Pelosi Calls Jan. 6 Commission Bill A 'Remarkable Achievement' 1

Pelosi Calls Jan. 6 Commission Bill A ‘Remarkable Achievement’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised legislation to create a commission to investigate the Capitol riot on January 6 and discusses the concessions and agreements that were made with Republican lawmakers.
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  1. Thank You For your achievement Nancy towards exposing the sedition enablers and making them accountable

    1. Nancy only does anything when it’s too late. If we had someone who wasnt an entitled anti-union white person, we would have gotten sentencing and execution by now.


    1. @Morgan Yenesia your on the wrong channel, if you want people who are easy to decieve you want to hit up fox or newsmax

    2. @deamonomic These guy just sent these same proposal on one of my comments. Loved your witty response lol

    3. We need a 2020 commission to find out who sponsored the violent left wing insurrection of 2020 that killed at least 24 people and even setup their own socialist autonomous zone

  2. If the people who attacked the Capitol Building on January 6th were actually AntiFa and BLM,
    you think the Republicans would jump at the chance to use a commission to expose them.

    1. I do not know anyone that lean to the left that would pay for anything that says; MAGA redhats, trump 2020 pins, flags, shirts. Because the money goes to his campaign. So that thought from the GOP is totally a lie! sheesh.

    2. Comparing BLM to the Capitol riots is like comparing apples to orangutans. Associating BLM with Antifa is like associating a stadium full of football fans with a few thugs vandalizing the restrooms.

      93% of the BLM protests were peaceful. Of the remaining 7%, 99% of the people didn’t riot. I live in a city at the center of those protests where law enforcement went after the rioters diligently.

      While some Dem lawmakers expressed support for the cause, none supported Antifa, and none condoned violence. While the protesters tended to be liberal, they weren’t partisan political events. They protested a real, repeating injustice.

      Capitol insurrectionists rioted over a lie. The election wasn’t stolen, and Pence couldn’t stop the certification. “Stop the Steal” was fundamentally partisan. Republican politicians encouraged it despite months of growing intelligence and common sense that said organized groups were likely to use violence.

      Put plainly, it was a coup attempt at one of America’s highest value terrorist targets. There were several groups, several of which were white supremacists. Their level of planning and coordination far surpassed that of any of those protesting police brutality.

      Giuliani said “Let’s have trial by combat!” right before the riot. Once it was underway, The President attacked his own VP on Twitter as Pence and lawmakers were being whisked away by security. When Rep. McCarthy implored Trump to send backup, the President replied, “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are just more upset about the election than you are.”

    3. @rob gpm That’s a lie because black lives matter isn’t a threat to nobody. So I don’t know who told you that atrocious lie.

    4. That’s very simple they have been waiting for this very moment to play that card you’ll see

    1. We need graveyards, not “accountability.”

      These people need to be made to talk before they die.

  3. All this will be is GOP trying to avoid accountability. We need a criminal investigation of Jan 6. Let true justice be done.

    1. @Corey Fisher probably bad signal, happens to me now and then, or you got flagged… it happens… these are private companies so even if they are censoring us, its legal…

    2. @Ted Roe – And, after watching MAGAs *beating Capitol cops* with ballbats, fire extinguishers *and* an American flag-still-attached flagpole on January 6th, we *don’t* want to hear their pseudo-pious ‘Blue Lives Matter’ spiels anymore.

    3. @CynAnne1yep… they are so collectively guilty that all they can do is, lie, gaslight, and try to obstruct justice.

  4. Good, hopeful some of these republican law makers who helped this happen can be held accountable and striped of their positions. There are many who were clearly part of this, and all tried to benefit from it. They need to be shown there are consequences for trying to destroy our democracy.

    1. @Josef Jerbils play stupid games win stupid prizes. That’s what happened to the woman that died at the Capitol. She was dumb enough to buy Trump’s lies and she paid the price for her stupidity.

    2. @Jock Young Federal courthouse in Portland is the same thing… be a hypocrite and call bull$h!t

    3. @Josef Jerbils it’s not even remotely the same thing. Protestors in Portland weren’t attempting to overthrow an election and install Trump as dictator. Work on those critical and objective thinking skills kiddo.

    4. They won’t though. She’s just spelled it out, the commission is a complete and total failure and will find NOTHING.

      They need bipartisan agreement to do ANYTHING. Which means NO subpoenas will happen, NO evidence will be examined, NO testimony will be taken. The Republicans have 100% won this. They are now completely free of any threat of their treason being punished.

    1. It’s really strange that though Donald sees himself as the head of the GOP, and McConnell and McCarthy think of themselves as the most powerful Republican Representatives, it is actually those 10 unsuspecting Republicans who may choose to uphold their OATHS and NOT be ORDERED to Vote Against the Truth, who TRULY have the Power to uphold the Constitution and serve Real Justice on this Insurrection and its Architects!!

    2. @Annie Warbux Donald is the head of the GOP as of right now. It’s a sad truth but according to most polls, 66% of Republicans don’t even believe Joe Biden is a legitimate president. All the bulls**t going on right now stems back to that one lie: President Joe Biden didn’t win the 2020 election. Losers don’t know when to quit, it might just split the Republican Party.

    3. @Justin Muraya what is scary is that losers make the most noise on their way out. Hence Donald’s Domestic Terrorist attack on the Capitol. I believe that the runarounds, the flip flop stories and the Lies of these treacherous Republicans are going to persist for some time to come. They blatantly lie and the World is witness. They are cannibalizing their own Party!!

  5. Republicans know that if the truth comes out they won’t be able to lie about Jan 6 anymore. And dishonesty is all they have left .

    1. @jock Young they find additional ways to distract, gas light the people, and delay and create scenes until 2022 election. They are not getting any real work done. It is amazing that someone can spend years in Washington DC just obstructing. When is the last time the GOP came up with any original proposal that is beneficial to the average American. Done with all the infighting..Do the work! Smh

    2. @Zachary Johnson I’ll bet your lack of morality would rival gropin joe. Can ya say self righteous?

    3. Nothing will stop republicans from lying..they have zero integrity and are anti American traitors

    1. @Ricky Walton Sadly that is most likely true.
      Unless they find something particular damaging that just can not be ignored.

    2. Screw waiting! We cannot waste resources while the earth is being ruined and causing more inequality.


  6. I don’t know if you could call the Jan.6 Commission an ‘Achievement”, but It Is A NECCESARY ACTION TO BE TAKEN.

    1. Agreed! It shouldn’t be…but these days…it’s like pulling teeth to achieve anything even inherently logical or reasonable. A majority of the Republican party can’t seem to set aside the fantasies of their schoolgirl crush. How long will they ignore reality in favor of one incompetent man?

    2. @Cowboy Bob and how many investigations into “Hillary’s emails”? Long after it’s clear there were no crimes, trump & barr wouldn’t give up

    3. They need to do this quickly so resources can be focused on climate change.

      Yes Jan. 6th was bad but we cant keep stalling and pushing off the REAL emergency.

    4. @Maria G. HRC emails, no wonder they call everything a witch hunt, that’s the only kind of investigation they know.

  7. Stop giving an inch they would not or have given an inch they know what this commission will reveal their corruption their lies their treasonous actions

    1. Call the GQP what they are. Traitors and monsters.

      Why are we even tolerating the right? Every registered Republican needs to be named, located, and thrown out of this country by force.

    2. @PreferredCustomer don’t think we have to go that far but definitely by constitutional law hold those responsible for the capital attack accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

    3. @PreferredCustomer wow that is tolerance. Many feel the same about the Democrat fiasco party we have now. Wealthy power hungry paranas that care nothing for the American people, no matter your party affiliation. If you believe the Democrats care about you, well sorry.

  8. It is stunning that there is a need to announce this as a “remarkable achievement”. This should have been standard protocol, 4 months ago.

    1. First person to question should be Pelosi. She was and still in charge of the Capitol Police and she dropped the ball with security.

    2. @gin-N-aujus So a Mayor of a city is in direct control of the police? Is that how it goes?

      No, it’s not.

    3. @gin-N-aujus If we break it far enough down, it’s the tax payer, but all of this is whataboutism… If you want to go down that route, Trump has a fuckload more to answer for.

    4. @Sew Sumi and city halls doles out their budget and its includes the police dept. Nothing about wahtaboutism…its fact.

  9. I’m so mad that they gave up subpoena power! I’m sure they had to in order to get this passed, but it sure does tie their own hands

    1. @Ricky Walton I disagree. No matter what people say about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, she is a force as are several freshmen. I truly believe that this is being pursued with so much passion that transparency is a given. (No, not every freaking thing needs to be discussed in pressers.) Everybody knows this is never going to be in the past until we all know who did what, from Kevin McCarthy and MTG to stupid Josh Hawley.
      The right wingers I know always say, “All will be revealed.” In scary voice. I agree. All will be revealed. (In happy hopeful voice.)

    2. This whole commission is 100% useless at this point.

      The Republicans will block any subpoenas, will block any attempt to examine evidence, and will basically just drag this out until they eventually have to say they have found nothing, because nothing will be allowed to be examined. The Republicans won. They have successfully avoided any consequences for OPEN TREASON.

    3. @darena12
      Gave use the opportunity of wht, wht was held back? The media honesty said that a officer was struck with a fire extinguisher, and killed to make Republicans look bad that was totally false.

  10. Finally! It’s necessary to stop
    The big lie so we all stop
    Listening to fox bs & hold them accountable .

    1. We dont need “accountability.” We need lynch mobs.

      Drag the Faux News anchors out of their homes and hang them on their fake crosses.

    2. Are y’all scared when u hear some truth? Now actualy think about this bc u all know how the media bashed our former president. Now image if they did half that with biden? The media could have a field day with biden, and could esaily change the countries oppion with actual facts this administration has president us within they’re short period of being in office. I honestly feel bad for the true Democrats that have allowed media, and Google too manipulate them.

    1. They can’t. They need bipartisan agreement for ANYTHING. Which means the Republicans on the commission will simply block any attempts to call in anyone or submit any evidence. This is already a loss.

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