Pelosi Announces Late Rep. John Lewis To Lie In State At Capitol On Monday | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the late Congressman John Lewis will lie in state at the Capitol. Aired on 7/23/2020.
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Pelosi Announces Late Rep. John Lewis To Lie In State At Capitol On Monday | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. @Crom the Wise Actively protecting the criminals of society while demonizing the real heroes of society – as a fifth example.

    2. @Crom the Wise My we is the American people – all American people and we are fighting China’s CCP government right now. These are the ones that will be taken down.

  1. Rep Lewis never quit on his mission to make America a better place.
    Meanwhile, t’rump is unleashing secret police to grab Americans of the street while we lose 1,000 Americans per day to a pandemic that he quit on months ago.

    1. He was actually a bitter man for the last 3 decades. So much so his face took on the scowl that was his “everything is racist” personality. It was always 1935 in his head.

    1. Yes, way to polite. In the immortal words of John Lewis…, Trumps a bum.
      Such amazing insight and ahead of his time.

    1. Haven’t they stuck this guy in the ground yet? They’re going to milk this for days now and take up hours of TV time! If it had been a white guy who croaked it wouldn’t have even made the local news!

    2. @Mike Gee A white guy? Doesn’t matter the color of ones skin. An honorable human, fighting for the betterment of this country, and exercising that right in a good trouble, non-violent way…isn’t that enough to honor a human being?

    3. @Sarah Whitley To a degree. All I’m saying is that they are milking this thing like they do everything else these days when it comes to the blacks!

    4. @Mike Gee A good man has passed away fighting pancreatic cancer. That particular cancer is vicious and painful. This particular man had had nothing but love/empathy in his heart to make our country be the best it can be. The death of this American man should be recognized and honored. The reason I say this is…is because this man had bled to try to make America the best, she can be.

  2. trump is creating an authoritarian gov, these nameless paratroopers in unmarked cars are unconstitutional and unAmerican. The more he sends to different states the larger the force he builds, yet no one is stopping him from doing so. The last time we heard of such a thing they where moving in on Ukraine, we know he talks to putin regularly so who’s advice is he taking.. We also know he’s not going to graciously leave office if he looses the election, in fact i dont see him leaving. He controls the DOJ, FBI, the republican tribe, he will call the election a fraud, a hoax, rigged, a coup. How can the country prepare for this Now!!

    1. Ukraine better give Trump the information on Biden and Burisma, otherwise Ukraine is screwed. Time is short – hurry now or else.

    1. @Anne K You are a failure at comprehending sarcasm. John Lewis did vote for Trump by virtue of kicking the bucket. One less vote for Biden. Sarcasm is one of those things that comes naturally to educated people.

  3. Rest in Peace Mr.John Lewis you fought for American until your deathπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    1. @Tony Hovgaard There’s no law that says a person has to join the armed forces. In fact most women do not serve their country by your feigned standards.

    2. @Daniel Roig he may not have served in the military but he served his country is whole entire life just about. You have done nothing except for yourself big difference moron

  4. Only once in a lifetime do you get a man like John Lewis He was honest fearless and the true meaning of an American Hero. He was a light for justice and equality and Trump and the Republicans are the darkness that he spent his whole life fighting against. That man had more balls then Trump and all his Republican enablers put together period. RIP JOHN LEWIS!

    1. @Daniel Roig
      But back to the original subject. Mr. Lewis supposed civil rights for all of us. And he was a great man. Jbn

    2. ​@jack nimble The real bunker boy is Joe Biden hiding in his basement to this day. You haven’t been paying attention. Trump wants U.S. Steel. I don’t care what Trump thinks about me. My stock portfolio has been up bigly since November 2016 thanks to Trump. I am crying all the way to the bank. Magoya bro.

    3. @jack nimble John Lewis did nothing for me. He was a legend in his own mind. I certainly will never support a people that would destroy my icons and falsely build up theirs.

    4. @jack nimble Do you consider it ‘nice’ what BLM and Antifa have done recently? I certainly do not.

    5. @Rod And now the Republicans are for the KKK and voter suppression and the Democrats are for civil right and equality so you get your facts right before you spew the BS lies

  5. The American people lost a lion in the never ending battle for our civil rights. Rest in peace Mr. John Lewis, and thank you.

  6. You know that bottle’s loaded with Putin potato liquor right? They that cast the seeds of discontent shall reap what they sow, In Nancy’s case, that is Putin potato liquor Yes, through the eye of the winnows soul dust to dusty road brush poppers

    1. Haven’t they stuck this guy in the ground yet? They’re going to milk this for days now and take up hours of TV time! If it had been a white guy who croaked it wouldn’t have even made the local news! By the way, is that your smart face in your pic?

  7. She doesn’t care. She’s just virtue singling for black votes. It’s part of the democrat’s identity politics playbook. She’s so cringy it’s funny.

    1. BTW, Donny, when you were getting pointers from putin, did you happen to beg him to stop putting bounties on US soldiers, innocent americans… NO? you are a complete Wussy.

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