Paul Rieckhoff: ‘Our Enemies Across The Globe Are Celebrating’ The Big Lie's Effect 1

Paul Rieckhoff: ‘Our Enemies Across The Globe Are Celebrating’ The Big Lie’s Effect


Founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Paul Rieckhoff, speaks about the national security threat of extremism that has resulted from the former president’s Big Lie about the 2020 election.
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    1. @Derry Taylor EXACTLY!!! In 2012, when Obama was reelcted, trump was on Twitter complaining and the Russian equivalent to Rupert Murdock (owner of Fox) Konstantin Rykov, tweeted a private mess to trump saying…..
      IF you want to run for president “RUSSIA WILL HELP YOU.” ONE WEEK LATER trump registered (remember this was 2012) a Political Action Committee called Make America Great Again. IN 2012! That means RUSSIA KNEW trump was gonna run for POTUS THREE YEARS BEFORE ANY AMERICAN KNEW IT!! That gave Russia a 3 year HEAD START on their misinformation campaign.

  1. It’s bothering me that these TAX EXEMPT churches are conducting political activities from the pulpit. Retired military leaders, Ollie North is one, are visiting churches and spouting politics from the pulpit.

    1. @Daniel Soden- you are still a hateful bigot. What’s worse is that you don’t even know it.

    2. @Bill Boxall – do you mean BLM and ANTIFA? Someone like you wouldn’t falsely accuse your neighbor…
      I have a question though. Do you think of yourself as more of a nazi or a Soviet

    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Carlin said when fascism comes to america it will come in the form of strip malls and food courts. But I like your descriptions better

    2. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords it does but those werent the words he used, i believe it was on bill mahers show around 2005

  2. I get not wanting to be a Dem, but if you want to preserve democracy may I respectfully request you stop enabling the GOP fascists by voting for them and just sit the election until they have regained sanity?

    1. @Scott Harrison you ignorant in your assumption and stupid to make it public. BTW you are wrong.

    2. @Adam G I’ll tell you what I’m not interested in is how you come a trolling and say some crap — you can’t expect me to just roll over, of course not. Because you hear a lot of lies on your media sites and now here you are. Nixon got impeached, Agnew should have been arrested, Reagan had to immunize 60 million illegal aliens to save the economy through a recession he caused, and then let’s see there’s Roger Stone and Manafort lobbying for taxpayer money from the US to help some really nasty dictators and Flynn who was lobbying for Erdogan, the ruler of Turkey he’s another scary guy. And let’s not forget the ex Mayor of New York, going to a Ukranian who was working for Russia, Rudy gave him who knows what in exchange for some piece of a supposed hard drive more than a decade old. Any of these matters are proven facts you can google.

    3. @daveapplemotors – nope.
      Be truthful. What will you do when you find out that there really was election fraud. Well you be honest and admit you were wrong to not call for an investigation?

    4. @Progressive Humanist – you are a shtty person because you condemn your neighbor without evidence or facts. I seriously doubt you have any of this. You are shallow and morally bankrupt and I have evidence of that

  3. If 45 goes in rallies all around repeating constantly the lie, there will be more spreading paranoia and possible blood in the streets…

    1. @Move on Over It’s OK dude, should there be a civil war, you’ll be first in line to be used as cannon fodder

    2. @Red Dwarf @Move on Over is a Russian troll with a no content account, don’t feed into its narrative or it’ll feel emboldened to keep spruiking nonsensical from its mommies basement.

    3. @Move on Over
      Why do you want to see blood?
      Whose blood? (though it shouldn’t matter)
      Certainly conflict MAY be necessary to effect change however BLOODLUST is a mental illness NOT a political statement.

  4. Secretary of Defense or some other military leader needs to do something about him. President Biden is his Commander in Chief…..

    1. @Dawn Oceanside yes take responsibility for electing a president who’s destroying everything he touches. But when your paying $10 a gallon for milk dont whine…..its called hyperinflation.

    2. @Roman Temniuk trump already destroyed everything he touched including faith in our elections.

    3. @daveapplemotors you know all this BS has nothing to do with my day to day life but this inflation is really beginning to hurt.

    1. @Christopher Oliver The flip side of fear is understanding. Almost half of America is a fearful nation. The Iast 4 years cannot be vanished to the dustbin of history, and some lawmakers refuse to learn from it. It would take wisdom, courage and patience to acknowledge truth and they are in one big hurry to rearrange the facts.

    2. We need to keep calling them what they are the GOP
      follows the Fascist playbook of Adolf Hitler July 1925
      Mein Kampf. Its pretty scary history is repeating its
      self. The USA can only be destroyed from within and it
      is taking place right before our eyes.

    3. @Melanie Hale – People who love fascism never think that far ahead – they are cowardly (if violent) conformists who crave order, a sense of belonging, and to know their place in a hierarchical society. Simple people crave simple solutions to complex problems – complexity is frightening to them…

  5. There’s a reason Russia, China and various Middle East countries are flooding social media with disinformation and anti-Biden/dem bots…just look at them all over here.

    1. And then there’s all the idiots who believe and spread the lies, against all evidence. They believe the lie with no evidence and refuse the truth with evidence

  6. Um …duh!
    Think any of these millionaire-billionaire “conservatives” might be compromised?

  7. Empires normally destroy themselves from within. This is exactly what is happening in USA for the last 5 years and will continue to do so.

  8. Obviously the big lie is the most dangerous thing that has happened to the United States of America since secession back in 1860 and early 1861

  9. So..Mike Flynn can just use the “Whoopsie! My bad” defence?
    How about court martial, dishonourable discharge and prison in Leavenworth?

    1. The Army has been investigating him since his Jan 6 rhetoric, etc. I get that they have to be meticulous when accusing a highly decorated retired general, but I kinda wish they’d hurry up. His influence is dangerous. It also adds to division that must make good morale a challenge, these days.

    2. @Emerald Look just to be on the safe side of sedition…yes. And he was involved in Jan 6 but on the inside.

  10. The GOP has become a travesty. Instead of building bridges, they prefer to build walls. They are a fearful bunch who are undermining the nation with their distorted reality. They are on the crazy train. All aboard hahahahahaha!

  11. Teenager: “I want things to go MY WAY ONLY.”
    Parents: “Johnny, we’ve been through this 100 times. Please, grow up.”

    1. ~MSNBC is Satan’s propaganda machine. The Peacock is Satan’s symbol.
      Satan is known as the Peacock Angel Melek Taus/Shamash’s/Utu/
      The castrated Crown Prince of Allah/Nanna Sin.

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