Pelosi calls for Trump to be removed using 25th Amendment 1

Pelosi calls for Trump to be removed using 25th Amendment


Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump and said if the Cabinet failed to do so she would consider moving forward with impeachment.
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    1. Trump should be in jail for murder for organizing the March that led to destroying the Capitol of the United States of America and think about the families of the dead due to trump sending them to March for his lies on the electoral votes. He lied to all of them sadest news ever, he did alot worser to this country then what Saddam Hussein did to his country

  1. Right Wingers will scream at kids locked in a cage that “the law is the law!” but suddenly attempting to overthrow the government is “no biggie”.

    1. @Roman You’re correct, it was the Obama/Biden administration who locked the children up in the cages along the US/Mexico Border first. The Leftist Freaks though would lie to you and make you believe it was Trump who built the cages even though we have actual video footage from 2014 showing the Border cages were already there during the Obama/Biden reign and yes there’s children in them during this time. Video proof of Obama even stating to not send their children across the border because they might not make it. .

    2. @NorthWest Patriot And, yes I voted for Trump and not ashamed to say it…Politicians are out of control & out of touch. And, have been for yrs with bill’s which are full of pork, sending money to many counties and not their own people. This has gone on for years. Money which is no doubt laundered….right back to special interests?…Enough!!

    3. @jgr Only 1 was killed. 3 died of other issues. On the west coast and in NY they’re called “peaceful protestors.” The other night they are terrorists. The difference between the 2 groups is that one group fies the flag and the other group burns it.

    4. @Moncler Other than when that property is someone’s business and livelihood for their families. But hey, that’s nothing to stop a good “peaceful protest” right?

  2. The cops taking selfie’s with the terrorists must be charged as terrorists along with everyone else

    1. @ZIGSVIDS blm doesn’t loot and burn. Anarchists and looters do that and it’s not acceptable either.

      Is what these guys did acceptable to you or not?

    2. @Tavanna Ventrice
      Am French, the Democrats are middle right and the Republicans are full blown Fascist.
      Forty years of propaganda and defunding Education brought you here.
      Your grasp of politics is that of a child.
      There’s no arguing with someone who’s been lobotomized. Bye.

    3. @Tavanna Ventrice just like dems? You exposed your self ( republican troll ) but the antifa and mask remark gave you away.

  3. Elaine Chao, like her husband, only cares now because his life was put in danger. I give them no props for doing the LEAST they could do while still saving face. You all allowed this to happen.

    1. If anything this is more cowardice and making work for other people.
      I despise these spineless and selfish-serving bastards

  4. She just leaving because her husband got fired from his seat in the Senate I’m not going to lose no sleep over this….

    1. McConnell’s wife’s family business received anywhere from $10k up to $100m from the first $3trillion stimulus and they didn’t need it. How did McConnell all of the sudden become $22.5 million richer?Trump immediately fired stimulus watchdog Glen Fine. Then, Trump put our money in his pockets, his slimy kid’s pockets, his cronies. The Kushner’s received $6m. Kayne West $5m. Now that they got all the millions they wanted, they didn’t want to give Americans who our struggling their own money. Imagine the crooked Kushner’s receiving $6m of your tax money while you get $1800. Then, Trump’s attempt to incite his zombies to overthrow our government. And, Mr. Barr. Too late to step back now, when you have broken the law for four years acting as Trump’s personal attorney, while we paid you to be ours. Same with Lindsey Graham, who hopped on the Trump gravy train of madness. What a shameful and despicable bunch! I hope the Republican party rots in hell.

    2. @Lisa S Good job stringing that all together, Lisa. I sure hope there’s a HUGE Fed and State’s Grand Jury investigation done on all this — and all the rats end up in jail.

    1. @Clay Let’s use the word “incite,” instead. Trump literally incited this insurrection by spouting a bunch of straight up lies and calls for “bold” measures to be taken at the Capitol earlier in the day. It was both enabling and traitorous, treasonous and plain unacceptable. As such, Trump should be held accountable. Sure, these charges will be down on the long, long list of State and Federal charges already docketed against him, but he still needs to pay the time for the crime.

    2. @Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy Fascism is worse than Antifa could ever possibly be. I bet minorities in this country, deep down? They *love* Antifa.

      The only people who dislike Antifa are Pro-Trump fascists.

    3. @Esme Clementine Ward When he says bold measures, he’s talking about the Senate and the House standing up to the voter fraud. Look, I know you hope he was talking to the rioters, because that would give you good feelings of , ‘being right’. But that’s not what happened. What you are saying would not hold up in a court of law because at no time in the past has Trump ever incited a riot. The only time Trump ever called for violence is when he told his supporters to go ahead and punch people in the nose, and when he said it he was talking about Antifa who was out in the parking lot throwing piss and feces on rally members, throwing rocks through windows, blocking sidewalks…basically being thugs. So Trump has no history of ever inciting riots or violence. What you are believing is a complete, utter lie from the leftist media.
      However, we have ample evidence of your politicians inciting the BLM riots last summer, and at no time did they call on them to stand down. In fact they only said things like, “Well, can you blame them?” after 200 million dollars in businesses went up in flames in Minneapolis. Then we tried to get them to tell Antifa to stand down after burning much of Portland. All we got from your politicians was, “well, it’s a summer of love kind of thing. They’ll get bored soon and go home.”

    4. If that us your opinion, then every governor, senator, congressmen and mayors who let the rioting, looting, burning of their cities all summer, and did nothing. They enabled those riots. Charge them, one set of laws for everyone, not a set for democrats and one for Republicans

  5. McConnell’s wife is just trying to protect her severance package and pension, don’t kid yourself.

    1. Democrats hate me. They don’t want unity. They don’t like my opinion or my point of view and don’t like to debate it. They deal in ultimatums and that is evil.

    2. Yeah. She has just run away from the responsibility to blame Trump and from people’s criticism.
      More disgrace than her husband.

    1. How do you think Nancy pelosi got rich? It’s on both sides and we should call them out and condemn them at all times.

    2. @Rene Portillo Nancy Pelosi !s father was a billionaire …she came from money and her husband was also very wealthy .. and she worked all her life with a money making job . Now what’s your problem ?

    1. Funny how the police aren’t so quit to start shooting when the “other side” is hundreds of people that might actually shoot back.

    2. Funny Democrats and Republicans could only, and finally get united against the same enemy…
      Typical Republicans only think themselves.

  6. Getting kicked out would be the biggest blow to his ego. Being disgracefully kicked out, then allowing all the state charges that are pending to go forward

    1. Thats why concealed carry is so critical , you have to trust the unhappy, underfunded. and undertrained to protect your life when it finally DOES go down. Imagine having all of that education, money, and power but not being allowed to carry a 500 dollar device that could save you and multiple elderly americans?

    2. what happened when Trump and Pelosi praised those rioters to invade and occupy the Hong Kong Legislative Council last year, because they are the one setting up the fire in every other countries but now the fire comes to their (your) backyard !

    3. So, Democrats purposely arranged their ?Antifa/protesters to mess up Jan 6th electoral vote event, so that they can Mess up & confuse people to think that it is MAGA group????I hearing news like that…Is that True ??? If so, ….So, adding to the voter Fraud….First Fraud with Mail-in Ballots, Late ballots, illegal ballots, etc., we heard many fraud witness’s testimony, etc., & Now confusing people….So, rejoice when evil say/do all false things against people, because heaven’s wrath to evil people & Fraud supporters is at hand ( Matt 5:11; )

    1. @Real Hmong Ghost Stories Yes actually, they do. It’s a private company. Think of it like this, I’ll invite you into my house, but if you start breaking my rules, I’m kicking you out.

    2. @DaughterZion Ros That’s…..pathetically weak. No-one’s gonna believe for a second this was the left pretending to be MAGA-cultists.

      Are you really that ashamed of your own side that you cannot even admit to yourself that they’re in the wrong?

    3. @Real Hmong Ghost Stories not really social medias have guidelines that people have to to follow or their account can be flagged or blocked simple as that

    4. @BeardiusMaximus it’s called guidelines and social medias have them so even when the president breaks a rule he can be flagged or blocked simple as that

    5. @Erik Edward erm…….yeah. I know. That’s why I called out @Real Hmong Ghost Stories for saying otherwise


  8. “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it.”
    Lindsey Graham, on Twitter, 2016

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