Pelosi Announces House Moving Forward With Articles Of Impeachment | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Pelosi Announces House Moving Forward With Articles Of Impeachment | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the U.S. House of Representatives will proceed with Articles of Impeachment against President Trump. Aired on 12/5/19.
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Pelosi Announces House Moving Forward With Articles Of Impeachment | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Play time is over, it’s time to stand and be counted. Let the record show who protected the constitution and who sought to undermine it to help a wanna be king.

    1. @Real Talk76 mate. Focus.
      The impeachment proceedings still have to proceed through the Senate.
      Senate won’t vote for it.
      It’s going to be DOA.
      Andrew Yang is even trashing this idea.

    2. Democrats do want to be dictators over the rest of us. Fortunately the 2nd Amendment will make sure you never control America.

    3. @Your Grandma that’s up to the senators. If they want to absolve him of his lawlessness then let them do so publicly. Let that be their legacy. This isn’t some partisan bill, it’s about the foundations of our democracy and protecting the constitution.

    4. @Whispering Whiskers Paranoia and fear likely dictate your life. I am not the enemy but the man in the white house doesn’t believe the constitution applies to him and you’re worried about Democrats?

    1. @Steve Hanson Snowflake Trump had to leave the NATO meeting because they were making fun of him… lol

      Safespace rally in Alabama to make himself and his base feel better in 3..2..1..

  2. Impeachment won’t remove him unless we have some Rethugliklans that grows a spine to protect this country from Russia.

    1. @HardikG121
      ” I find what Joe Biden did was pretty corrupt.”

      well if thats the case dude, then just about the entirety of the western world is also corrupt
      as we did the same things joe did

    2. @dan mac ….not for their son who had just been kicked out of the Navel Reserve for using crack like Creep Joe did

    3. @Chaos Engagement dude I have never voted liberal in my entire life
      what Donnie dementia and his minions, the gop, have done as of late has me rethinking that position
      it might just be I never vote conservative from here on in
      now i’m not the only one that might feel this way
      when Donnie dementia and the GOP only have 40% of the country, they cant afford to lose people like me
      this aint going to be another 2016 as people now know just who Donnie dementia is
      and if they didn’t before these impeachment proceedings will drive the point home
      consider the massive shift in 2018

    4. @dan mac I’ve never voted Republican or Democrat for president, and always 3rd party (usually Libertarian). I have always been critical of R’s and D’s administrations. I will be voting for the Democrat next year, regardless of who they put up.

      It’s astonishing, the amount of people regurgitating the baseless propaganda without looking up the facts or history. I expect much more of it next year than what drove me off of social media in 2015-16. A true era of disinformation. We will be told 2+2=5, and most Trump voters will believe it…

  3. She sounds hoarse. I can’t imagine the stress, trying to hold a tyrant accountable and keep our democratic institutions safe; this lady is a powerhouse.
    Take care of yourself, Nance.

    1. @Just For Fun
      Haha! Oh, now there is a homework assignment?! Here’s one for the Trumpsters..

  4. Thank you Speaker Pelosi. This conman and his cronies are a danger to U.S. national security abroad and at home.

    1. Betty Rose
      How dumb are you, wake up this time with Putin’s attack on and rule in the USA is as bad as the time in the 1930s during hitlers rule. Are you not patriotic, have you not had family members fight for this country, why don’t you.

    2. Maharajji NKB
      your comment shows how uninformed you are and just spouting reps talking points . This impeachment is longer than that of Clinton. Educate yourself if you want to comment otherwise go back under your rock.

  5. Yesterday, the GOP bet everything of their defense on “The process is too fast, therefor it’s illegal!”

    Today: Trump demanded for having the impeachment done “immediately!”

    How does the GOP even put up with this guy that keeps shooting their “defense” of him in the feet every time they try to make something stick to the wall?

    1. @Logan McLean
      “have democrats testify.”
      good luck with that
      perhaps your dems should do as Donnie dementia did
      Pelosi should just refuse to allow any to testify and of course it’s partisan
      as no repulsive is willing to do the proper and just thing

    2. With the very fabric of our democratic republic and national security squarely in the cross hairs, the GOP stand ready to pull the trigger …

    3. The worst part is that no republican in office dares to defend what he did, because they know what he did would have gotten a Democrat impeached by now. All they do is keep moving the goal posts, because they have no defense for the idiots actions.

  6. They are all corrupt,stop being influenced byeft vs right. Be influenced by reality of life and how it works.

  7. Too many people are more concerned with the “R” or the “D” on their t-shirt than they are for the protection of this nation’s elections. It doesn’t matter if this was Trump or Obama or any other president. Stop blindly supporting whomever is wearing the same t-shirt as you and stand for the non-partisanship of the constitution. If this was a Democratic President committing these impeachable offenses – there would be plenty of Democrats supporting their removal.

    1. No Soup for You No one cares, your vote won’t mean anything.

      A sea of blue is coming to wash out the orange turd stain.

    2. I agree with your take on fair play and national security. So Dems should also call back Obama to answer for his hot-mike collusion with Putin’s Foreign Minister, airlifting $$$$$ to Iran, the sponsors of terrorism, tapping on the Trump campaign …

  8. Thank you Speaker! Way past time to oust him due to his not holding true to American values and rules and laws…

    1. And some of us have been watching everything. Even the fake news. Best to try and see both sides of why people think what they think they know

  9. The hearings will expose to the public the subversive impeachment plot in Congress and expose the elite for the greedy corrupt actions they practice daily

  10. Dems: The impeachment language in the Constitution is perfectly clear. It’s black letter law! We must follow this language to a “t!” It’s our solemn duty! It’s the Constitution ffs!

    Also Dems: The 2A language in the Constitution can be completely ignored.

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