Paramedic: George Floyd Appeared Unresponsive When They First Arrived On Scene | MSNBC 1

Paramedic: George Floyd Appeared Unresponsive When They First Arrived On Scene | MSNBC


Seth Bravinder, one of the paramedics who treated George Floyd, said that Floyd appeared unresponsive when they first arrived on scene. He also explained that Floyd was in handcuffs, but had "no movement" and wasn't breathing before they attempted to treat him for cardiac arrest. Aired on 04/01/2021.
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Paramedic: George Floyd Appeared Unresponsive When They First Arrived On Scene | MSNBC


    1. @Brian Jones if that demon would not have killed him he would be alive today, but of course demons stick together..

    2. @Smileyrie.yeppoon thank God for you. I cannot believe how inactive and blase these paramedics were. Here in UK its as you describe. No time wasted, no choice, CPR immediately.

    1. @Facts Over Feelings Or basically someone choking you with the weight of their body on top of you with their knee.. also Trump didn’t win the election.

    2. @Facts Over Feelings
      Me: grad degree in abstract math
      undergrad degrees in both chemistry and physics

      you: pro-trump sh!tposter

      Who would sane/intelligent/fact-based people believe?

    3. @Ryan Abbey I know I meant heart attack, when I posted cardiac arrest, I should have said it does not cause a heart attack

    1. @Brian Jones Lol. Taking Fentanyl has nothing to do with high blood pressure Fentanyl has very little impact on blood pressure. And he didn’t resist arrest.

    2. @Brian Jones Or basically someone choking you with the weight of their body on top of you with their knee.. also Trump didn’t win the election.

  1. The footage of Chauvin still kneeling on his neck a full 3 minutes after his heart stopped. My goodness.

    Like the angry husband who is still strangling his wife after she’s already dead.

    1. @James Feldman here’s a thought why was he on the ground handcuffed we are waiting for the reason from y’all

    2. @sir mister because he knew he was dying..he wasn’t hallucinating he was seeing his mama getting that glimpse of his mama.

    3. @Topp F i get it. its very sad. From the video I think George was a good hearted guy. but it is also sad to convict an innocent man of murder who had no intention of murder.

  2. I’m so sad for the witnesses, I wasn’t there but I saw it on television. I felt like a little piece of me died that day….I can’t imagine how the witnesses have been dealing with the incident. Those police officers hurt every single one of the witnesses and many of us who saw it on tv while murdering Mr. Floyd. I believe that Minneapolis should be offering free counseling to them and probably to the jury as well when this concludes!

  3. The man was Dead when EMT’s arrived. He was lifeless he was dead!!!! and chauvin still had his knee on his GD NECK!
    He didn’t even let up as a paramedic tried to find a pulse !

    1. Sounds like they pronounced him dead and proceeded like he was dead. I am underwhelmed by the apparent delay even after the police where out of the picture.

    2. @zaurakdigis Ummmm. As a Paramedic, I’m rather disturbed that one Paramedic checked for a pulse & pupillary action & the other guy just waited in the background to see what he determined, then he walked back to his partner & said he seemed to be in cardiac arrest. This isn’t as if the police had come across the guy in arrest with an unknown downtime. Resuscitation should be started immediately, as just not having a pulse doesn’t mean they’re not potentially salvageable. If we were to go into a scene like that, both Paramedics would go straight up to the Pt, one would start directing a cop to start CPR, removing the shirt & applying the defib pads, while the other made a rapid assessment of whether the patient was breathing & if not, would either start CPR or if a cop or bystander was doing it, would start ventilating the patient using an OP airway & Bag Valve Mask with Oxygen. We would continue CPR while we established what happened, get IV access & start administering Adrenaline & secure the airway using an LMA. CPR would be continued for at least 20 minutes considering this was a witnessed cardiac arrest (ie the patient was conscious & breathing at the start of the police interaction). After going into arrest with no immediate CPR by the cops George Floyd’s outcome wouldn’t have been good, but any further delays in Resuscitation by Paramedics definitely wouldn’t have improved the situation.

    3. @Smileyrie.yeppoon well I hope that is not how it usually goes in the TwinCities. It just seems to me they just went thru the motions with someone they declared dead (not something they can do) and I hope internally EMS services has made remedies. Pretty clear why the city paid millions of dollars in damages. I sincerely hope it was not related to race but rather they thought it was futile but certainly it seems they should have been more aggressive immediately, the delay only compounded the unlikely chance he could be revived. What is up with driving the ambulance 2 blocks to continue emergency procedures? Certainly the paramedics I know are quicker than they where, Minneapolis should certainly review the EMS response. Here the paramedic would be in charge in this city as soon as they are at the scene.

  4. The paramedic having to remove x,cops knee from Floyd’s neck was unbelievable! Like he wanted to make sure he was dead.

  5. those were the weirdest paramedics I had ever seen.
    they did nothing I have seen hundreds of paramedics do when they arrive on a scene.

    1. They knew Floyd was dead. He was not breathing, and had relieved himself. They knew he was not coming back. Not to mention there is an officer kneeling on his neck. He was gone

    2. @mrscorie any CPR professional who turns up to a cardiac arrest/asystole patient and says “oh theyre gone” and delays the protocol response is in grave breach of their Code of Conduct and can be struck off. In UK anyway.

    3. @Lady Scholar if you have worked in the industry long enough, sadly you know when a person has passed on.

    4. @Vidal Mcneal I have and I do, but still was required to follow protocols. Let me give you an example. I ran on an auto-ped (car hit a person) with CPR in progress by bystanders when we arrived. The person had no pulse and it appeared pooling had already started (but it could have been bruising from the vehicle). We hooked up the monitor and had an asystole rhythm, we pushed an IO to give cardiac meds anyway. Because of the age of the patient and the extreme nature of the scene, we still had to call for an okay to transport although there was nothing we could do. We got the okay to pronounce en route to the hospital. Protocols may differ slightly by agency, but in a pronouncement, they are pretty regulated.

    1. I love to hear from experts offering their professional advice and enlightening others with their intimate knowledge of the subject at hand.
      You certainly don’t qualify.

  6. so both paramedics turned up but going by what they have stated they weren’t in any urgency jeezo one didn’t even go over to the patient,,,,,if both had stated they couldn’t be arsed at the time they would probably come across as more believable ,,,,,does anyone else find there evidence kinda disturbing for an emergency responder in a life or death situation

  7. When Floyd was screaming for his life, ” I can’t breathe” and subdued, the resisting excuse went out the window. Chauvin wouldn’t get his knee off Floyd’s neck, even after he was dead, and the paramedics showed up. That’s murder.

  8. It appears these two paramedics should have asked the female emt on scene, “What should we do?” This is unbelievable.

    1. If there was 1 more EMT the final decision could’ve been called from en experienced EMT and transport the patient but unfortunately they acted poor impression but from a former EMT i understand why cause one of said “it felt an unwelcoming scene ” which the police was no help cause it’s them who done wrong at the scene chauvin was really eager to put him there.

    2. The onduty first responders governed their actions by cues given to them, by the law enforcement on scene. This is something that will not come out in trail. If the truth is known, by the general public, this summer will make last summer look the birth of christ. Hush now.

  9. I was always surprised that the EMTs didn’t start chest compressions even upon discerning George Floyd didn’t have a pulse. I just thought they always did. My dad died instantly at home, yet when the paramedics showed up, they worked on him all the way to the hospital and didn’t declare him “dead” until about 45 minutes later.

    1. I’m very surprised also. Cardiac arrest is an emergency you jump to action straight away minutes are precious, there is always a palpable feeling of urgency and resulting action to resucitate in any unexpected asystole situation. The ambulance team here are incriminating themselves. I also think the senior paramedic involved should have taken the place of the junior on the stand.

    2. “ Attempts were made to restart his heart with chest compressions, establishing an airway and electric shock, but he did not recover. ”

    3. Maybe he could have had the officer moved out of the way instead of keeping his knee on his neck.

  10. This is incriminating for these paramedics. CPR IMMEDIATELY when signs of life absent….there is no choice in it.

  11. One main thought, that really sticks with me is…..Four Police Officers, an unruly crowd, and one big guy….The police said,” Floyd is a big guy, they have to control him.” so three Police Officers, hold a man down, that is handcuffed..The crowd is unruly, so they have ONE POLICE OFFICER, Holding back a dozen people….The Paramedics arrive, find out Floyd Dead, Three Police Officers still holding Floyd down…The Paramedics want out of there, because of unnruly crowd, to work on a dead man… The three Police officers have to be told, get off the dead man so we can leave, because of unruly crowd….THAT ONE POLICE OFFICER, CONTROLLING. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE? The first EMT, that testified was helpful, the second had an attitude with Prosecutor, till Defense questioned him…lmao then it was like okay Prosecutor not such a bad person, but that Defense Guy not nice….Even the Supervisor, of Police, Excessive force was not necessary. Chauvin, has to be found guilty of Murder….

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