Paul Butler Calls Chauvin Defense Of Putting Floyd On Trial ‘Beginning Of A Long, Dirty, Path Play’ 1

Paul Butler Calls Chauvin Defense Of Putting Floyd On Trial ‘Beginning Of A Long, Dirty, Path Play’


On the defense team trying to pit blame on George Floyd’s murder on Floyd, former federal prosecutor Paul Butler says, "This is just the beginning of a long, dirty, path play." Aired on 04/07/2021.
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Paul Butler Calls Chauvin Defense Of Putting Floyd On Trial ‘Beginning Of A Long, Dirty, Path Play’


  1. The defense strategy of smearing Floyd, by putting his character on trial, seems to be to dehumanize him so the jury will conclude Floyd’s life doesn’t have enough value to justify putting a white man in prison.

    1. It’s to setup reasonable doubt… Man, so many of you are ignorant of how the law works.

    2. @N S Yes they are. Purposefully. Because his character isn’t relevant. They want the jury to believe he deserved it.

    1. Ask the Capital police that got car rammed last Friday thanks to the hateful bigotry of Louis Farakhan. Or any Asian in New York or California.

    2. @RobotDecoy Are you new to MSNBC? How about CNN? It has a race. White. Critical race theory is lovely.

  2. The twisted logic of Chauvin’s defense: “Yes, the victim was killed in a car accident…but he had cancer so that’s what really killed him.”

    1. ​@Big Picture Thinking They sure would have but in the left’s political hierarchy, BLM trumps COVID. Ask Fauci the Magnificent. Either way, they ignored the science. Denied it.

    2. The twisted logic of the prosecution yes chauvin hit Floyd in the car accident and Floyd died from it never mind if chauvin intended for him to die or not it happened so he is guilty.

    1. @gistfilm It cost a life. No jokes should be done, you take a swing at me for saying that about your son.

    2. @Shantia Aikens He didn’t know for sure. He said it was due to the earlier counterfeit bill. Regardless it will be a mental trauma on him and HOPEFULLY those that needlessly killed a man over $20.

    3. @RobotDecoy I’ll apologize if you can swear under oath that you’ve never made a joke about a matter indirectly related to a deceased person before.

    4. @gistfilm I am not your judge/jury, nor did I ask for an apology. Honestly I really don’t care past the abstract what you do. I just pray for us all.
      But realize that IF I ever did make that joke, it wasn’t in a public place where the family might see it. I only ask for what I’m willing to give.

  3. But wait a minute!
    If Floyd’s previous arrest is relevant to this case, then how comes we cannot get Chauvin’s disciplinary record, into this hearing??

    1. I suppose for the same reason they can’t get Floyd’s holdup and robbery of a pregnant woman into evidence.

    2. @N S,
      And the fact that Floyd’s passenger, Morris Hall doesn’t want to testify based on self-incrimination. In fact, Hall is in jail.

  4. Watching the crime scene videos the past two weeks, I see intimidation. I see Chauvin demonstrating to the people of the neighborhood what he could do to Mr. Floyd, he could do to them any time he wanted. Thus the cold nonchalance.

    1. Where is Trump through all this….. hiding because he had the toxicology report altered! They were idiots to put the amounts of drugs they did…. he would have already been dead hours before if they were that high! Why am I the only one seeing this. Trump used this to try and get re-elected. Think about it!

    1. @LotWizzard That’s because you’re biased and don’t understand how the law and courts work.

    2. If you look at the body cam from the other police officer, the officer’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder blade for most of the time.

  5. I want chauvin to have his past record with nearly 20 complaints and two sanctions added for the record and jury.

    1. @Box Of Chocolate by your logic floyd is an experienced drug user and can handle lots of dope so he did not od

  6. Have you heard of Tony Timpa?
    Tony Timpa is George Floyd with white skin.
    High on drugs, unarmed, restrained for 14 MINUTES on the ground while handcuffed, can’t breathe, dies under restraint.
    Compensation? $0.00. Police officers charged with crimes? 0. Convictions? 0. Justice? 0.

  7. Defense: “Floyd was responsible for his own death. He took drugs! He was a criminal! He basically killed himself!”
    Prosecution: “Would Floyd be alive today if he was never restrained and choked for those 9 minutes?”
    Defense: “Obviously yes, but…. … oh no, I messed up again. Can we start over?”

    1. You must not be watching the same trial. The defense is playing this quite well and is setting up reasonable doubt. Boy are some people going to be upset when Chauvin is acquitted.

    2. @John Doe People like this get told what to believe without ever thinking and researching for themselves. You probably know that though.

    3. @Christopher Balsom You must be wearing your Trump spectacles then, the defense’s case is being dismantled piece by piece from where I’m sitting

    1. @Skeeter Hawk707 That seems to be the case with each state. We’re judged by our peers. It’s not often the judge overturns a decision.

  8. Thank you African Americans.. You truly are the best among us. Your achievements in science, medicine and especially information technology speak for themselves… Thank you!

  9. Chauvin’s defence simply need to volunteer to lay down on a road, have a man of similar size to Chauvin kneel on their neck for nine and a half minutes. If they survive it strengthens their case.

    1. @huh what Don’t bother, I have no time for racist, homophobes or their followers. Save your sympathy for someone who gives a toss.

    2. How many times do people need to hear this to understand.. more than one cop was on Floyd! They have repeated this over and over. It was not just his neck but his stomach and legs which makes it even harder to breathe! Over 400 lbs of pressure on his body! He was in thier custody already having a hard time breathing so he should of been put into the rescue position after he was cuffed. They should of rolled him on his side especially if they thought for any reason he took drugs and could be overdosing. He was in thier care and it was thier responsibility to keep him safe especially being cuffed and having breathing difficulties before being cuffed. Would it be different if he told them he had asthma and couldn’t breathe and they neglected him so he died as a result of thier neglect?

  10. Love Mr. Nelson. The defense is kicking their butts . The video of Floyd previously stuffing pills in his mouth will solidify the defense.

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