Parents Sue Arkansas Governor, Lawmakers, Over Mask Mandate Ban 1

Parents Sue Arkansas Governor, Lawmakers, Over Mask Mandate Ban


Children are headed back to school in Arkansas this month, where coronavirus infections, hospitalizations, and deaths are skyrocketing. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson now says he regrets signing a bill prohibiting local governments from enacting mask mandates and could protect children in classrooms. Veronica McClane, one of two parents suing the Governor over the mask mandate ban, says, “We have to stop playing political games and put the lives of our children at the forefront of this pandemic.”
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  1. The best comment ever about the republican cult, Darwin was right. Republicans will not have the slightest idea what he was talking about, they are the proof of his words

  2. With such a coward of a governor who won’t take a stand , Arkansas is toast. Corvid-19, poverty and Republicans are deadly combinations

    1. Brother I really wanted to join the foray of armchair politico/economic analysts, but instead…
      we have had a lot of division lately Trump Vs. Anyone for the last 6 years, BLM drew some hard lines among family friends and co workers, shut downs, not to mention how often the the story is changing in regards to Covid (look up the definition of vaccine, we do not have one). Kids were claimed to be unaffected when this legislature went into effect. We SHOULD be responsible enough as American adults to communicate and wear a mask when needed and enjoy unobstructed breath when all is good, If we need laws to figure this out then maybe a 100,000 deaths will get our attention.

    2. @Jeremy Backup we aren’t in hospitals sick because of no vaccines like your liberal leaders are saying so Biden and the rest are lying too. No mask mandate or vaccine mandates will be tolerated. Mind your own medical business liberal

  3. To hold political corporate power in the American experiment, people’s lives are irrelevant and secondary!

    1. And that’s very apparent every time desantis opens his mouth. I know this is Arkansas but I’m using Florida as an example.

    2. @B Well Becoming apathetic is no excuse….!!!! The experiment is supposed to be a nation of the people, for the people, by the people. But it is brazenly clear, that people aren’t in outrage!

    3. @Nola you do understand everyone is being forced to focus on Florida yet their death rate is the middle of the pack. New jersey for example is number one yet we hear nothing. Quit listening to the morons on tv regardless of the channel

    1. @Pierre Evans “Leadership: Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible.”
      – Donald Trump

    1. @Rian Draegon Yeah, what happened to separating religion from state? Some of these, maybe most or all right wing evangelical Christian pastors and their congregations, are completely insane. They are a danger to our society and our world.

    2. Raising kids to accept science experiments and muzzling their face is child abuse you baby killers

    3. It shows just how important they really are when you come down to the lives of people, especially children. Politics and religion always get in the way of human rights and choice.

    1. @frog mann fascist leftist is an oxymoron. I think you mean commy leftist. A fascist wants a single authoritarian leader, say like Trump. That’s not what the leftists are after.

    2. I drove through Arkansas back in early 2000. It’s was beautiful even though I never got out of the car. You couldn’t pay me to drive through that place again now though!!

    3. @Carrie Murphy dropping like flies where? Have you even looked at the death rates? Jesus it’s like you don’t know how to think unless you hear some moron on tv say it first. 15 died yesterday in Arkansas with a 7 day average of 19. You are falling for this nonsense and looking ignorant.

    4. @BigBoogookie lol apparently you don’t know what that word means. They are preventing you from being forced to do something. You are free to choose to do it if you want. Jesus wake up.

  4. There should be consequences to the Republican gaslighting, both in the next election and in court. It has cost many thousands of lives already and many could follow.

  5. Isn’t it kinda weird that it’s the 21st century and a parent has to tell other parents “It’s our responsibility as adults to protect our children?”

    1. Because it is Our responsibility, not the States responsibility. Nothing is stopping these people from putting on a mask just because of this ban.

    2. @ExposingMiLabs That may be true, but parents that would insist that their children not wear a mask when indoors with others during a pandemic should be charged with child endangerment. Penalties may vary significantly state to state, but when based on actions that expose their children to risk to their health or death can be severe.

    3. @ExposingMiLabs There’s no excuse for this much ignorance after a year and a half of the pandemic. I wear a mask to protect others, it doesn’t protect me that much. Can I start running red lights and not be punished? After all, it’s our responsibility to act safely, not the state’s.

    4. It’s really sad, but a lot of parents today secretly see their kids not as people, but as commodities. They want a few kids like some people want a house and 2 cars. Because they see them as commodities, parents see them as replaceable. They think if one dies, they can simply have more. So they are not putting their children’s safety first. They want schools open and no masks because that’s 6 hours of free baby sitting and they don’t want to have to keep up with or buy masks regularly. That’s what cold and uncaring people do to a society. It makes me sad.

  6. He will have to answer for it. We need to pull kids out in huge numbers and fast. I homeschool mine already but if anyone needs help virtually teaching theirs, I’ll help you. Free of charge.

  7. Why would any government issue a law to forbid individual communities requiring people to wear masks!

    1. @marlon B then people like yourself should be arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor along with the state politicians that voted for this law and the governor that signed it.

    2. @Nola these anti maskers love to talk about their “freedom” while completely ignoring anyone else’s right to freedom. such as the freedom not to catch a possibly fatal disease from some asshat that won’t wear a mask or get vaccinated…

    3. @marlon B Yes people should have the right and freedom to do what they want. As long as your actions do not endanger me! If you want to go to parties and visit friends without wearing a mask, go ahead. But if you come into my store, you better be wearing a mask. I will be wearing a mask and that Will protect you. Your not wearing a mask will endanger me if you happen to carry the virus! Wearing a mask shows that you care about other people!

    4. @Robert Johnson you sound like me. So tired of selfish people who can’t wear masks to get this under control. Lying about the vaccine is another selfish act.

  8. I have always said a Republican would cut their own throat for a chance to stain a Dems shoes. This is a sad conformation of that hypothesis.

    1. @Jimmy Rankdo what you got to do but make sure you create a will so people know what to do with your stuff when you die from covid

    2. @Jimmy Rank You do realize that thousands of healthcare workers would have to be in on it for that to be true. No, you don’t realize it. Working next to a hospital doesn’t mean you know what’s going on inside and maybe it’s not one of the harder hit hospitals. Definition of a stupid person: I know I’m right and nothing can change my mind. Definition of a smart person: I’m pretty confident in what I know about a subject but I’ll keep an open mind because there’s always more to learn. Guess which one you are, Jimmy.

    1. The mental abuse the media and these politicians have put these kids through and the child abuse of the parents muzzling their kids.
      Maskers need to be wiped off the planet.
      Stop muzzling your kids.
      You are preparing them to have no autonomy and to be obedient slaves.

    2. The Republicans don’t care about peoples lives. They just want to cater to the morons who believe putting a mask on unconstitutional and getting the vaccine is akin to devil worship. But worse than that they just the love the lunatics that deny that Covid19 is even real. I hope these ladies overturn this dumb law.

    3. @Deejay lol why do you worry so much. If you got the vaccine you should be safe right? And kids are at the bottom of the list when it comes to infections. There is zero science for masking kids

  9. I see what’s going on, only until their children get hospitalised do they act, shows how selfish a lot of republicans & their voters are, exceptional Americans, these people will sacrifice their entire family to cult of trump.

    1. Trump is vaccinated, so at this point, they’re not following Trump, and I don’t like the guy. These unvaccinated people are just ridiculous. What rationale is there for choosing to get the virus rather than the vaccine?

    2. They hate the “corrupt democrats” but support thier Reps who are morally bankrupt. They vote against thier own best interests all the time due to horrible rhetoric and misinformation. I can’t imagine how this can ever be remedied.

  10. I hope they win and get speedy justice. Saying stuff, “was going to happen anyway,” is the worst excuse for abandoning principles. Down with the Anti-American GOP.

  11. Just another Republican not fit to hold office, don’t make that mistake again Arkansas. God be with you all.

  12. The governor has a grin on his face. IT’S NOT FUNNY OR AMUSING FOR THE DEAD AND THEIR FAMILIES!!!

    1. @Carrie Murphy I thought that too. He was grinning and smirking like a little kid who got caught being naughty.

    2. That annoyed me, too. He does that in every video I’ve seen of him, much like Mitch McConnell. They might be related…

    3. 100% behind you. However, my jaw dropped when he admitted he was wrong. I’m in AR right now, I’m in a state of shock that Asa admitted he was wrong.

    4. Haha but cuomo killing 15 thousand old people and not a peep. Spare me with your fake outrage. No one buys it anymore.

  13. Party that doesn’t want “big government” telling people what to do: tells smaller governments what they should do.

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