1. McConnell has two halves of a brain: ‘left’ and ‘right’.
    In the left side, there’s nothing right.
    In the right side, there’s nothing left.

    1. wen the southern district of new york gets through with rump there wont be anything left of him since the got hold of his tax records and other evidence they re building against him.

  2. GOP aren’t interested in governing.
    Only interested in power.
    “When some tells you who they are, believe them”

    1. I think it works both ways. The democratic party are just as human as the Republican party. People crave power no matter what the polity is

    2. @Dr. Yaple Let’s be clear: Democrats stand for Democracy and Improving everyone’s lives. GQP believes in Fascism and making everyone hate each other.

    3. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords : Let’s see. Democrats are out to destroy women’s sports, the 2nd amendment, and have a huge mess on the southern border. Not to mention lowering those increases in federal taxes clear down to the $400,000 people instead of just the millionaires and billionaires. Now we have gas prices going up on a daily basis. How is that improving people’s lives ?

  3. Trump already has a note from his doctor to get out of criminal trials:
    Phone Spurs.

  4. The geriatric mutant ninja turtle saying the loud stuff even louder. I predict BLUE skies in the forecast for years to come.

    1. @deb Honestly it looks like Biden has been shifting the tax burden upward, toward the people who have more money. It’s a good strategy, are you familiar with what the economists call ‘marginal propensity to spend’?

    2. @deb …..As opposed to a party that has been stagnant and only interested in the rich becoming even richer at the expense of the rest of society. Honestly it’s about time a party came to power that thinks about compassion and empathy for the less well off. Life is too short to be focused on having more “stuff”. It’s people that matter.
      After all who knows when any of us will cross the path of an opportunistic “tRump like” character who will have no hesitation in throwing you into the gutter for his own gain.
      Surely the chaos and blatant criminality of the last four years is a lesson for all.

  5. Cries about no bipartisanship, but outright says he will not cooperate with Biden’s plans.

    1. Mitch is Such a Evil man! I wonder What the plan is, because he really has become Americas most hated man.

    1. They are firmly rooted in a past that no longer exists. The reject science, democracy, social justice, and facts. No, thanks.

  6. Last time Moscow Mitch obstructed a democrat, Merrick Garland came back to haunt him 😂

    1. @Ant Bee So he just surrounded himself with criminals and criminals to do his illegal bidding

  7. So the elephant in the room; Joe Manchin. Does this change his opinion on the filibuster? Well, very simply, it should!!!

  8. “We will become fiscal conservatives again when a democrat wins the Whitehouse!” Moscow Mitch during the 2017 republican spending spree!

  9. I am so glad Dems aren’t playing anymore & finally recognize Republicans are just bad faith actors .

  10. when does Mitch McConnell’s trial start , his family members and he have taken money from big corp. to do their bidding for years

  11. When the GOP redefined the meaning of “facts” on the dirtbag’s very first day in office, they also threw away the slightest illusion of integrity. Everything flows from honesty, and the GOP has proudly displayed that it has absolutely nothing.

  12. It would be ironic if the actual Grim Reaper were to come calling on the “Grim Reaper” from Kentucky since his health has been somewhat problematic.

  13. Just thank Mitch, he gave the green light to act..go ahead and go into it alone and go fast and hard…2 years to get so much done.

  14. Moscow Mitch doesn’t understand that after they remove Liz , they’ll be coming for him next 🧐

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