1. Basically their island going to sink under water and god tells a man to build a boat out of the trees before it does and one person goes out of his way to say god wouldn’t want that and if we die it was ment to.

      God: face palms.

    1. You are incorrect he knows exactly what he is doing. If he told the truth to his congregation they would heed the CDC warning and not show up in person to church and he wouldn’t be able to take up collects/ties and he would then be collecting unemployment.

  1. So many evangelical church leaders are over-stepping their bounds and essentially becoming cult leaders.

    1. Well ,this christian is vaccinated. I didnt find any word in the bible that says anything about
      Covid vaccine being mark of the beast as some cult leaders and youtubers proclaimed . I will still wear mask to protect the unvaccinated for sake of their well being.

  2. Ugh, some people are freaking delusional, reckless, and absolutely FOOLISH!

    1. Global, not US, global. Check out the mega churches in Africa, Australia and Latin America and much of Western Europe. This insanity is without borders unfortunately.

    1. According to The Bible it’s only issue if you did it on purpose. As long as he actually thinks he’s saving lives by denying the vaccine he can still go to Heaven.

    2. What sends a person to hell is if they don’t accept Jesus Christ as lord and personal savior Jesus forgives all of sins no matter how bad of a person

    3. I’m familiar with Dante’s inferno. This heretic has something special waiting for him. 🙂

  3. Religious leaders have moral responsibility to tell people exactly what is happening rather than exploiting them for their own gain

    1. @Moon Shoes when human greed is shrouded in religious policies you get the worst of humanity for sure

    2. And even so, many of them do exactly the opposite of what they were supposed to do. That’s why I don’t believe in religion anymore.

    1. @Alexis M no!!! The fouchiii saves them all hail Fouchiii god of gain of function viral research

    2. Just like he calls Covid-19 is a “fake pandemic” and the vaccine is a scam. He is a REAL FAKE pastor who doesn’t care people. He should to go India and see for himself. SHAME ON HIM.

  4. Sad part about these people and their new found insights, is then they still vote GQP, like a bad habit on autopilot, no critical thinking .

  5. These church “leaders” smooth talking the weak minded fox conspiracy network watchers!! A lot of Jim jones cults forming in the country, they making the kool aid as they speak!!

  6. Evil Evil….he doesn’t even act like a caring man who is supposed to minister to one’s soul….uninformed evil man…

    1. I used to think differently. I have since learned, those churches who are moral and ethical are ones who wouldn’t mind paying tax. The ones who pass the collection and plate and tell the government it’s all God’s money, they’re the ones you need to run from. Shut up and pay up, buttercup.

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