Panicking Georgia GOP Looks To Change State Constitution To Protect Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Panicking Georgia GOP Looks To Change State Constitution To Protect Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on an effort by Republicans in the state of Georgia to alter the state's constitution in order to change grand jury rules so that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis might have a harder time pursuing a case against Donald Trump for trying to manipulate state officials to commit election fraud. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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Panicking Georgia GOP Looks To Change State Constitution To Protect Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. I can t post this on the rush Limbaugh video for some reason so lets see if I can do it here
      The dude had balls enough to call out Bill Clinton laughing at Ron Browns funneral …ya know the guy who did the titan nuclear deal with the chy comms for campaign donation money and the awesome fake economy we had in the 90s….yeah that’s when Chyna devoured the USA….flew Ron Browns plane straight into that Croation mountainside….killing almost everyone…Ron Brown actually survived the initial crash along with Master Sgt Shelly Kelly…..they didn’t come down the mountain alive…..after the army clean up crew came in…..yeah folks have fun with communisim….because its never going away now….and your either a godless Satanist Marxist….one in a re education slave labor camp….good luck

    2. @Steve Jakubowski Steve…can I call you Steve….my dad was in the chain of command that witnessed it….it really happened…I gave up a nomination to a military academy….why fly for a govt you can t trust right?…look up Bill Clintons fake tears….youtube it

    1. @Dennis Vance Pause…another comment…hit repeat…”stop the steal!”pause…another comment…hit repeat…”The election was stolen”. Pause…another comment…..Kind of like a cult

    2. @Dennis Vance You don’t know what you’re talking about you gave yourself a thumbs up you’re a pathetic man -creepy

    1. @Bunyip73 “whataboutism” isn’t a real thing. It’s just something dummies say in order to dodge having to own up to their own hypocrisy.

    2. @Jonathan Boullion No, I am pushing facts, you are pushing a narrative.
      I explained to you what those facts are and pointing out how you are laser-focused on the wrong things.

      Using words like “trollsplaining” just show what a childish person you are. You are clearly not capable of an adult conversation. Your profile pic backs this up.
      Good luck becoming a woman.

    3. @CEO of Earth Nazi Pelosi seems to me maga country is now a dumpy little resort in Florida where a loser resides.

    4. @CEO of Earth Nazi Pelosi however, the voters who sent him to the rest home would like to thank him for sending a torpedo into the belly of the corrupt Gop

    1. @I Raise a Halleluiah So what do you think about Trump’s bank account in China? No wonder he kept his taxes hidden

    2. @queen samara What about Trump’s bank account in China?

      What about Hunter making sure the Big Guy gets his cut?

      LOL…..That laptop has you as nervous and frightened at the mere mention of Trump.

    3. @Jason McDonald
      Trump has you terrified. You just can’t stop mentioning him. There was election fraud and soon it will be known. THAT has you scared.

  1. America,land of the ” constitution ” ,and way too many ” amendments ” but no action,more like ” land of farce and lying Republicans “

    1. So what would he pull if he was still in office A Dictatorship Trump was put in office for a reason and it shows

    1. @Dennis Vance cool I’d rather be a trump hater than a loser that refuses to accept reality such as yourself . Do better for your own sake man.

    2. @I Raise a Halleluiah I won’t stop talking about him until he pays for at least one of his many crimes. As in jail time. Not because I’m scared of him but because I’m a decent human being.

    1. @David Gray More than that. They don’t hide the fact it’s all about them. Not the american people who voted for them. Just like the narcissist pig Trump.

    2. Karma doesn’t exist- and especially in the context that Westerners try to apply it. Just face the bitter truth, corrupted criminals in government are rewarded for their crimes more often than not and justice is rarely served

    1. And coming back as demons from the netherworld. Every day these guys spend too much time trying to out stupid each other. There is way too much hate in the GOP.

    2. @Mary Elizabeth they got high on trolling with Trump for 4 years, now they can’t get the same high because we’re used to their dumbassery…

    3. You say that, but they hold most of the local positions that get to redistrict and suppress votes. There are states right now that would require more than 60% of all the votes to go Democrat just to get an even amount of representation.

    4. @Verse it is what it is for now. Let’s not forget Colorado and New Mexico flipped blue in the past 10 years, Arizona and Georgia this year, North Carolina and Texas are turning more blue daily. The GOP can try to force America to stay how it is, but slowly more people are waking up to a century of reliable republican recessions.

    5. @Verse Your right…. but like an old proverb says “The cheat always lies at the feet of the cheated.” The same crooks again tried to stop the opponent’s voters in our last elections and failed to win the House, the Senate and the Presidency. They are now getting even more desperate, and thus more blatant in their cheating. Crooks will always be with us, but our country has proven many times it’s people are by majority intelligent and have a true sense of justice.

    1. They’ll break him out, or charge Biden and Harris with BS to try to strike back. They don’t believe in law and order, unless the order is to destroy America…

    1. Imo….by LAW it is….but it’s POLITICAL and TRUMP has proven political LAW and RACISM is a different LAW with a HIGHER threshold….IMO

  2. When it’s time to look for actual election fraud, Republicans try to change the constitution to prevent consequences for the people that actually committed election fraud.

    1. @By the way Prove it zippy. Interesting how there is no fraud in all of the other races on the ballot, only the one where your hero lost.

    2. @By the way Examples? But yes it’s snakes on both sides duh! This is about how there is proof someone is guilty but the rules are trying to be changed so he can’t be prosecuted. That’s more despicable than getting off on a technicality.

      It’s the truth you hate to read so you have to come up with a reason to disqualify what I have to say based on my age so you won’t have to *face the facts* sad. God bless you

      I’m an adult by the way. That’s all you need to know.

    1. Yes, they have lost their moral compass. Might as well go ahead and change their party name to Rethuglicans (yours) or Repugnants, (mine). Utterly nauseating bunch of Rats for Don the Con.

  3. Pennsylvania’s David Ball pretty much summed up the GoP – “We did not send him there to do the right thing or whatever he said he was doing. We sent him there to represent us.”
    Meaning, the GoP *do not* represent the people, only themselves.

    1. Toome essentially ignored THE population center in PA. So he absolutely never cared about representing Philadelphia.

    2. This guy Ball who represents the GOP is why in 2016 I left the party. They do not represent the real people. They put self interest in front of country and as a war veteran I could never support any of them anymore.

    1. Is the only thing this dude on MSNBC can think or talk about Trump? Trump lives rent-free in his mind, huh? Sad.

    2. Bwhahahahahaha…………..
      The Most popular Elected President in history had to have 25,000 troops to protect him on inauguration Day?
      Something wrong with that Picture Bro!
      Trump can draw 50,000 at a rally and the Democrats couldn’t even draw 15 people. Only the Fake Media!
      You commies have ruined this Republic!

    1. @Lucas crowe Pause…another comment…hit repeat…”stop the steal!”pause…another comment…hit repeat…”The election was stolen”. Pause…another comment…..Kind of like a cult

    2. @weantoine protesting there was election fraud makes you a cultist lol. Democrats cried election fraud for 4 years so i guess there a cult also.

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