'Pathetic': Avlon slams GOP senator's baseless conspiracy 1

‘Pathetic’: Avlon slams GOP senator’s baseless conspiracy


CNN's John Avlon fact checks Sen. Ron Johnson's (R-WI) claims that Trump supporters were not primarily responsible for the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.
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    1. @Paul Miskell 35%/GYNAHH!!!
      Just more baseless magacult jibber jabber, from one of the sheep.

    1. @Aladár Mező 35%er/shart
      Is that some kind of “Q” vocabulary?
      Like a combination of conspiracy “theory” and alternative facts?
      You can call it Tiffany if you want, it’s still just lies.

      You must have zero self-respect.

    2. @Satanic Microchip v2 nah. It means what the left describes as conspiracy theory becomes a fact. I don’t know about Q vocubulary but I know about the cnn and msnbc misinformation, conspiracy theory propaganda what we’ve seen constantly in the last 4 years

    3. @Aladár Mező
      The only reason you don’t like CNN or MSNBC is because trump told you not to like them. Look back over the years and you’ll see trump all over CNN. And when trump turned on Fox, y’all went over to newsmax or OAN. Think for yourself for crying out loud.

    4. Quit acting like conspiracies are the new normal , while IGNORING ACTUAL CRIME being committed by the democrats

    1. We need a Special Council for the Capitol riot. They’re appointed when objectivity is especially needed in a politically charged situation. I think that applies here, as Republicans continue to minimize and defend the former POS POTUS who inspired it, was gleeful when it happened, and refused to denounce the attackers.

      Just like with Russia, they can insist Trump wasn’t culpable, but an investigation had to happen whether it would lead back to him or not. It would be bizarre to watch a former US President rage against a probe into an attack on one of our highest-value potential terrorist targets, worried (for good reason?) that it will lead to him.

    2. @William H Music 2020 at least they are not in the closet like LG. He thinks no one knows. Democrats are just more honest. And why do you care?

  1. Johnson is just appeasing his Russian overlords. The GOP is clearly uninterested in participating in a functioning democracy, they have proven themselves unfit to govern.

    1. Ron Johnson has CTE injuries from hitting his head on the Presidential desk when he changed Trump’s diapers on numerous occasions in the Oval Office. Johnson misses those warm moments. Plus he’d steal Presidential Office supplies…

    1. GOP is not dead. It’s getting more and more shamelessly brazen and is slowly morphing into white jihadist version.

    2. Paul Miskell – “Deluted”? Well, it is 70% water, but that’s if you spell it with an “i”. Did you cheer on the Capitol rioters?

    1. @kelperdude
      The Republicans gave domestic terrorists the chance to overthrow the government and now they’re even defending them. So what’s your point?

    2. @kelperdude LOL Right, he’s the one that canceled the Iran nuclear deal. If I’m not mistaken that was “the other guy”

    1. @Dixon Uranus I can tell how mature and adult you are with that screen name. LOL what an emotional toddler you must be.

    2. That’s the Senate. Then, in the House, they have younger, brainless, obnoxious hyper partisans like Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz.

  2. The sad thing is it’s not just him. Only 7 republicans acknowledged what really happened.

    1. @Tabitha bishop you had no problem with the republicans passing a 2.1 trillion dollar in taxes for the top 1% of this country.

    2. @לוין חנניה כהן לוין we know what those words mean and none of them were funny. All that hate you have in you. I bet you wake up every morning sad.

  3. Trump did one thing right.
    He showed how crazy GOP people are.
    He killed the party, and for that, I’m thankful.

    1. You are forgetting the ‘ frankenstein effect “—the dead conservative body parts are always ALIVE ! ITS ALIVE…ALIIVE

    1. OR are full conspirators!! I wish , the FBI will have a sheet on their telephone records! where were U in January 6th, Senator Johnson?

  4. Why would leftist overthrow the government they wanted to win? This is Maga alternative logic. Interestingly hitler also used multiple false flag operations to start WW2.

    1. Hitler’s brown shirts burned down the Reichstag and blamed on the communists, that’s how he gained power. This was a preplanned, false flag operation

    2. @Aladár Mező Preplanned by Trump. He told his people to come take the country and be strong. That was his plan. There’s no reason anyone opposed to Trump would try to stop his leaving. You need to stop and think.

  5. My comment: Republicans should now be the “rule of lies” and not the “rule of laws.” Period…! At least this current Retrumplican party. No morals.

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