1. My old hockey coach died from covid because the kid brought it home from school, he was only 50. The grandpa got it as well and died, don’t reopen schools.

    1. Grampas and fifty somethings all have a dose of vax by this point. Risk of severe disease drastically reduced.

  2. Union talking points versus the opposite opinion expressed by every medical scientist in the province.

    1. What union talking point? We want to go back to a normal classroom. But we aren’t asking for high risks to our health to do it.

    2. @David Wood How about “not safe to return until covid zero”. That’s crazy. No medical scientist has or would suggest that as a criteria for returning children to in school learning.

    3. @David Wood She got that idea somewhere. I doubt it’s her own random irrational thought when every medical organization suggests the exact opposite.

  3. No surprise that the unions played a huge role. Sadly Doug Ford has no spine like every other premiere before him. Time for a new party to be created.

    1. Absolutely untrue. All the teachers I know are in the profession for all the right reasons. They give and give and give. Teacher unions are a problem on their own, but teachers themselves are not the problem here.

    2. If teachers keep refusing to go back to work… because “Muh Fee Fees!”… it’s rather simple, stop paying them and let them starve like the rest of schmucks that have been forced out of work because of the Wuhan disaster!

  4. Cases will go up again in the fall and winter, regardless of anything that is done or not done…. It’s called…. FLU SEASON 🤷‍♂️

    1. Dude it’s been over a year and your still confused about COVID being different from the flu? or just choosing to act dumb?

    2. My aunt thought that too. She died of Covid in her sleep. She refused to see a doctor, and only got tested because her employer required it. Don’t be stupid!

    1. Go figure a teachers kid wouldn’t be disciplined enough to wait until mom is off the call. She should be embarrassed

    2. @T-Pain Because being a teacher turns her children in to robots or something? What warped thought process do you operate on? I could say your own upbringing didn’t teach you much about behaving appropriately. , but you don’t have an excuse at this point, being an adult yourself, and coming up with nonsensical self-righteous statements like that. Children are human beings, with minds of their own, imagine them exercising those rights and crossing very normal boundaries. Please refrain from being a parent, if you think its all going to go your way. I’d pity your offspring.

  5. And the teachers get paid for staying home stop paying school taxes we will all save a pile of money

  6. You can social distance all you want at school but it won’t help. As a school bus driver I can tell you that when we arrive at the school, kids are in the aisle with barely a foot between them ready to get off the bus. One driver to over 40 kids, makes it pretty impossible to implement any distancing! So sorry teachers but what you’re doing is a waste of time and money – damage (if there truly is any among children) has already been done! There is a 99% recovery rate. Let’s all smarten up and help the kids to be critical thinkers as well, and let them get back to their studies and their friends!

  7. They only care about the teachers and their union. The students are at the end of the list of their concerns

    1. Thats not true at all. I don’t understand why you guys get your rocks off attacking teachers.

  8. This mother just wants day care for her kids like every other working parent with young children. All of you drag teachers through the mud, then cry when schools aren’t open and you have to take care of your kids all day.

    1. Parents want an immersive educational environment with trained educational staff that they pay for – i.e. publically funded schools – as we are seeing that the virtual debacle is not working for most kids academically, psychologically, or emotionally. I’m not saying that teachers are to blame, but all our children’s hospitals and the Society of Pediatricians in Ontario are saying in-class can and should be safe regionally, and that we are looking at major, long-term/permanent damage to a growing number of kids. We will pay hard for that in 10 years if we don’t start tending to our children’s needs now somehow.

  9. so wait were going to see cases go up cause schools open like notice cases never go up when Walmart, Costco or any big names are open but when schools and small businesses open all of a sudden cases surge

  10. The teacher is getting paid to do nothing …not surprised she agrees with keeping schools closed . After all teachers and students been dropping like flies from the chiness virus. ..right ?….

    1. We’re still teaching. My days aren’t shorter and often they’re longer. This virtual teaching sucks.

  11. Teachers have to be the most useless contributers to society now, they produce uneducated students that hate themselves and all of society, not to mention being intellectually stunted.

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