Past presidents have used times of crisis to unify, Trump using it to inflame tensions: Farnsworth 1

Past presidents have used times of crisis to unify, Trump using it to inflame tensions: Farnsworth


Political Science professor Stephen Farnsworth says U.S. President Donald Trump's response to the George Floyd protests has sparked even more outrage and he's failing to unify the country as past presidents have done in times of crisis.

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    1. @Josef K lol? What’s so funny? The country’s economic suicide – haven’t you heard? Jobs lost; business’s lost; the cost of this will result in higher taxes everywhere – we haven’t felt any real impact yet but we will.

    2. @Tander101 Are you serious? Are you a simpleton? You must be if you see virtue in that simpleton. He’s a con artist saying whatever he thinks will get votes from idiots like you. If you can’t see through him then you are part of the problem and part of the reason we need to break this country up.

    3. Tander101 hate speech laws (this is an infringement on freedom of speech) carbon tax laws, gun ban laws and his lack of understanding financial monetary debit as money broken system. Those are a few reasons I don’t like him.

    4. The only thing he did was legalize marijuana as never looked into the missing indigenous women and children

  1. Somone has to tell this news buttcracks that nobody believes them anymore or any government excuse

    1. Mohamed Hammoud what I’m being presented with is an old boomer professors opinion on current events, it is biased by nature.

  2. Past Presidents have also done nothing to help the situation and use times of crisis to get re-elected

    1. @Lee C “declare marshal law and postpone the election” these conspiracy theories are next level nutty, yikes.

    2. @Benchmark City I did not see Joe Biden mentioned in that comment. Do you usually see and hear things that are not there?

    3. @Koal Kottentail It’s called correlation. Lee C is insinuating that Trump is causing this because he wants to postpone the election in fear of loosing. Seeing as Biden is his opposition Benchmark City is merely citing the stupidity in her logic. Did that really need explaining SMH.

    1. Nope! The Dems are having a field day! They are the dictators. No matter what President Trump does, they will ALWAYS FIND FAULT WITH HIM. They are such hypocrites! When they do wrong, it’s acceptable.

  3. Lets be honest
    These news channels want this and every situation to get worst for their ratings
    Peace is bad for business

    1. Your saying all theses news channels care only for the views not the situation your kinda right

  4. Trump’s administration is doing the right things. With crimes: tolerance zero! You guys, please shut up.

  5. You’re supposed to report the news, not create click bait titles with your own political bias attached to it

    1. Nigel Abat The title was a quote and the name of the person who made the statement quoted. That doesn’t indicate bias. The content was commentary, not reporting, so no one was pretending the speakers had no point of view.

  6. I’m so proud of the viewers who knows that this video is pure BS. look at the like and dislike ratio!

  7. “Past presidents have used times of crisis to unify” and it never lasts or it never works, let’s see what the opposite does.

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