Pat Cipollone says Trump wanted voting machines to be seized | USA TODAY


  1. Good News 🗞️ About DONALD JOHN CHUMP 😂 ALL OVER 🤩 FACEBOOK 😂 And TWITTER 😂 Brother 😂!!!!

  2. They still should be, if they haven’t been destroyed. A few actually disappeared from polling stations shortly after closing.

  3. I’d like to hear in context to what he’s saying, not just a snippet that could be misinterpreted.I want the whole truth, that can only be done viewing the entire interview

    1. No matter what, Trump supporters interpret something other than what was said. No matter the context, he said Trump should have conceded. Children understood!

    2. @Cleon Floyd🤔 Do you honestly believe that Trump would’ve conceded? LOL! 😆🤣😂🙃😆

    3. @Jerry A. Rodriguez then play the whole tape, don’t cherry pick and spin things, whatever the out come, there’s no due process. No charges will be filed. It’s a show trial.

    4. @dave gilbert No matter what, it’s a trial just like a grand jury. It’s seeking the evidence to further more evidence seeking, and maybe it develops to a full criminal trial for all lawbreakers…

      Sounds like a due process to me…

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