing the day that Trump was elected and ruined the country. He added $7.8 trillion to the debt putting serious strain on the fantastic economy he was handed by Obama. Trump also set American against American and tried to destroy the country with a coup. Biden is trying to turn things around and save the country and he has quite a challenge ahead of him because Republicans are absolute certifiable freaking idiots and are still trying to destroy democracy. Russia is rooting for you POS’s. I’m a Canadian, and 80% of Canadians think you are mentally challenged and seriously destructive. My friends in Europe and Australia tell me that the majority in their countries think the same. At some point you should get a clue

    2. @Oliver Queen u 🤡 trmp will never be president again! Joe will make him a two time loser 😂😂😂😂

  4. Indict him now for the theft of the records it was a direct challenge to the rule of law and the law needs to stand up

    1. Theft of classified docs is serious business, and can land you in jail for up to 10 years. Why does this dolt get a pass?

    2. @Jason Scott I wanted him to be indicted but now I am not sure. Locking him up is letting the GOP off the hook. Leave him to his vises and he will inflict more damage to GOP

    3. @Grainraiser I don’t understand all the crappy delays. If any other citizen were found with TS docs they’d have been taken into custody immediately. And subpoenas against this guy and most of his gang are worthless. They simply refuse to show up. You or I try that, defying even a county DA, and an arrest warrant would be issued. Hillary testified for over 11 hours. Who knew she could’ve just said ‘NO’.

  5. It’s hard to imagine the majority of the Republican Party turning away from trump , because where can the turn when there is not party platform to use as a guidance .

    1. They have a platform: more tax cuts for the “1%,” eliminating a woman’s right to choose, and effectively suspending presidential elections indefinitely by having Republican governors send “alternate” slates of electors when the Democratic candidate wins in their state

    2. Trump won 216 elections and has lost 6. If you want the facts tune into another channel. Trump is the King Maker.

    3. @Ranse Danny your ‘ facts ‘ are so lost … you have got to be a foreign based troll… google any facts lead site and your numbers are so wrong , your getting your info from a site that will spew anything to get a reaction , my reaction is I’m so embarrassed that their are American that believe this hogwash

  6. ‘If they win I’ll take all the credit but if they lose it’s their fault.’
    Translation – The buck stops there unless they win. Then it all belongs to me.

    1. @Kevin Colson Republicans dominate in State’s where elections are secured, and not riddled with the methods President Jimmy Carter’s 2003 study of the easiest ways to commit election fraud

    2. @Mark that’s just another Reich wing lie you sheeple repeat. Answer my question would you vote for a celebrity from California to be a senator for Texas? Or do you understand how someone who’s already worked for a state for over 10 years and is from there is a better choice then a celebrity snake oil salesman who’s not even from that state?

    1. @Dee DeeI love my country not this joke biden. Heck he doesn’t even know what inflation is 😂 he said “the economy is growing” while we have an inflation, when our gdp shrank two quarters in a row 🤣 when he put his “vIctOrIoUs” sanctions on putin, he thought that’s a loss to putin. Turns out putin got a lot stronger thanks to india and china buying MORE oil from russia 🤣

    2. Anyone who has a brain and can do basic research can see that global inflation is caused by food and energy shortage, both that are failing in the US thanks to this joke biden 😆

    3. @Oliver Queen  You need to go outside the United States to see the real inflation? I believe you will appreciate Biden and what he’s doing here in the state.

    4. @Oliver Queen  liar! They only increase tax for the wealthy 1%, and not the ordinary citizen.. Stop spreading conspiracy theories and the Qanon agendas

  7. The Republicans had a few good candidates, particularly California and Oregon. But the GOPs refusal to dump Trump will only cost them even more elections.

    1. The Dems? Yeah they have been making a lot of republicans. If they could stop sterilizing children it would really help them get support back.

    2. @Alec Holland Honestly, do you really know any children that have been sterilized? Where I live, believe me the teens are super-fertile and the birthrate is anything but waning.

    3. @Jason Scott just look at any kid given HRT, having decisions either made for them or made themselves before they can compete hens what they’re giving up.

    4. @Alec Holland I agree that children shouldn’t be sterilized. And to do it without a parent permission slip is illegal, I should think. Still, not very prevalent in my area. I know quite a lot of people, and never heard of a parent taking a kid to a doc to have him or her sterilized. Sounds to me like a few loony instances making for a lot of hogwash. And if, once grown, the kid wishes to sue his or her parents? Then so be it!

  8. The “injecting of bleach” was the most embarrassing thing tRump said. Not the worst thing but most embarrassing. Then the next day when he insulted reporters saying he was mocking them by saying it was even more embarrassing. I was truly embarrassed to say he was the president. So glad he’s gone.

    1. @Kekw I was going to say that the other stuff was mostly comical. But, due to the gross mishandling/misrepresentation of the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people died.

    2. @Kekw agreed, it was horrendous but not as embarrassing as far as stupidity. Charlottesville was straight up bigotry and racism at its worst, no doubt.

    3. Teflon Trump will announce on Tuesday that he will run again. So he is not going anywhere. He plans to be around for a very long time.

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  10. I like how Trump tells the Jan. 6th crowd: “You (will never take back the country with weakness)…” and not “We (will never take back the country with weakness)…”.

  11. As someone who voted for Trump in 2016, I can tell you this. My support started to drop when he started making everything about him. Which wasn’t long after he got into office, some of his policies I agree with, but tbh those same policies most Republicans agree with. As an independent voter, I believe we want someone who’s just not…. That!

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