'Passion of the Christ' star pushes false QAnon theory 1

‘Passion of the Christ’ star pushes false QAnon theory


CNN's Donie O'Sullivan reports on the false QAnon conspiracy theory pushed by "Passion of the Christ" star Jim Caviezel.

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  1. That’s real compassion by saying “trying to save some f@#king children!” That’s an award winner there!

    1. @reality I’m a Bernie liberal with trans kids and hell yeah, I support them. A lot better than my super Christian ex-boss who kicked his 15 year old son out on the street for being gay.

    2. straight from Gibson’s “Mad Mel” camp…. What more can you say? These two probably working on a “Passion” sequel. LOL!!!

  2. What fascinates me about this is that if you identify yourself and tell them the truth with evidence, they won’t believe you, but if you are anonymous and you say anything you want without proof at all, they will believe anything you say. That is amazing.

    1. @Dan ChanquinI don’t know what happened to it. I may have accidentally deleted it because I always go back and re-read my posts a couple of times and usually have to edit it…another left over problem from my lovely hospital stay that time…lost some oxygen to my brain which causes memory problems plus time and numbers. I actually lost a lot of my early marriage and childhood memories plus my son’s early life as a baby and up to about 4th grade. Sometimes a memory will come back to me, but then the next day I may have forgotten it again. Pictures help. And by the way, I am not a 600lb. woman but I do have many health issues including high blood pressure since I was in my 20’s, arthritis (since my 20’s also), diabetes which I’ve had for 4 years and keep it under control with both diet and meds, but I do not want to be that sick. In 2001, I was that sick, 12 weeks coma, trach, vent, almost 6 months in hospital and when you are that sick, you have a long difficult recovery along with physical therapy to walk again. Frankly, 20 years later, I don’t think I have the emotional or physical ability to come back from covid…if I made it through. Plus, lost my beloved husband, my soulmate in Sept. (not covid…pulmonary embolism) so not sure I would try so hard to recover now. To have covid and live through it, seems to be very difficult plus no one knows the long term effects from this virus. And, I do not want to find out.

    2. @keir farnum I didn’t create a hypothetical patient. I saw it on the news. I also didn’t say that ALL deaths were exactly the same. But the media blames every death on Covid. Why did all causes of death, from Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, alzheimer’s, stroke ect. ect. go down? Will you admit that President Trump was the cause for saving all of these lives?

    3. @Maija Liepa Pleased to meet you too. Do you wanna go out on a date? I have long hair and a beard. But I’m not 33 years old.

    4. @Kitty Vaughn Well, I do feel bad about your health issues and I wish you nothing but the best. But, for you to say that since they don’t know the long term effects of the virus, wouldn’t you also conclude that they don’t know the long term effects of the vaccine?

  3. The building of life is 40 stories high. Caviziel’s
    elevator only goes to floor 12. That’s all he knows and probably all he will ever know.

    1. Mental illness is not the same as low intelligence. Lot’s of intelligent people can believe ridiculous things or be taken in by ridiculous hoaxes. Superstitions are a good example. He deserves compassion just as much as anyone.

    1. He’s from some weird Catholic sect, so he’s naturally predisposed to believe nonsense anyway.

    1. Actually he was one of my favorite actors because of “Person of Interest”, but now I know he is crazy. Well, it’s the director that made him enjoyable.

    1. @Doob Snackz yeah I realise that the ones who talk the most about sex trafficking rings are probably a part of them.

    2. @Doob Snackz I also know that people who claim to concerned about child sex trafficking think that a man who wanted to date his own daughter, and wondered how his infant daughter’s breasts will look like, and is accused of sexual assault by multiple women, and wanted to shoot migrant kids at the border is the divinely chosen man rid us of this child blood drinking society.

  4. Since the older generation is also susceptible to these Q trash theories, we might have to warn our parents just like they warned us like ‘Smoking is a bad habit’.

    1. @van mears dying to the flesh? What does that even mean? Don’t worry old man we will clean up your messes, not like you gave us any other options.

    2. @Samual Terry not true, although there were always Reagan republicans running around because of one thing, GREED….

    1. CNN a freakin liar ! … Also regarding the Officer Brian Sicknick of the US Capitol Police died after suffering two strokes, but there was no evidence of internal or external injuries from the January 6 unrest, the Washington, DC medical examiner has finally revealed.
      CNN made a big PROPAGANDA out of it!

    2. @The Journey Makes sense, but if I was standing in the middle of an outraged mob, I would likely not want to antagonize the guy.

    3. @Deanna I would. Seriously hate intimidation, and that guy wasn’t scary, or that group he was in. Crazy, and I wouldn’t got to sleep without one eye open around anyone in that crowd lest you wake up with them preforming some ritual with you are the center. Insane.
      Now if I was in a crowd of proud boys, or boogaloo boys, etc yea, i would definitely think twice because those guys fantasize about getting to kill for their cause… they are the worst gang in America right now, because they exist in police, military, heck even the government. So they are the scariest of all the gangs to me… as the threaten the core principals our grandfathers all fought to protect… they would throw them away in a second to make sure gay couple couldn’t marry, ie they would follow a dictator if he promised to end gay marriage, that is who they are…v same as the old ideology our nations fought to end across the pond 80 years go…

    4. How do you know.
      How do you not know.
      How do you know that I don’t know.
      How do you not know that I don’t know that you know?
      How do you know that I know that you don’t know that I don’t know that you know?

  5. Did that woman actually have the gall to be offended at being called crazy?? Oh honey, that ship has SAILED! You’re looking at crazy in the rearview mirror!

    1. Actually is never a good idea to call a crazy person crazy to their face nor laugh about their crazy comments because they can become very aggressive and try to attack you, believe me I learn that the hard way.

  6. Karen on the street…..
    Lady, no one is making you look crazy. You’re doing an excellent job of that all by yourself!

    1. @Travel Crawl What about whataboutism? Really, you can’t say something smarter and more relevant than that? You must be a q-anon tool.

    2. @Travel Crawl Let’s keep believing that Matt Gaetz, Gym Jordan and the rest of the “patriot” Gang aren’t capable of such disgusting acts. Oh wait????

    3. CNN a freakin liar ! … Also regarding the Officer Brian Sicknick of the US Capitol Police died after suffering two strokes, but there was no evidence of internal or external injuries from the January 6 unrest, the Washington, DC medical examiner has finally revealed.
      CNN made a big PROPAGANDA out of it!

    4. @Travel Crawl being capable of doing something and doing it arent the same thing. Trump is capable of doing all of those things and worse too.

  7. The dude was so good in “The Count of Monte Cristo.” It’s sad he went down the rabbit hole.

    1. I’m actually just glad to see he’s not a creepy woke marxist. Literally every other wealthy actor is ‘woke’, I like to think the one’s who aren’t actually have real principles and don’t just go along with the creepy woke narrative out of a desperation to stay relevant.

    2. ​@Metatron Omega Woke much? Maybe you should say it some more. Some people might not have heard or read your anti wokeness. Just to be clear, you’re against it right?

    3. @jen sylvestre lol…Of course I’m against it, it’s a creepy doctrine straight out of an episode of the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror.

  8. Donie -“How do you know?”

    Crazy Guy – “How do you not know?”

    Anytime they answer a question with another question they are full of it 😁 😂

    1. It is very strange that anyone trying to support Jims claims is removed from the comment section. Even if this is true which i highly doubt. Its just weird deleting comments. Almost like they are hiding something.

    2. @Brandon Bishop my reply challenging yours got deleted. There is definitely some conspiracy you are upto. Hence you also a part of this satanic ring.

    3. Any time they argue “both of our opinions are equally unprovable — but mine is real” you know they’re full of it.

    4. @Brandon Bishop idk I have no control over the people deleting comments so its kinds weird you’re complaining to me like I can do something about it

  9. Just here for my daily check up on the mindless zombies.

    You guys never disappoint 🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. Man its getting bad aint it. At this point i cant believe anyone would watch CNN. I have to because i have to check ALL sources. This is just insane. along with aggregated comments that exclude any other point of view.

    2. @Brandon Bishop did they make you feel bad about yourself?
      Remember, being stupid is a choice. You can always chose to get educated.

    3. @Brandon Bishop stick to QNN. And Faux News. So that we don’t have to suffer your Bs pretence of looking for sources.

  10. I was told by one of these crazies that I received “the mark of the beast” when I got my Covid vaccine. There was no hope for me now. As far as I’m concerned, they ARE “the beast.” And I’m doing just fine, thank you!

    1. @Elie Sinteur the chances of survival in an accident are 99.98%. so why do you over traffic rules. Drive on any damn side of the road you want.

    2. @Elie Sinteur 99.98% survival rate? One where did you get that figure? Two, how do you explain the COVID mortality rate of 2.2% in USA? Did you take math in School?

    3. People are misinformed. You will not avoid the mark of the beast simple because you have come to your LOGICAL conclusion that a chipset or a vaccine is the mark of the beast. No. It will all come down to WORSHIP. Do you worship God or the Beast and it’s Image?
      It won’t matter as to the scientific/technological journals or research you have studied to avoid the mark of the beast. You WILL receive it anyway if your name is not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Those who WORSHIP God will be sealed with the Holy Spirit and will not receive the mark of the beast.

    1. Yeah, even Jesus has drunk the kool-aid!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Or in this case, Qool-aid!😆😆😆😆

  11. Wait…. They need to make children scared to suck out some fear thing in their chemistry? Thats the plot line of doctor sleep😂

  12. After her first Covid-19 vaccination, my daughter texted me, saying, “Just got my chip implanted. I go back in two weeks so they can download the software.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Fox Headline:
      “Dips Chipped”

      No 666 marks on our foreheads when chips were implanted, only zits.

      PS: Idaho Tech Boom!
      Largest chipmaker digs Idaho, crushes Silicon Valley profits to bits.

      Has fishy Brits eating out of hand.

  13. Imagine reading something like this on Facebook and thinking, “Yeah, that sounds legit”

  14. argh. I actually liked him a lot in person of interest. One of the few tv shows I would rewatch….

  15. I was watching Person of Interest and was on the 3rd season. It was really good and now I am done with it. What a shame that he lost his mind.

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