Partial Building Collapse Near Miami Leaves At Least One Dead 1

Partial Building Collapse Near Miami Leaves At Least One Dead


NBC's Kerry Sanders reports as search and rescue efforts are underway after a building partially collapsed near Miami. At least one person has died and officials will be briefing on the situation later today.

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Partial Building Collapse Near Miami Leaves At Least One Dead


  1. DeSenseless being more more focused on “CRT” rather than his state’s infrastructure and safety says all about his incompetence. Vote him OUT next year FL!

    1. @Happy I knew it wouldn’t take very long till Somebody went to the Trump angle your obsession is ridiculous

    2. Building codes are a local government issue. The current Democrat mayor even worked with the housing issue after Andrew came through and exposed the shoddy work of buildings constructed in the 80s. She knew they were a problem. Why haven’t the Democrat local government ensured buildings constructed in the 80s are up to code?

    1. and that does what for the situation other then make you feel good that you say that? you think they will see your comment?

    1. @hjimenez26 Drumpf (Yes, that’s his REAL last name) LOST twice… he was impeached twice… he’s been married Four times… he has Seven Bankruptcies… over 4200 lawsuits… he is a Total Failure.

    2. @Gabe West And which party’s deregulation and corruption allowed the property owner to get away with not doing his job? The GOP. Because according to them, regulation is bad and the free market will sort out all problems.

    3. Wow. I was not aware there were this many stupid people on yt. Thanks for making yourself noticeable

    4. BOTH Surfside and Miami Dade are Democrat run… has been since this building was constructed back in the 80’s … So what’s your point? Oh right, you don’t actually know anything so it doesn’t matter.

  2. America is going third-world fast. This is a residential structure. Wait for roads and bridges to go the same way. Infrastructure, anyone? Ohhh, no… not happening. Mitch McConstipation is blocking absolutely everything…

    1. I love when people exaggerate in comments loaded with hyperbole for attention. Nothing in this comment is informed

    2. Landlord , or Owners are not made to keep up the properties they just want money . I live in Miami Florida, and my building has so much instructual damage that you can see the mental when I walk out my front door and all they do is put plaster over it to cover up the metal l . I am on the second floor and sometimes it feel shaky . I have complain and taken pictures but the laws are not for the teanets .

    3. @Gwendolyn Williams But it’s worth meantioning because I am in Miami Florida, were the side of a condo collapsed and people are missing so excuse us for not staying on what you want to talk about . It’s always the intittle ones .

    1. @MrBrokeBoy 6000 I noticed that your profile pic looks like some sort of Rainbow are you, you know like Neil Patrick Harris

    2. You are so correct . I live here and they mostly Republicans, who don’t believe in anything but Trump .

    1. @Jf H Yes, I know what a scapegoat is and I never said it was that one guy’s fault. I am also pretty sure when they began to look at the previous inspections of that building the truth will come out. I bet there were also was signs of deterioration of that building that could be seen visually with the naked eye prior to it even coming down.

    2. @Pamela Vanzant its not me, that is what they said on the report. and it does make sense if you think about it. they have to deal with each tennent as they go. inspecint each apartment, every wire, pipe, support beam. such inspections can take days, even weeks on a 3 bedroom house depending on the house and inspection. now, do the math and try to understand that when you have such a large building, it takes time to inspect it. unless of coarse you have hundreds of inspectors on the job. but, they dont.

    3. Listen some of them are paid I’m in Miami, and we don’t even have fire extinguisher and haven’t had them for years ,so my husband got us one for inside our apartment .

    1. Exactly….these buildings are built to withstand Cat 5 hurricanes…..and they have.

      This was not a structural failure….anyone who believes otherwise is completely void of any rational sense.

    2. @Stefan Schleps Oh…I see….because of partisanship people seemed to have lost any ability to use critical thinking.

      Ocean front buildings do not just fall in on themselves.

    3. The corrupt contractors have already been exposed. We went through this already after Andrew went through. Building codes got tougher after that. Don’t buy buildings constructed before 1993.

    4. @Sarah Brown No because of partisanship, people are finally ‘WAKING’ up, and it’s only the beginning!

    1. FL has plenty of governmental regulation pursuant to building safety. This is an aberration that can and does happen throughout the US and the world. We can’t know what went wrong here yet but your comment is uninformed to say the least.

    2. @R S I agree that there is plenty of regulation. My point is that the building likely did not collapse because of lack of regulation, rather an aberration or bad building inspector. Most people on the thread are saying that the Republican distaste for regulation is what caused this. I work every day with real estate developers so my opinions are not based on political opinion, rather from direct contact with people who actually build the structures.

    3. They just had an inspector there they day before, ha ha. Don’t you listen? Obviously not. You government fools just blow my mind on a daily basis.

    1. I saw the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing! I cried! What a horrible sight and a sick human being for doing that!

    2. Same here! It was my first thought, but I have not heard any reports of an explosion. Hoping for the best. This is a horrible structural failure

  3. Get used to this people, concrete and steel bridges, roads and buildings have a finite life. And GOP GREED will keep them from being inspected…

    1. Good point but good luck getting both parties to agree on anything even if it’s on infrastructure.

    2. Both Surfside and the county it resides in (Miami Dade) are run by Democrats. so not sure how GOP greed has anything to do with anything. An inspector was there yesterday, but they only looked at the roof. Since something like this has literally NEVER happened before it’s not something they were looking at. Perhaps now that this is a known issue, regulations should be updated to check the Foundations more thoroughly and maybe oceanfront property should be checked every 30 years instead of every 40 years.

    3. @RiverRockPhotos The City of Surfside AND the county it’s in, Miami Dade are BOTH run by Democrats. Federal regulations DON”T cover things like this, local regulations do. Why? LA doesn’t need to Hurricane proof and Miami doesn’t need to Earthquake proof. How does the deregulation that got you cheap airfare and free long distance calls have ANYTHING to do with a Building collapse?

    1. We really don’t blame things that dont make sense. It’s not the liberal left, like you guys that blame everything on THE CAPITALIST and THE COPS.

  4. This wasn’t built yesterday. It’s built on sand, on an eroding beach front. Plus, concrete degrades over time with exposure to salt. Enough said.

    1. It collapsed from the top down.

      There isn’t a single person who knows anything about structural engineering that is buying this story.

    2. Exactly, that’s why all those buildings in Florida are all collapsing… EXCEPT THAT THEY’RE NOT… This was a one time fluke.

    1. Ha ha … people who think that the name of the bill reflects the contents. Totally naive (aka MSNBC viewers).

  5. Everyone and anyone involved with the construction of that building needs to be investigated.
    And any projects they were part off needs to be checked.
    That is some shoddy work there.

  6. This sounds like a third world catastrophe, what the heck is going on in Florida? This is just the start because the GOP don’t care about our infrastructure or about regulations.

  7. Florida: “Regulations are stupid”
    Floridians: “Yeah regulations are stupid!”
    also this…

    1. They have at least 2,000 pages of building codes. “2020 Florida Building Code, Building, 7th Edition” MSNBC viewers are the most uninformed people in the USA. Mind boggling.

    2. @robotron17 there is also 2000 pages for residential building code, taht is separate _ about 2000 pages for ADA, energy conservation and rehab
      for GC exam you have more than 18000 pages of code and regulation

    3. @Dragan Nikolic The government always tells us freedom is to blame, so they need more power. It’s such a transparent power-grab, and so obviously factually wrong … how does anyone believe it?

    4. @robotron17 they believe it, because same goverment convince them that they are uncapable to care about themselves…. people who have slave mentality adore slaveholders, because they give them security,safety adn “future”….

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