Parnas Adds Bill Barr’s Name To Ukraine Plot | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Parnas Adds Bill Barr's Name To Ukraine Plot | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Boy, I sure hope billy barr will face consequences when he is no longer AG. I wish for a congressional investigation into his personal conduct in all of this. And of course he needs to be disbarred immediately.

  2. William Barr is everything an actual lawyer *isn’t* supposed to be.
    A real-life “Winston Payne”.
    Time to drag him into court…

    1. Puttentane Same Democrats use criminals for witnesses, and MSNBC/CNN hires fired leakers and liars as “analysts”. 🤣

    1. If President Pelosi pardons ANYONE out of this, I am gonna be SO unforgiving.
      Signed, American citizen and co-owner of the only country with a constitution that gives ownership to the people.

    1. Vee Brown because our government is broken. Pelosi has no power if the party in power ignores or condones misbehavior.

    2. @Donee Stoner – They weren’t Rudy’s cronies, any more than Johnny Cochran was a co-murderer with OJ. They were his clients

    3. @kalumnist Youre either naive, stupid or complicit as they obviously were WAY more than Giuliani’s clients.

    1. How can security protect you when it’s not there, away from its post, during an unprecedented failure of the cameras, during an unprecedented total power failure.

  3. Barr is Trump’s legal lackey. This entire administration is an international embarrassment and they all deserve imprisonment.

    1. Reverend Al Sharpton was an Informant,Confidentia; Informant Number Seven.Maybe the FBI contacted Reverend Al Sharpton and ask him to infiltrate the Donald Trump Campaign.

  4. They should be impeaching Barr right now. They need to get him out as he is the one most responsible for helping obstruction of Congress.

  5. I would be curious how much foreign influence money is being pumped into the RNC warchest. Might explain why GOP’S are so pro russian.

    1. @Alice Putt One of Epstein’s guards did not die in a car accident. However, last November the two guards – Tova Noel and Michael Thomas – were charged by a federal grand jury with conspiracy and filing false records in connection with the Epstein case.The FBI is currently investigating a possible “criminal enterprise” involving Epstein’s alleged suicide.’

    2. Ah yes, just like in the Godfather Part ll when Tom Hagen visits Frank Pentangeli while in custody just as he’s about to make a plea deal. Hagen the family consigliere, counsels Pentangeli to commit suicide rather than rat out the family which he does. Hmmm 🤔

  6. GOP Deflection: he is just trying to help himself.

    Denial of facts. Criminal operation in the WH. Sad times for America. Thanks Moscow Mitch and all your traitor cronies. Sell outs.

    1. Have been duped by their own I hope it was out of a fit of Madness and not intentional.74% believe their should

  7. All should be ” Branded as TRAITORS ” Never To Be trusted For Any Reason ” No jobs in government Never No More !!! Never to practice law !!! Lose licences !!!!

  8. “Where’s Barr?”
    “Behind bars!”
    “Barr’s behind bars? Hey…that’s got a nice ring to it.”

    1. Forget the ring, get Barr his bracelets. Make sure Nancy is in the room eyeballing him when they’re slapped on his wrists, for the luls.

  9. Barr is Trumpolini’s “Consigliere” or “Capo”. They’re a Mafia family now.
    R.I.C.O. indictments are coming for Barr, Trumpolini and Ghouliani.

    1. Quadir Mayo ….RICO Rudy, Billybehind Barr, Perfectcall Pence and🐷snorty colluded to subvert the Constitution

    1. brian bowes… Bull. That was his initial “statement”. Even though a statement, may be construed as an opinion based on a fact, it is also something, that someone says or writes, “officially”. Everything Sondland said was corroborated by 12 other witnesses. By the way, trolling makes your brain, fart. You are the perfect example.

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