Pay Up – Cops Win, Owed Billions | NIDs 90% Ready | TVJ Midday News – June 3 20222

Pay Up - Cops Win, Owed Billions | NIDs 90% Ready | TVJ Midday News - June 3 20222 1


    1. there are good police and there are bad police so I think they deserved the money they got

    2. @NOLA Clarke yes them no them self and no wat fit them the good ones will not pay attention to wat word don’t fit them

  1. 90% of them police was either committing a crime, drink rum or look woman on that overtime. That’s what the people paying for. Bless up the few good police who actually do their work, they deserve way more.

    1. @Wayne that statement sounds very familiar, and dangerous. If it’s the truth then stop tell people to shut up.

    2. @lighthouse present your evidence that 90% of Jamaican police are involved in criminal activity! Jamaicans don’t deserve the hard working, brave members of the security forces who risk their lives daily and often make the ultimate sacrifice! Sometimes fi see who a question people integrity! When nuff a unnuh inna problem call classman and one order!

  2. Congratulations squaddies on your big win and big up to the Federation for fighting for it’s members

  3. Who approved those overtime? Those supervisor are wrong doers as their employees. The good suffer for the bad.

    1. This will increase steadily with the impending increased employment of artificial intelligence in several sectors.

  4. Robert Montague what that f32k you are talking about focus on the people of Jamaica we are now at level 3 with tourisms time to tun you hand mek fashion and the word is schedule not shedule

  5. Why not make the Ian Fleming Airport a hub for a new Jamaican Airline? Why are so impressed with other people’s things?

  6. Is that a dish towel on top of the Judge head? It looks like a whole pack of Ramen Noodles 🍜.

  7. How can TVJ calculate positivy rate so incorrectly tonight.The positivity rate is around 11% and not 29.9%

  8. About time the police gets what they deserve, “as in their benefits”, maybe they will fight crime with a better mind set.

    As for tourism, mostly Jamaicans carried the tourist Dollar to Jamaica; the same local Jamaicans who struggle to leave the slump & ghetto of Jamaica for a better life abroad mainly US Canada & England, they are the ones who works like slaves abroad so they can return to their home…land “JAMAICA” (AS TOURIST,BACK& FORT).
    Native Jamaicans spend far more money than other color visitors, (
    UNDERSTOOD )?? ”
    Returning Jamaicans are the ones who mostly filled the hotels in season & out of season.
    I have travel to Jamaica numerous times on different airlines an as always 75–90 % natives going back to stay in hotels & private house ETC.(
    Knowing these hotels are not for free.)
    Therefore Mr. Tourism Minister you know this is a true statement.
    Whenever “OTHERS” comes to visit Jamaica they don’t spend half the money visiting native Jamaicans spend, they’re the back bone of tourism for Jamaica without mentioning remittances they send back home to their families & friends (OTHERS) are not in this regards, so when we talk about the growth of tourism REMEMBER the poor Jamaicans abroad who are still struggling abroad FAR FROM BEING RICH'” causing the airport & airlines to stay afloat along with their workers, yet no one mentioned them.
    When we boast about tourism growth THESE “Jamaicans” are the backbone & money making machine for tourism in Jamaica 🙏

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