Paul Hall ‘Get Basket fi Carry Wata’ | TVJ Sports Commentary – June 7 2022

Paul Hall 'Get Basket fi Carry Wata' | TVJ Sports Commentary - June 7 2022 1


  1. Under this current administration, not even pep and Klopp combine couldn’t do crap , heights of incompetence

  2. Paul Hall inheritted a set off disgruntled players with lots of vexed spirit. He needs to be responsible he is a Boss now and a baller . As a coach its job is to pick the best players is eyes see able to carry out an instruction to finish a game. Players commitment will be seen now , one particular keeper can go now and those who turned down the offer and has not contributed before should never be looked at again. Forward we are going Mr. Hall your second Stint now is to carry the National team and rebrand them if you can Reggae Boyz seems tobe carrying an oura of luck covered in years of badluck seek to put your own touch and rebranding , but never forget these are grown men who play ball for a career a simple instruction within a 90 minutes window is needed from each , if a player can focus only for 45 minutes have is most suitable replacement. This is a head game football you need Coach Jackie walters to sit with a observe the phycological state of the players an where they are best fitted. Saw him use only bright men one year pick a Clarendon College team and his goal was carrying out a focussed instruction .

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