Patrick Lyoya’s death sparks protests in Grand Rapids | USA TODAY

Patrick Lyoya's death sparks protests in Grand Rapids | USA TODAY 1


  1. The traffic stop was over. It was no longer a traffic stop. He was shot when he fought the cop, and took the taser from the cop. Stop saying it was during a traffic stop like he was sitting in his car, behaving himself.

    1. @I Is dumb You know the guy had the control of the taser at the point, you probably didnt since you didnt watch the unedited video

    2. @I Is dumb Here is the scenario that would have occurred but didn’t due to the Officer’s educated decision. If that Officer did not shoot him, the suspect could have gained control of the taser, tased the officer (making the Officer incapacitated), retrieved the Officers firearm, and shot the Police Officer dead. End of Story, if you think that the Officer was wrong, try again.

  2. Maybe he should have obeyed the police. Must have been guilty of some crime to run.
    Any occasion to riot…demonstrate.

  3. Here We go again..
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Dude had a 50/50 chance at making the right decision several times and failed everytime.. teach your kids better..

    1. Yea the cop..this guy was gonna get 30 days max. Let him go take his car. Get a warrant catch him later. We all live..who are you to say taking this guy’s life equals a misdemeanor traffic stop

    2. @SupaStarCwet I’ll play your game. He lets him go and he then kills someone while carjacking them or running from the cops. Grow up. Stupid games win stupid prizes.

    3. @Stang2019 I’m sorry a guy fighting for one of my weapons is getting executed as well. Sorry about your feelings

  4. Oh great. Someone guard the shoe outlet. Get the fire department on standby because some innocent person’s business will burn you never see these cowards going after the police that they pretend to be mad at or the criminal that got themselves shot. Better keep your elderly at home so they don’t get blindsided

  5. Maybe YOU people should follow orders from police instead of running from them, fighting with them and trying to take their tazers from them.
    Had he not done any of that he would be back out on the streets today stealing more license plates and committing more crimes.

  6. Did these people even watch the bodycam video? He was defiant from the very beginning, tried to run, was resisting arrest and then grabbed the officer’s taser. He did this to himself.

    1. @Juan Agosto He grabbed his weapon. If he took his taser, he could have tased the cop and stolen his gun. Yes, sad that he had to die this way, but he had it coming to him.

  7. Frank James shot 13 people. He also listened to police orders and didn’t resist arrest or grabbed a taser. He is alive. Funny how that works.

    1. @ARandomPersonOnlineYo He was fighting with the cop and grabbed his taser. What do you think was going to happen.

    2. @ARandomPersonOnlineYo 😭 Executed 🤧😢😨OHhhhh unarmed 😭😢 Whaaaaaa. 😂🤣🖕

    3. Exactly. I hate that guy because he did that in my neighborhood and I could’ve been on that train but him also being black and not resisting was a “smart” thing to do. I don’t understand why these people get all aggressive with the cops. Especially the ones that give them a few warnings.

  8. Wish the cop had just jumped up out of it, even let him go – but Lyoya had 4 prior arrests with a stolen vehicle and didn’t want to get caught with this one. Also Lyoya had a violent assault case that maybe the cop new about

    1. @SupaStarCwet what if the cop had let him go an then he kills someone while trying to carjack them to get away? Seems like you don’t understand the duties of an officer.

    2. @james this is the 100th time someone has said this to them. They have had a life of programming to think this way. It’s not their fault their parents failed them.

  9. Yes lets all support a man who was clearly resisting arrest and fighting a police officer for his weapon. Yeah makes sense. These people are out of their minds.

    Sad situation that someone had to lose a life, but the officer was 100% in the right.

    1. @Luther Trammell Ok 1, he was fighting that guy to the point of exhaustion. You could hear their heavy breathing on video and 2, the guy had a buddy 6-8 feet away.

      If you were a police officer and had some guy acting suspicious and RESISTING arrest, in addition GOING FOR YOUR WEAPON you are telling me that you will just sit there and wait for backup???? Not knowing when they will come???

      If that guy gets a hold of his taser and happened to use it on the officer and incapacitate the officer, and then go for his actual pistol… cop is dead.

      If the buddy standing behind them gets involved and they overpower the officer and again, happened to go for his gun…. the cop is dead.

      Again, not saying any of that would have happened that is clearly speculation but is it not a possibility? At this point, that officer is fighting for his life not knowing when the hell backup will arrive, exhausted, suspects hand on his taser fighting to grab it and with the suspects friend behind him (again not knowing if that person had a weapon etc etc)

      So again, you are telling me the cop had no right to do what he had to do? No, he had every right to defend himself in that situation.

      The man has a family too, a life too, just because he is an officer doesn’t give him any less reason to die. He shouldn’t have to “sit and wait for backup” and increase his chances of possibly losing his life just because. These circumstances warrant that response.

      And to answer your question about if that was my family member, well all of my family is smart enough to respect police officers and listen to what they say. This could have ALL BEEN AVOIDED if that man wasn’t acting so suspicious and just listened to the officer. He appeared to be hiding something.

      Overall, it is extremely sad someone had to lose their life and it had to be that way. However, the suspect is 100% at fault for his actions and responsible.

  10. Police records indicate that Lyoya had been arrested three times in relation to stolen vehicles and pleaded guilty to misdemeanors in these …

  11. Why ? The evidence clearly shows the guy had it coming ?? How many times do people think they can ignore a officer then wrestle with him and try and take his sidearm or taser and not get blasted ! As soon as he refused the officers first command his fate was sealed and honestly he got what he deserved ! Move on !

  12. You gotta follow laws if you wanna be safe and cops are the enforcers of said laws…. Comply and 99% of the time there will be zero issues. Cop wasn’t doing anything illegal and Patrick was by attempting to flee a 100% justified traffic stop, fighting with the officer and then grabbing the officers taser which could possibly leave the officer incapacitated and Patrick could’ve taken his service weapon and shot him dead. You should punish people that are doing the right thing and Patrick clearly was not. Condolences to his family im sure his father is upset he doesn’t have a case for settlement. rEpaRaTioNs!!!!

  13. BS!!!…This guy was given multiple commands that he didn’t comply with.
    I totally understand the officer forgetting the shot count on the taser and still thinking it’s a threat.
    Stop protesting and making excuses for dysfunctional behavior.

  14. If you don’t want to get arrested don’t break the rules.
    If you don’t want to be shot dont fight cops and reach for a weapon.
    Pretty simple but common sense is thought I guess

  15. Sad, I wonder if they’ll ever realize they’re protesting for the right to fight police and break the law.

  16. Great job officer. I’m glad you made it home safe. If you need anything to make this stressful time easier let me know

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