Paul Krugman: Texas Relied On The Marketplace To Make Sure Everything Was Fine | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Paul Krugman: Texas Relied On The Marketplace To Make Sure Everything Was Fine | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Economist Paul Krugman joins Morning Joe to discuss the recent winter storm in Texas, the failure of its power grid and the dangers that arise from a deregulated electricity market. Aired on 02/23/2021.
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Paul Krugman: Texas Relied On The Marketplace To Make Sure Everything Was Fine | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Sadly two weeks from now people one paycheck away from poverty will be hating on the liberals and voting RED again and again. Nothing will be learned.

    2. @David C
      In your analogy the guy who stole your car is the guy you put on your car insurance plan and you gave him an extra set of keys even though you know he is not trained to drive yet. That’s what the Republicans did here.

    3. @chi shad Well, not exactly. The Texas Republicans who took the state claimed to be looking out for those who voted for them. But they never intended to do what they promised. So in a way they car…you know, you’re right. I was being a bit too simplistic. I was thinking of it as being someone I didn’t know, carjacking me at a stop light. But they are more like a relative that I trusted to drive my work truck when needed, but did so responsibly! Then when caught, claimed it was my fault becau….Oh no, if he had a history of doing bad things then I would share the blame. I guess the only responsible thing would be to fire cousin Gregg or nephew Teddy!

  1. But the fact and the matter is that a month from now all this will be forgotten and Texans will re-elect Ted Cruz happily…
    So you know after a while you kinda give up

  2. Texas republicans: “Free markets are the fairest way to trade commodities!”
    Reddit investors: “Hold my Gamestop futures.”

    1. @TheMedia FullOfCrap propaganda? Hmmm fox veiwers should be angry with fox news for trying to hide the facts of the situation from them (why do they want to be willingly deceived from fox and the GQP party )

    2. @TheMedia FullOfCrap So you believe that Texas has been forced to only use solar and wind, and that the coal, oil and nuclear power buildings in Texas are just there for show? Really?

      TO anyone who isn’t a bot reading this, do your own research. look into the % of power provided to Texas by each type of power production. Since wind and solar makes up maybe 20% and only a portion of that was damaged by the code, maybe you should question why the other forms of energy failed as well.

    3. @Dutch American Only the ding bats ignore these messages. Like you and your lack of understanding of power generation and structural integrity in Texas. I really wish you would educate yourself. Mandating power generation be able to withstand extreme temperatures isn’t communism. It’s common sense.

    4. I don’t think the Republicans are all to blame. This entire energy -sharing system Began with legislation promoted by our iconic FDR. Texas wanted no part of it and threw a series of Republican and Democrat governors they form their own energy system which is at the crux of the problem now. They also fell in line with the environmental industrial complex by installing green energy which is now a proven failure and not only Texas but northern China and around the world.

    5. @T. R. Campbell Green energy had zero, zilch, zippo to do with your man made Texas disaster. America definitely needs to invest more in its education system.

    1. Imagine politicans working with corporations to screw Texans. Texans are paying dearly for buying the lies of the likes of Cruz. Time to hold politicans accountable!

    2. Learning is a very hard thing to avoid. Delusional people like trumplicans manage to easily parse their Souls to pretzels.. For the fraud Trump.

    3. Trump thought playing president and 52 card pick up would give him purpose like a spoiled child in a toy shop.

    1. @Rodney Bean Now stop blaming other people for every mess you made and go clean up Texas for Christ’s sake.

    2. @Rodney Bean Talk can lead to action but your party’s talk isn’t leading to anything. Stop bullying people with empty arguments and actually take care of people or sit down and shut up and let people take care of the people you failed.

    3. @MysticiaDev Creative I guess you are okay with Biden putting migrant kids in a migrant detention facility in Texas? Just another example of the Hippocrates in the liberal Democrat party.

    4. @Rodney Bean Oh please, Trump’s already been there and has already done that. Worse still, he has a lot of ugly notches on his belt. I highly doubt Joe Biden is going to tear gas a crowd of BLM protestors while he cowers from his bunker so he can walk across the street to stand in front of a church and hold up a Bible for a photo op like Bunker Baby Trump did lol.

    5. @Rodney Bean Biden will most probably help reform immigration after he cleans up Trump’s COVID-19 mess he left behind. You know, the virus that has already killed more than HALF A MILLION AMERICANS? 400K of them before Trump left office?

    1. @Tim Busby Every time a Republican loses they seek revenge. The lose of Enron caused them to replace the Democratic governor with a Republican governor. And because Trump lost, they are trying to oust Newsom… it’s the same ol’ same ol’ all over again.

  3. Unfortunately we’re Americans and do not learn from our mistakes. We just find different people to blame every time something bad happens.

  4. If you still wonder if trickle-down economy works: well, it doesn’t … the water supply was off completely, not even a trickle came out of the taps.

  5. According to Republicans ANY use of your taxes on you is “socialism”, not your government filling its side of the contract. Whats boggling is how many of their constituents believe it.

    1. Republicans will believe and support anything without questions, or any kind of reasoning, or thought process. It’s as if they are mindless!!! Especially his base. The others pick something that suits them, and turn a blind eye on everything else as just politics.

    2. 6th grade requirement needs classes in American politics.
      Oh, I forgot, that’s a communist system of educating people!

  6. Trusting UNFETTERED CAPITALISM to protect human beings in TRUE INSANITY. It shows a FUNDAMENTAL LACK OF UNDERSTANDING OF CAPITALISM as a whole, and economics as a concept.

    1. In the late 1700’s Adam Smith wrote “Wealth of Nations” which established economics as a field, a discipline. It is often hailed as the best work on free market economies.
      I read “Wealth of Nations”. Adam Smith TEARS into monopolies, market manipulators, bribery and favors. He was not a fan of an unfettered capitalism. To the contrary.

    2. Like when we give the top end of town tax breaks because we presume they will create jobs. They don’t. They bank it or give it to their shareholders or give CEOs a bonus. Government has to do the sharing, greedy fat pigs don’t share fairly.

  7. Would you get on a rollercoaster if your states had no regulations on such equipment. Republicans have no credibility anymore.

  8. Paul Krugman: “I have stopped believing that I really understand where American politics is going.” Yeah, so does the rest of the world. Perhaps y’all will begin to understand why America has a reliability problem abroad?

  9. Texas needs to keep voting for Trump. Their salvation will come as they dig deeper in denial. Who knows they may strike oil.

  10. I bet those socialists in freezing cold Denmark were nice and warm. They are smart enough to WINTERIZE the power grid.

    1. Socialists aren’t stupid enough to have grifters and pocket lining politicians like Cruz running their governments.

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