Parade Of Trump-Tied Criminal Cases Marches On 1

Parade Of Trump-Tied Criminal Cases Marches On

The Donald Trump political era did not produce only one, big criminal event that ensnared a large number of associates, but instead horrified Americans with an astounding number and diversity of criminal cases from his business, his campaign, his inauguration, his administration, even his followers, in ongoing federal cases stemming from the January 6th riot.
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  1. I imagine it’s just getting started. Rudy is going down and since Trump burned him, guess who probably has tapes.

    1. @Stephen Kershaw If he keeps drinking like he does at his age and he will not be long for this earth or he will become homeless or both.

    2. @Stephen Kershaw I once sat beside a multimillionaire back in the 1970’s in a Montreal Bar at the bar……and he had been an Big Executive who just lost his job and all his money…I happened to be really enlightened in my youth and I told him it may be a long way to fall but drinking ain’t the I chugged down a beer and drank for the next 35 years pretty solid until I had to quit. 20years ago and kept working hard and retired recently with means. If I Had only listened to my youthful self. might have been better off but enough to live comfortably without booze is Excellent. They all fall the ones who cannot and won’t quit, they are like Don Quixote charging windmills. Look at Rudy of La Mancha!

  2. Can’t wait for homies criminal march into prison!! He’ll be proud of the media coverage!!

  3. A good representation of Trumps associates. His campaign chairman, his political advisor Roger Stone, his chief strategist and con man Steve Bannon the man behind the Build the wall fund who was taking the donations for himself.

    1. @Robert Genson Especially the Russian Mafia, and Putin.
      Not to mention various terrorist groups around the world that he has done business with against US Laws.

    1. What’s really funny to think about is the fact that all the politicians you like are just as nefarious as Trump. We just cope and try and rationalize that they aren’t but in reality they are more evil than Trump because unlike him they have the country gas-lit that they are good.

      I’ll always take the enemy who is up front and honest about what they are rather than the ones who masquerade as sheep. Don’t let them dupe you.

    2. By @Jerd Maclean ‘s logic everyone is an “evil enemy” to be distrusted, because they are human and have personal and social agendas.
      Wonder what “Jerd”(‘s) agenda is

  4. isn’t it incredible how trump’s entire business model is based on absolute corruption which corrupts absolutely???

  5. Stable Genius is a perfect mix of stupidity and corruption.
    No wonder he’s the leader of the republican party!

    1. Who made him leader? He holds no office and the only power he has is whatever his sycophants give him, yet he’d sacrifice all of them without hesitation if it would give him any real power.

    2. @s10m0t10n The fact that they follow him. What makes a dog a leader of a dog pack.
      Look, it just means they are all dumb, not just him

  6. It seems like Trump followed the same path as two other abysmally failed leaders – Nixon & Hitler

    1. @AwakeAmericanow. Yes the USA is negatively effecting the world, and there is going to be backlash. There are over 75 million americans that support Don the Con. There are 330 million americans.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if 1/3rd of americans support Trump. So there is literally near 100 million delusional Americans that easily fall prey to this con artist. This isn’t good for the rest of the world.

    2. @AwakeAmericanow. it’s the negative side o free speech. And the wealthy being able to get away with anything in America.

    3. @Robert C. Christian But it can be remedied. It staggers me that an ex-president, an influential and in the eyes of many, a powerful man is allowed to spread misinformation which is tearing social cohesion to shreds. Do you not have laws in America which requires people to prove the veracity of false and harmful information?

  7. Trump has (for good reason) been known as Don the Con his entire life. Yet people dedicate themselves to him and declare, “I trust this orange joker with my life! My kid’s lives too!”
    What are you thinking??

    1. We know what the liberal progressive agenda is, Rather take a chance on Trump and freedom to choose than be made a slave to society by Biden… society ain’t all that great to begin with…

  8. When Nixon touted Law and Order, Nixon fell into Crime and Order. When Trump touted Law and Order, the Order part never applied. Trump was always about Chaos. So when his regime failed on the law part which of course predates in inauguration, Trump spent four years wallowing in Crime and Chaos.

    1. Have you been keeping up with anything. Have you not been seeing the chaos in the USA today? Or are you blind as well? Our economy is in panic mode. Fuel shortages for airlines and cars, I had a major gas station not too far from me bone dry on a major corner by a highway. Buddy, I’ve only seen the chaos triple. And it’s not getting better. What about the border crisis Biden and kamala are not even doing anything about?

      Don’t even make me mention the footage of illegal immigrants being ferried around the USA. They’re illegal because we have laws to keep them out so we can have honest, acclimated and productive legal immigrants.

  9. Seems a lot of Donald’s associates seem to end up wearing a GPS tracker, must be the latest fashion accessory in their elite circle.

    1. People convinced of Jan 6th felonies will be throwing away their right to vote and their 2nd amendment rights but they sure stopped that steal

  10. The best people. Tremendous people. People like you wouldn’t believe. People tell me that they are the best people.

  11. Dressed like a cartoon villain! LOL. Wow, that sucked the wind out of me. Rodger stone is a cartoon villain.

  12. The worst thing is…all of them suffered no real consequences. They are still rich, still free and living their lives. While poor people would have been thrown in prison and forgotten.

  13. The phrase, “Only the best people” will go down in history with, “Mission accomplished”

  14. The world’s most corrupt leader and administration of a country was during Trump’s reign! He brought nothing but shame to this once great nation!

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