Party Permit Worries in Jamaica | TVJ News 1

Party Permit Worries in Jamaica | TVJ News


Now as the entertainment sector prepares for a reopening tomorrow the authorities in Saint Catherine in Jamaica say they are doing everything to make it an economic success. However, some promoters are skeptical as they see challenges ahead.

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  1. We c stories every day of people suffering in dire living conditions, poor Healthcare, crime, dilapidated schools and Police Staions yet we are here concern about Party permit. Funny how people can find money to engage in revelry but not on education or helping others. God bless us and hope we will get our priorities straight. I wonder how much revenue is gained from party permits. ?

  2. I think this country is crazy for opening anything. Have u watched the news about varients? Delta or is that just in other countries and yet to be discussed with you officials?
    Sorry dancing and drinking having fun everyone wants, but now isnt the time.
    You will open and shut soon. Just dont think its worth the risk to jamaican people. Life
    Being safe health to all

  3. Apparemment les autorités gouvernementales ne se soucient jamais de ce qui se passera à cause du nouveau variant du virus.

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